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How Not To Be A Boring Texter? (Tips That Will Always Work)

Boring Texter

Are you tired of sending messages and not getting a response? If yes, then congratulations we’ve got a solution for you. In this article, you’ll get tips on how to make your text more interesting and attractive.

Texting is a highly popular communication tool in today’s world. It provides us with an opportunity to build relationships and stay connected. Research has proved that texting can result in a positive attachment. Then, why not avail this opportunity and develop a great bond? This is only possible if you’re aware of how to not be a dry texter.

Let’s figure it out and get rid of this boring text trap.

Don’t Reply In One Word

Imagine sending a long message to someone, and getting a single word reply. How would it feel? Of course, you won’t like it. The same would happen if you’re sending a reply to someone in just one word. The other person might think you’re uninterested or rude. It kills the conversation.

Don’t Reply In One Word

How to not dry text? Avoid replying with Okay, Yes, or No. Even if you’re using these words, add some more words to give a detailed reply. Sometimes you don’t have time to give a long reply then simply tell the other person that you’ll get back to them.

Asking Questions

How to not be a dry texter? Ask questions. Yes, ask questions from the other person. It will keep him engaged. Now, what type of questions should you ask? The open-ended question can solve your problem. They will help not only to initiate a discussion but also to continue the conversation. You can also use follow-up questions when required.

These questions provide you with an opportunity to understand each other in a better way. Remember, do not ask too many questions that other person get annoyed with. Avoid asking too personal questions as well unless that person is close to you.

Avoid Sending Repetitive Messages

Receiving the same message every day is way too boring. Whether it’s a good morning message, simple Hello, or asking how was your day. It may seem a formal question only. Despite wanting to have a real conversation.

There’s no problem in asking these questions. But use a different way to do so. Or else similar messages might irritate the other person. If you’re thinking of how to not be a dry texter? Being creative can provide you with a way out. Come up with something creative and interesting.

Ask For Opinions

ask opinion

Asking for others’ opinions can be an answer to how to not have a dry conversation over text. Everyone in the world has his views, and opinion based on their unique personality. When you feel the conversation is getting dry you can ask for another person’s opinion to get back his or her attention. Also, it will provide you with a different perspective.

You can talk about the topics or subjects other person is passionate about or know about. You could simply get their reviews on a movie or an event. It could be anything another person is into. Whether it’s travel, politics, history, or fiction. So, that person gets involved in the conversation.

Add Something Funny

Don’t know how not to be a dry texter with your crush? Let me tell you the secret. It’s humor. Humor can break the ice. You can be frank to get over the boring conversations.

Humor can add spice and puns to your conversation and make it more enjoyable. Either you can share a meme or send a joke. Anything funny will work but be respectful. Keep in mind, your joke doesn’t offend or bully others. Otherwise, it can raise conflicts that could lead to negative effects on the relationship quality.

Consider Reply Time

When we talk about how to not be a dry texter? Considering the timely reply is essential. Getting a reply hours later is a big turn-off as people generally expect a prompt response to the text. So, when texting someone, reply as early as possible. In case you’re too busy, just let the person know that you’ll get back when you get free. Thus, the other person is not waiting long for a reply.

On the other hand, don’t flood someone’s inbox with messages. Growing impatient and sending frequent messages can be annoying for the other person. So, be patient and give them time to respond.

Use Emojis


Texting is an important element in teen culture. To make those texts more fun, you can use emojis or GIFS. These emojis grab the attention of the person and make the text more appealing.

Using emojis can be a savior when considering how not to be a dry texter on Snapchat. Adding emojis along with the text is a cherry on the top. Or you can replace some words with emojis to make the conversation interesting. So, are you going to use emojis while texting?

Know The Text Purpose

Whenever you text a person there’s a reason behind it. It could be anything such as conveying information, planning activities, or engaging in general conversation. If you know the purpose, you will know what to say and how to say it. You’re no longer worried about how to not dry text.

When you text aimlessly, it may seem boring. This makes a bad impression. The other person might think that you’re just killing time or have no interest in the conversation.

Remember Little Details

If you want to build a genuine connection with someone then remember little details related to them. Whether it’s about their family, work, hobby, or an important event in their life. By doing so, the other person will feel valued.

Remembering core details will help you develop a personal level connection. Along with having interesting conversations in the future by mentioning those details. Hope you picked the tip on how to not be a dry texter.

Share About Yourself

Communication is a two-way process. It goes forward with input from both parties. Just as you should remember the core details about the other person. Similarly, that person should know you as well. So, share about yourself whether it’s a personal experience or an interesting incident that happened to you. Share as much as you want to but of course don’t brag.

Telling something crazy or weird would certainly make them curious. This will engage them in the conversation.


How to text a dry texter? Let’s unleash.

Imagine texting someone about your biggest achievement, the one you were working on for years. And getting a reply such as Congrats. Would it be enough? Obviously, this wasn’t what you’re looking for. It was your biggest achievement and you want a heartfelt reply. The problem was this message appears feelingless and boring.

Although, the messages can express honest feelings. But only if written that way. Be cautious while writing the text. Read the reply before sending it. If it seems dull, change the words or add a punctuation mark. Now send this lively reply and your job is done.

Final Verdict

By implementing the above tips, you can say goodbye to the boring texts. The only thing it requires is practice. The more you consciously practice these tips, the more it will become easier for you. Good Luck, Peeps.

If you have some other amazing tips, do share them in the comment section below.

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