Our Story

Welcome to Graphic Junkies.

We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Travel T-shirts and Crop Tops with a focus on innovative graphic designs, best quality clothes, and effective customer service.


Our Brand Vision

Being a travel clothing brand our vision is not limited to be a clothing brand that people trust. We also help many peoples and NGOs and participating in multiple social services. We’re working to turn our passion for Graphics into a booming online travel Tees store. Also, we are not just helping ourself by doing so, we are helping many novel causes by donating to the causes and people who need help. We are donating around 10% of our sales to the NGO’s and crowdfunding every single month and will continue doing so forever. Here are some of our recent charity works.

People should not see us as a clothing brand but a brand which delivers some value to society, we are a team of social workers who are committed to helping the society and environment up to a extend which is possible by us.

We started the corona awareness initiative and gave our brand t-shirt to people for free or just with a minimal delivery cost. Graphic junkies supporting social causes are just one part of our story for now. We want to open a Graphic Junkies Foundation for physically disabled and helpless humans and animals to give them a life happily. We will continue with the charity as long as we are working.

Making money is easy but delivering value is a tuff task for us. So Please support and appreciate our team’s hard works.


Our Team and Service

We are increasing our dedicated team every month to serve you better. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

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Handcrafted by our professional designers.

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