25th wedding anniversary cake and gift ideas – the best celebration


Marriage is just like an original diamond. No matter how old it gets, it shines like a star. Always and forever. But that doesn’t mean you start taking it for granted. You have to keep cherishing it with time. An anniversary is the best opportunity to let your better half know: He/she is still as vital as he/she was the first day of the marriage. Or perhaps more. 

Have children become younger? Feeling shy to celebrate your own anniversary? Hang on, party hard, because you deserve it. You’ve been living a successful life; let the world know how to live it. To do that, we’ve got anniversary cake ideas for you. And we’ve also included 25th-anniversary party ideas to rock the show. So without a further due, let’s dive in. 

Cake cutting 

There is no point in not cutting the cake. Right at midnight, cut the cake in front of the children and give them a reason to smile. And if you think it’s a little awkward, remember: You’re setting the example for your children that live life happily and always appreciates your life partner. And once you cut the cake, you’ll feel delighted about one and another.

Give a gift to your partner

gift to your partner

If you’re celebrating 25th anniversary and thinking you’re too old for gift sort of things, you’re wrong here. Your relation is like a plant. And the gift is like water. Your relationship needs a gift just as the plant requires water. Give it, don’t hold it.  

Give an exciting gift

Well, don’t give a gift for the sake of a gift. Instead, make it interesting just like you did it on your first day of marriage or anniversary. On the 25th anniversary, the surprise gift box is a brilliant idea. You can place many things inside the surprise box. They can be: 

  • Your old photos (as a couple). Find out the four best images of your marriage life and attach them on all four sides of the surprise box. These pics, once the box is opened, will give the goosebumps.
  • Write a note one to three paragraphs. Demonstrate your life partner’s quality and significance. Put that note into the envelope and place that envelope inside the surprise box. 
  • At times, a childish attitude shows your maturity. So, have balloons, flowers, magic candles, and all sorts of things in the surprise box. Plus, chocolates…
  • And anything you wish it should be inside the surprise box. Put it in the surprise box whatever you prefer and feel the surprise box should have it.

Now, the big question is where to find a decorative surprise box with a breath-taking presentation. And all the things that we mentioned above are included in this surprise box. Additionally, you can also make it more customized by talking to the expert at Bingo! 

Brunch or dinner 

Okay, you’ve celebrated with the family. But your partner needs to talk to you, enjoy the moments, and wish to have a romantic meal. So… go out on the brunch or dinner, and have a conversation about all the hush matters. At least, you don’t have to whisper there.

wedding anniversary

And please… put your phone on silent. The world will keep running; that’s what our guaranteed. You’re in the middle of your anniversary meal, and the phone is ringing. It’s not suitable for the anniversary conversation, isn’t it? 

Bring back the nostalgia

Drive through the city. Visit old places together, where you met, ate, partied, studied, and fought. Spend some time on those spots and recall the old but gold moments of life. You and your partner will incredibly enjoy the 25th anniversary. And this is a top-notch idea for your 25th anniversary! Thank us later!

Spend time with orphans 

This is one of the fantastic ideas for your 25th anniversary. You can enjoy quality time with the orphans, helping out by answering their questions and solving their problems. Sit, eat, and walk with them. Do it for both of you, as this will bring peace of mind. Guaranteed!  

Final thoughts 

As we grow old, we become wiser. It’s our responsibility to live up to the expectations of our dear ones. And in between all of this buzz, we stop expressing our feelings to the better half. Anniversary is the perfect occasion to fix all the things in one go. These are top ideas for your 25th anniversary and don’t procrastinate over that. Life will continuously be rocking and buzzing with joy and happiness!  

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