Adani Total Gas Sings MoU with Mahindra & Mahindra to Enhance EV Infrastructure in The Country

Adani Total Gas Sings MoU with Mahindra & Mahindra to Enhance EV Infrastructure in The Country

Mahindra & Mahindra, which is one of the biggest automobile companies in the world, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Adani Total Energies E-Mobility Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adani Total Gas Limited, to increase the use of electric vehicles in the country. This is a landmark move taken up by both companies towards walking the path of sustainability. It will not only help reduce the pollution level but will also motivate people to make a smooth transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. The collaboration is also a giant move towards building a cleaner and greener future. It also aligns with India’s ambitious goals of reaching sustainability.

The Memorandum of Understanding:

According to Adani news, the MoU signed between the Adani Group and Mahindra & Mahindra serves as a route map for the creation of an extensive EV charging infrastructure in the country. The partnership will involve rolling out e-mobility solutions for the EV owners out there. These e-mobility solutions will offer the vehicle owners with easy access to the charging network. It will allow for easier transportation services. Now, the EV owners will no longer have to remain in constant worry about how exactly they are going to get their vehicles charged. Instead, they will have EV charging points at convenient locations around them.

The initiative is also going to actively encourage other people to shift to EV solutions as well. With this association between the Adani Group and Mahindra Group, the XUV400 customers will have easy access to over 1,100 charges on the Bluesense+ app. This will significantly increase their level of convenience for the people. The reach of electric vehicle charging for the Mahindra EV owners is also going to increase. It will also lead to increased business profitability for Mahindra & Mahindra.

How Will the Collaboration Benefit the People?

Suresh P Manglani, the Executive Director and CEO of Adani Total Gas Limited, recently mentioned in Adani news that this is yet another huge step taken by Adani Total Gas towards expanding its control over the EV ecosystem. The collaboration with M&M for the construction of an enhanced charging infrastructure will increase individuals’ confidence in embracing EV technology. It will also help people make an energy transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. These initiatives will also help reduce carbon emissions and bring down the country’s pollution level.

M&M has also mentioned that it is thrilled to partner with Adani Total Energies in this initiative. This alliance is a milestone towards building a huge EV infrastructure in the country. It will ensure that the customers are offered an unparalleled EV experience. M&M also mentioned that as a part of its journey towards building an EV ecosystem in India, the company is actively on boarding various partners to help broaden its reach over the EV network. These partnerships aim to motivate people to switch to EVs over traditional fuel-driven vehicles. The partnership will also help decarbonise the transportation system and move towards a cleaner and sustainable future.

Adani’s Hold Over The EV Sector:

The Adani Group has enormous experience in the EV infrastructure. The company has been looking forward to making collaborations towards building a strong EV network in India. In the past, the company has also collaborated with various other business groups with the aim of decarbonising the transportation system. Previously, the Adani Group had been in collaboration with Evera Cabs to install EV charging points across different areas in Delhi and NCR. It has also popularised the use of public electric vehicles in the country. This initiative has helped our country in walking a few steps towards fulfilling its sustainability goals. It has also brought about a massive change in people’s overall mind-sets. These initiatives taken up by the Adani Group in the EV sector strongly resonate with the company’s goals to bring about a renewable energy transition in the country. It will also help the Adani Group extend its reach over India’s renewable energy sector.


The collaboration between Adani Group and Mahindra & Mahindra serves as a significant milestone towards strengthening the country’s EV infrastructure. It will allow the Adani Group to gain extensive control over the country’s EV system. According to Adani news, the conglomerate is going to be a part of more such collaborations, which will further help the business group in enhancing its experience in this particular growth sector of the country.