Crowd Management Strategies for Large Events in Canberra


Organizing a large-scale event with many people involved is a tough task. Not only does the’ arrangement’ of the event require a lot of work, but the security of the attendees is also a point of concern.

It’s an obvious fact that the bigger the event, the more security it requires. Managing a massive crowd is an uphill task that cannot be handled by a single person. This is why it is always suggested to connect with security firms Canberra and get their help in this process.

In this article, we shall discuss crowd management for large events in Canberra in detail and strategies that make it easier. 

Strategies for Crowd Management

The safety of the attendees of an event is of the utmost importance. It is the duty of the event organizer to ensure that unfortunate incidents like stampede, overcrowding, or congestion don’t happen. Being prepared for emergency situations is also a part of crowd management.

 Here are some strategies that can be used for efficient crowd management:

  1. Extensive Risk Assessment Before The Event

Being proactive rather than reactive is always a good idea. This ensures that an unfortunate incident doesn’t happen, and even if it does, you are fully prepared to tackle it. 

An extensive risk assessment process is necessary to make sure you are well aware of the event, its venue, the people involved in organizing it, and the attendees. As a matter of fact, it will point out all the potential threats that are related to the management of the crowd. This also includes the thorough checking of the venue to see if it is capable enough to manage the crowd capacity. For the comfort of the attendees, picking up the right venue is crucial. 

To avoid future annoyance, it is also suggested that permits be sought for an event at a particular venue. Complying with the regulations and getting all the permissions is a good way to ensure a smooth event.

  1. Access Control

When the event is massive, anyone can find his way into the premises. This may lead to mismanagement and an uncontrolled crowd. It is probably the most common issue faced by the organizers of big events. This is why,  keeping our strict control on the access of the event is necessary. 

Access control includes various elements, such as maintaining a ticket booth at the entry point, keeping a strong check at the various entry points, and evaluating the credentials of the attendees before they enter the premises. 

Unauthorized access to the venue can easily be controlled through efficient measures.  However, it requires both proactive and reactive actions and a strong manpower employed at various parts of the premises. 

  1. Crisis Management

The first priority of an event organizer or security team is to ensure that an unfortunate incident does not occur during the event. However, even if something happens, a proper crisis management plan should be in place.

For that matter, the first aid box and initial medical services should be ready at all times. There should be well-marked emergency exits, and the crowd should be well aware of how to leave the venue in case of a fire outbreak or anything similar. 

  1. Using Sophisticated Technology

The world of technology has advanced quite a lot, and managing crowds using sophisticated tools and devices has become easier. Keeping a good view of the crowd at all times is possible through drone cameras. Managers keep sitting on the monitors, checking out the drone camera footage in real time to ensure proper management of the crowd.

Alongside this, fingerprint or biometric entrance to the premises is also possible. Though it’s pretty advanced and a bit costly, it’s one of the best ways to ensure no random person is able to enter the venue.

CCTV cameras are also a good option when it comes to monitoring the crowd and ensuring everything is fine. 

  1. Hiring The Right Security Personnel

Managing a crowd at a big event is a serious task and should not be taken lightly. At the same time, it’s always a better idea to hire a higher and external security Services company to provide you with trustworthy services. 

Companies offering Event Security Canberra have specialized people who know how to keep a massive crowd in control. The staff is well-trained and well-equipped to deal with all kinds of situations at an event. In fact, they have special communication devices using which they can connect with each other and ensure top-notch security across the venue.

A company that has been in the industry for quite some time also provides special costumes/uniforms to the staff so they are easily recognizable even from some distance. 


Pulling off a big event is a great success. However, ensuring the crowd remains safe and comfortable is a massive task that should be carried out strategically. The crowd management strategies detailed here will make sure the event ends with another feature on the cap of the organizer with no unfortunate incident affecting the property or the attendees. 

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