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Best 12 Ways to be happy alone without friends

how to be happy alone without friends

In today’s society, it seems like you can’t be happy unless you have a ton of friends. This isn’t always the case. There are plenty of people who are perfectly content spending time alone. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry – you’re in good company! In this blog post, we will discuss 12 ways to be happy without friends. Keep reading to learn more!

Do you really need friends to be happy?

The answer is no. While it’s true that having friends to share your life with can make you happy, being alone does not mean being unhappy. In fact, some studies have even shown that people who spend more time alone are happier than those who are constantly surrounded by others.

So if you’re feeling a bit lonely and need some tips on how to stay happy while by yourself, keep reading.

12 Ways to be happy alone without friends

Appreciate your own company

Learning to appreciate and enjoy your own company is one of the best ways to be happy alone. Take time each day to think about the things that make you unique, and appreciate those qualities in yourself.

Find something you’re passionate about

There are so many activities out there that can bring joy and fulfillment when done alone. Whether it’s reading, writing, painting, or playing an instrument, find something that speaks to your soul and dive into it!


Exercise releases endorphins, which can help boost your mood. Even just a short walk or run can be enough to improve your spirits and get you out of a funk.

Get to know yourself

It’s important to get to know yourself. To figure out what makes you tick, and what your passions are. You should take this time to explore what makes you happy, and try new things that have always been a little out of your comfort zone. You’re the only one who can give yourself love and make yourself feel fulfilled.

Set goals and achieve them

It’s not easy to set goals, but it’s important if you want to feel satisfied and content. You can set goals in a number of ways, such as the ones below: – Set long-term goals that will take time and effort – Set short-term goals for things you would like to achieve over the next few days or weeks – Set daily goals for things that you want to do today or tomorrow.

Here are some examples of goals: – Spending one hour each day on personal growth activities such as reading books on wellness, taking dance lessons, and learning a new language. – Taking 10 minutes every morning for self-care with activities like journaling, meditating, and stretching.

Do things you love

Being happy means living in the present, and not worrying about the future or regretting the past. Doing things you love will make you feel happier, which will make it easier to find happiness even when you’re by yourself.

Try out new things, take up a hobby or sport that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet. If you don’t know where to start, try going for a walk in your neighborhood and explore some of the paths around your area.

Live in the present

No matter how many close friends you have, it’s important to live in the present and not worry too much about what others think. It’s not worth stressing out or feeling down because of something that happened in the past that you can’t change or something in the future that may never happen. Be in the moment and focus on being happy right now.

Spend time with nature

Spending time with nature is not just good for your mental health, but it is also free. Pack a picnic and head out on a hike or take your dog for a walk on the beach. Nature will lift your spirits, calm your mind and make you feel more at peace with yourself.


Meditation is a great way to find peace of mind even when you’re by yourself. The practice of meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, promote emotional balance and increase self-awareness.

And it’s easier than you think – all you need is a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for five minutes. Find a comfortable seated position with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed.

Close your eyes and try not to open them unless absolutely necessary. Start with short sessions, like five minutes at first, gradually building up in increments of five minutes until you feel comfortable doing longer ones. It might take some practice before that happens though!

Be grateful

Be grateful. When I was completely alone and had no one, I realized how much I had in my life that made me happy.

The amount of things that are good in my life is astounding and it’s so easy to forget when you’re feeling down. The best way for me to get out of a funk is by writing down everything I’m grateful for – from the simplest things like food and water, to more complex ones like my health or being able to go on vacation.

It’s important not just for your mental state but also for your physical health! Gratitude can improve your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation-causing chemicals in the body, and give you an overall sense of well-being!

Learn new things

Learning new things is one of the best ways to fill your time when you’re alone. There are a lot of ways that you can do this, such as by taking a class or starting a new hobby. The more you learn, the less bored you’ll feel and the happier you’ll become. It’s also important not to forget that sometimes it’s okay to just relax and do nothing!

Spend time with animals

Spend time with animals. Animals are great companions, whether you have an animal or not. They provide unconditional love, and can help you feel less lonely when you’re feeling down. Plus, your dog needs a walk!

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