Best ways to get US And Canada virtual phone Number

Best ways to get US And Canada virtual phone Number

Communications requirements and demands continue to increase as businesses grow. Due to their robust features, virtual phone numbers have become essential for maintaining efficient customer communication.

Getting a virtual phone number in the United States or Canada can be intimidating if you are new to the subject. You can be the victim of scams and fraud or be lost in the process. 

In this blog, you will find helpful tips for getting a virtual phone number in the U.S. and Canada that will help you clear up any confusion. 

Without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Best ways to get US And Canada virtual phone Number

A virtual phone number is a telephone number not tied to a physical or cellular telephone line. It needs the internet to make and receive calls. 

With VoIP technology, virtual phone numbers allow users to receive and make calls without having to install a traditional desk phone line in their office or home.

You can communicate with a virtual number from any device with an internet connection, such as a mobile phone, laptop, PC, or tablet.

Your phone calls are digitized and routed to phone lines through the internet. You can communicate and make calls from anywhere in the world with a mobile phone or other device with an internet connection that is fast and reliable, WiFi, or 4G LTE.

Benefits of Having US and Canada Virtual Phone Numbers

Best ways to get US And Canada virtual phone Number

Business environments are becoming increasingly flexible and scalable thanks to virtual phone systems. Besides using US and Canadian phone numbers for business purposes, individuals can also take advantage of them for personal reasons.  

1. International Communication

You can make international calls and send text messages to friends, clients, and colleagues using a US/Canada virtual number, no matter where you are. When communicating with clients or customers, this will make you appear more professional and credible.

2. Local Business Presence

The first step for new businesses is to establish a local presence. When you get a USA virtual phone number online and a Canadian business phone number, you can establish your business as a local brand and provide better customer service.

3. Marketing and Sales

With local business phone numbers, targeting the local audience in the United States becomes effortless. Call acceptance rates can be improved significantly if you have local area codes for cities and Canadian and US numbers. The marketing and sales of your business will be improved if you can target new customers in the US and Canada with exclusive deals and discounts.

4. No international calling fees

By using a virtual number, you can greatly reduce communication costs, streamline your business processes without incurring high costs, and create a strong business network without putting much effort into it.

Virtual phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada empower businesses to expand and reach new heights, and you can enjoy your coffee while they handle the hard work.

5. Better Scalability and Flexibility

Getting a US and Canada virtual phone number also offers future-proofing, scalability, and flexibility in your workflow. These kinds of numbers break down your geographical barrier and you can use these numbers remotely to easily connect with your clients and customers abroad. So no matter if you are working on the office premises or as a digital nomad, you can easily use them without any issue.

Unlike traditional phone system, cloud-based virtual phones don’t require bulky telephony hardware. Since it’s software-based and operated via internet, you can easily add numbers or team members to share to whenever your business grows. 

6. More Cost Savings

Cutting expenses is the most important step to making a profit for any business. The KrispCall USA and Canada, business phone numbers are affordable and come with many useful features, including call routing, call forwarding, video conferencing, voicemail, call monitoring, etc., to cut down on communication costs. 

7. Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Virtual business phone numbers offer advanced communication capabilities like IVR, audio conferencing, number sharing, and global calling that can enhance business collaboration and efficiency.

8. Stronger Privacy and Security

If you purchase a virtual phone from a reliable provider like KrispCall, your details are protected under several layers. Due to a virtual phone’s encryption, your USA phone number is not exposed to third parties and hackers, and your business communication details are secure.

9. Enhanced Customer Experience

Using a virtual phone number, you can improve your business phone system and deliver exceptional customer service by using innovative communication features like Unified Callbox, Intelligent Call Routing, Call Transfer, Number Sharing, and Call Trees.

10. Verify Online Accounts for personal and business purposes

You can verify your accounts on various platforms with multiple US phone numbers, such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Voice and X. Maintain separate accounts for business and personal use, adjust your needs according to your needs, and build a professional reputation with each.

11. Make & Receive Calls Across Any Device

You can integrate any virtual number you own into any device connected to the Internet. The devices can be used from anywhere to make and receive calls. Using a US and Canada number with excellent flexibility and convenience can be extremely useful. 

How to Buy US and Canada Phone numbers?

There are several companies that offer virtual phone numbers in the United States and Canada. You can purchase a phone number from a provider by following these steps. 

  1. Find the best virtual number provider for your needs
  2. Create an account and log in to the Dashboard.
  3. Select your preferred country virtual number (USA or Canada)
  4. Choose the type of number you need. 
  5. Submit documents for verification if required.

Tips for Getting US and Canada Virtual Phone Numbers   

Best ways to get US And Canada virtual phone Number

The US and Canada offer a variety of virtual phone number providers. You must find trusted and legit providers in order to avoid scams.

Virtual phone number providers are competing to offer the best features and expand their businesses. To find the best virtual phone numbers in the US and Canada, visit their websites and do your research.

These steps will guide you through the process of getting a US or Canadian phone number for your personal or business use:

  • Identify your needs: Choose whether you’ll use the number personally or professionally. Identify what you want to achieve with your phone number and how you plan to use it. 

Do you want to use conference calling features? Voicemail? Extensions? Depending on your needs, different types of business phone numbers are available. Choose a number based on your requirements. 

  • Research the best providers: You might be puzzled by paid advertisements on SERPs’ top list as you check the best providers.  So, look for a value-for-money plan by comparing features and pricing. 
  • Check the features: Make sure you get the features you need for your business or personal use. For a better call-handling experience, check the features they offer.
  • Get a detailed overview of the product by reading customer reviews and feedback. Observe the flaws and the best features in reviews. 
  • Try the Demo or Free Trial: Check out the product before purchasing by using a demo or free trial. You will gain real-time insight into their products, services, uptime, and features.
  • Check customer service: Technical difficulties and errors may occur at any time. You should make sure they offer 24/7 customer support so you can get help whenever you need it. 
  • Choose the local area code of the city near you: Using the local area code will make your business seem more local. Your clients may need an international number if you have clients around the globe. 
  • Choose a reputable provider: Look for providers that provide reliable service. You should compare the features, pricing, and uptime offered by providers as well as the reviews posted by users.
  • You should consider features such as Call forwarding, Voicemail, Conference calling, Extensions, and integration with other business tools when choosing a corporate phone number.
  • Please contact the provider for more detailed information and consultation if you have any additional questions.

Best Practices for Getting US and Canada Virtual Phone Numbers

Getting a virtual phone number in the US and Canada will greatly improve your business and personal interactions. Here are the best practices for getting US and Canada virtual phone numbers: 

  • Use a VoIP phone service: For a virtual phone number in Canada or the United States, VoIP is the best option. With these services, you can get a virtual phone number from any country they support and provide. 
  • Choose a local phone number: Use a local phone number to reach your target audience. By doing so, you can establish a local presence and make it easier for customers to contact you
  • Set personalized greetings: Consider providing personalized greetings to make a good first impression with your customers. You can build trust with your customers by establishing a professional image
  • Offer callback options: Give your customers the option of calling you back. The result can be a better customer service experience and a more satisfied customer


In summary, getting a virtual number from Canada or the United States is very simple. Getting them is as simple as following a few steps. It is easy to get a US and Canada virtual phone number from your service provider if you follow the above-given steps.

Having a virtual number in the United States and Canada is necessary if you run a business. A local presence in North America helps your business increase its customer base, enhance communication, and create a remote working environment.