DIY Custom Embroidery Patches At Home In Four Different Ways

DIY Custom Embroidery Patches At Home In Four Different WaysDIY Custom Embroidery Patches At Home In Four Different Ways

Embroidery Patches have always been an integral part of our lives. From covering fabric holes to walking on the ramp for Gucci, these fashion bits have come a long way. We love to say that their versatility is matchless – they go along with anything. Name no matter what comes to mind when you think of dressing up. Skirt? Jeans? Hat? Headband? Shoes? Jewellery? Backpack? The magic wonders pair up smoothly with each one of them. How cool is that? 

If we look back at the era before the Industrial Revolution, some skilled women used to prepare the patches. However, as the world grew in technology, the looms turned into machines, and then the machines became computer-automated. Such growth is highly commendable! 

Perhaps this is why, in the current world, you need not worry about anything. You pick a design and place an order on the patch-making company’s webpage. Then, all you do is wait for the next three working days. As promised, you will receive the patch at your doorstep, but what if you want to add a touch of personalization to it?  

Surely, you can, or we would rather say that you should make the patches yourself. This way, the fabric embellishments will leave a greater impact and will be held as a forever memory. 

Making Bespoke Embroidery Patches – 4 DIY Ways

We agree that the market is highly saturated with numerous options for ready-made embellishments, but they lack a few things. For example, the expression of love, warmth and the feel-good factor that comes from originality. They are also the best choice for winning hearts because they show how much effort and time you have put into creating it. 

Moreover, handmade custom embroidery patches are also a means of keeping traditions alive in some cultures. Thus, they are indeed the most thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Now, let us see how we can create four amazing custom add-ons by hand. 

1. Making Iron On Patches

Primarily, you need a pattern. Suppose you are looking for a ‘skull and bones’ design for your denim jacket. You can draw one if you have an artistic spirit, or you can find something on the internet who make Iron on patches. Once you find the best pick, you must decide in what position you are willing to put the iron-on sticker. This will help you in deciding the size of your design so that it looks appropriate and visible. 

After that, you will need an inkjet transfer sheet, which you shall print out with your design. The next step is to place the artwork facing down on a piece of cloth. Then, using iron, the skull and bones image is transferred, and the edges are cut out. Next, you must attach that cut piece to a peel-and-stick fabric fuse and an iron-on adhesive. Voila! Your iron-on customized add-on is ready to display. 

2. Some Felt Sewn Flowers 

This way of making amazing custom patches is our personal favourite of all of the possibilities. They give a three-dimensional look with a texture that feels so amusing to run fingers over. So let us begin the process by drawing a cute tulip or sunflower on a felt sheet. You may either draw directly or even trace for a professional finish. 

Following that, you can begin hand embroidery using any type of stitch you like. Perhaps a running stitch or a backstitch. Later, when the needlework is done, you must soak this piece of felt in cool water. Soaking in is necessary to eliminate the risk of shrinking. 

Last of all, use an embroidery floss for whipstitch technique and sew the flower patch onto your college backpack. We are sure they will become conversation starters for you! 

3. Self-Adhesive Quote Patches

Think of a sofa in your living room that has cushions with cute quote patches adhered to them. We can already imagine the aesthetic it is going to look. To begin the process, first, you need to get hold of a heavy stabilizer and a peel-and-stick adhesive sheet. Then, choose a motivational quote, a gentle reminder or a set of adorable animations. Transfer it to the fabric and attach a layer of stabilizer underneath the fabric. 

This will make your patch a little sturdy. Then, cut it out around the edges in geometric shapes, as it appears artistic. After that, sew together the two layers with a blanket stitch and stick them to your pillow covers using peel-and-stick adhesive sheets. However, you must consider that this adhesive sheet is permanent and will not come off easily. 

4. Removable Pin For Your Jersey 

Are you ready to watch the match directly from the stadium today? Everything is on point. Shoes, jersey, hair, ticket… but wait, where is your supporting badge? Cannot find it? Stop panicking. Quickly get hold of an embroidery fabric, thread, needle, hoop, bar-style pinback and felt sheet. 

Now, transfer your team’s logo or flag onto the embroidery fabric and start stitching. Once you have completed the pattern, cut it out, leaving quarter-inch edges for closing ends. Then, paste it on a felt sheet and cut it according to the shape of the embroidery patches. Following that, you must close the edges with whipstitches using three strands of thread. You must secure it nicely and as tight as a satin stitch for an arranged look. 

Lastly, attach a bar-style pin to the felt’s back. If needed, you can repeat the process for another badge, and your easy DIY Embroidered Patches are ready to wear! 


Here is a quick recap to bring together the fine points of making handmade patches. Beginning with the search for the design. First, finalize a theme or notion for your embroidery. Is it going to be bold? Cute? Just the text or both the image and text? After you have made a decision, choose an appropriate fabric and transfer your pattern. 

Next, pull the fabric and fasten it to the hoop. Then, you may start stitching in whatever style of stitches you prefer. Moreover, you might even use different stitches and fabric pieces to create texture. It is your call. Following that, you can start cutting around the boundaries in a nice shape. Finally, yet importantly, you can attach it to the desired item with glue, adhesive sheet, pin, or even sewing. 

There you have it. Our customized badges that were once blank canvases now hold their own personality. What a journey!