Top NYC Suburbs to Move to When Starting a Family

Top NYC Suburbs to Move to When Starting a Family

Have you ever dreamed of a peaceful, family-friendly environment just a stone’s throw from the vibrant heart of New York City? Choosing the right NYC suburbs to move to when starting a family is a decision that combines the best of both worlds: the suburban tranquility and the city’s endless opportunities. So, let us walk you through some top picks for suburbs that offer a fantastic quality of life for your growing family.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Suburb

When selecting the perfect suburb for your family, several key factors come into play. Safety and a low crime rate top the list, ensuring a secure environment for your children to grow and play. Education is another crucial aspect, with top-notch schools being a priority for many parents.

Making the Move – Tips for Families

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The daily commute to NYC should be manageable, balancing work-life with family time. Local amenities like parks, libraries, and recreational centers add to the quality of life, providing spaces for relaxation and family activities. And let’s not forget the importance of budget-friendly moving hacks to make the transition smoother and more affordable. Finding a community that feels like home is vital in making your suburban dream a reality.

Top Family-Friendly Suburbs in NYC

Each of the NYC suburbs to move to when starting a family has its unique charm and advantages, catering to different family needs and lifestyles. From the artsy streets of Montclair to the historic avenues of Garden City, there’s a perfect suburb for every family. Let’s explore them together!

Montclair, NJ

Montclair is a hit with families who love a mix of city buzz and suburban calm. It’s super close to NYC and packed with cool, artsy stuff. Schools like Montclair High are top-notch, offering great programs for kids. Families love hanging out at Brookdale Park for picnics and playground fun. There’s also the Montclair Art Museum, which is perfect for weekend family visits. The streets are lively, with many events that make everyone feel at home.

Top NYC Suburbs to Move to: Scarsdale, NY

Scarsdale is all about upscale living and brilliant schools, like the famous Scarsdale High. It’s a dream spot for families who value education and a classy neighborhood. The area’s got beautiful parks, like Greenburgh Nature Center, where kids can learn about nature and wildlife.

The neighborhood vibe is strong here, with many local events and activities bringing families together. It’s not just about fancy houses; it’s a place where neighbors become friends and kids grow up in a nurturing environment.

Cedar Grove, NJ

Cedar Grove is perfect for a friendly, small-town feel without losing touch with the city. Like Cedar Grove High, schools offer excellent education and diverse activities. Families love Panther Park Field for its vast space, which is ideal for sports and picnics.

This suburb’s strong community feel helps make settling in for newcomers a breeze. Plus, if you decide to move here, you’ll find it quite easy to find movers in Cedar Grove and arrange a smooth relocation. After all, this township is where everything is at your fingertips, making life simpler and more enjoyable for your family.

Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood stands out with its inclusive and diverse community, embracing families of all backgrounds. The commute options to NYC are convenient, making it ideal for working parents. Schools here, especially Columbia High, offer all sorts of programs for kids.


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The star attraction for families is Maplewood Memorial Park – it’s huge, with playgrounds and trails perfect for family time. The town hosts many community events, so there’s always something fun to do. It’s the kind of place where kids have room to explore, and parents find a warm and accepting spot. The town also prides itself on its local arts and cultural scene, offering its residents a creative and vibrant lifestyle.

Garden City, NY

Garden City is a hit for families who love greenery and strong schools, like Garden City High. The suburb’s full of historic charm, and there’s always something to do. The Garden City Bird Sanctuary is a cool spot for nature walks and teaching kids about birds and plants.

The community is family-focused, offering lots of activities and events that bring everyone together. It’s not just about the good schools here; it’s about enjoying a relaxed, friendly lifestyle and perfect for growing families.

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Hastings-on-Hudson offers a cozy, small-town atmosphere right near the big city. The schools, like Hastings High, are excellent, focusing on creative and engaging education. MacEachron Waterfront Park is a favorite for family outings with its stunning river views and picnic spots.

The town has a community spirit, hosting events where families can mingle and kids can make friends. It’s the kind of place where you celebrate Valentine’s Day at local spots, creating memories that last. It’s perfect for families looking for a close, supportive community.

Making the Move – Tips for Families

Transitioning to suburban life from the bustling city can be a significant change for anyone. That is especially true if you’re already expecting and need to be extra mindful during the moving process.

Making the Move – Tips for Families

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Here are some key tips to ease this transition:

  • Start organizing your move well in advance. That includes sorting out utilities and familiarizing yourself with local services.
  • Attend local events and join neighborhood groups or clubs. That helps build your social network and makes you feel more at home.
  • Change takes time, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Remember, don’t be hard on yourself as you and your family adapt to this new chapter.
  • Talk to your neighbors or join local online forums for tips and advice about living in the area.

These steps can help smooth your transition to suburban life, making the move a more enjoyable and less stressful experience.

Embracing Suburban Life for Your Family’s Future

Selecting the right NYC suburbs to move to when starting a family is more than just a change of address; it’s about finding a community where your family can thrive. These suburbs, each with its unique charm and benefits, offer a blend of safety, quality education, and a sense of community that’s hard to match in the city. So, take the leap, explore these wonderful suburbs, and embark on a journey that promises your family a fulfilling and enriching future.

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