Hire Skilled, Affordable Virtual Assistants from India

Hire Skilled, Affordable Virtual Assistants from India

Hiring a virtual assistant is certainly not a new concept but it has surely gained prominence since the pandemic. The pandemic made people realise the importance and benefits of having a system where your work does not have to stand still when physical mobility is disrupted. 

Access to technology accompanied with the ability to communicate and exchange information and ideas has enabled almost every field and industry to work with people virtually across the globe. 

This has however brought some challenges with it, such as ensuring clear communication, building trust and credibility and coordinating among parties that are not sharing the same physical workspace. These challenges are met with easy and well-thought solutions by project managers, who by now, have a fair share of experience in hiring remote workers and collaborating with them. When you hire a virtual staff or a team, it is inevitable that there will be concerns regarding the professionalism they showcase and the quality of work and expertise they possess. To counter these concerns, you can always interview your candidates and put them to test before bringing anyone on board. Additionally, asking for referrals is also a safe and secure way of venturing into the outsourcing market.

One of the most widely known facts about virtual assistants in India is that they are cost-effective. Virtual staffing services in India cost much lower than VAs based in Europe or North America due to the significantly lower cost of living in India. 

Virtual assistant companies in India have made their name solely on the quality of services provided by their resources. Virtual assistants from India can provide clerical support and other services such as content creation, email management, customer service, social media management, programming, bookkeeping, digital marketing among others.

Why has India become one of the top destinations for outsourcing and providing virtual assistance across industries? The answer to this becomes clearer as you continue to read the following points. 

Cost effective-

When you hire an Indian virtual assistant, you can save up to 70%.An assistant in India can be paid on an hourly basis and the estimated cost of their services is 4$ to 20$, depending on the nature of the task. Now, this gives businesses an edge over their competitors because the quality of their work does not get affected and they also get to save money, which they can channelize to grow their business instead. It is a tried and tested fact that local assistants based in the US and UK perform the same services for 10 times the cost. This leads to companies outsourcing and creating a community for Indian VAs to showcase their talent.

Excellent quality of work-

Virtual staffing companies in India rightly boast about providing services that are at par with international standards. The work is done efficiently and diligently by the virtual assistants you hire. They are dedicated employees who are hired part/full time by clients and they use their time judiciously, which helps them build a level of trust with their employers and often turn in long-term associations.

Wide talent pool-

When companies start looking for a resource in a specific field, they are given a wide range of portfolios to choose from. The multiple options provided to you allow you to choose an assistant who is suitable for your company. The talented and skilled individuals receive proper training and are adept with the latest trends and technology, which helps add value to the employers’ firm and business. 

Time zone difference-

The time-difference between the US and India works favourably for the remote working model because employers can expect to receive their work and reports each morning before starting their business day. Similarly, Indian virtual assistants are flexible and willing to work according to the preferred time of their managers. 

No language barrier- When you hire Indian virtual assistants, you need not worry about language becoming a barrier and creating issues at work. They are known to have a strong command over the English language. In fact, most customer service assistants are hired from India due to their fluent and clear speaking skills.


Another feature that makes hiring assistants from India so appealing is the flexibility that you can practice as per your business requirements. When you need to hire multiple resources in order to finish reports and meet deadlines, you have the option to scale up. Similarly, during an off season or low work requirement, you have the liberty to scale down. This allows you the freedom to grow your business with stability.

Apart from the above reasons, there are many industry-specific advantages of hiring Indian virtual assistants. A virtual employee sitting in India is as much a part of your firm as any inhouse team member. They remain available and alert to all calls, meetings and updates that you wish to share with them. They also constantly strive to upskill themselves in order to remain relevant as per the changing industry standards.