How to be friends with your Ex you still Love


If your relationship ends on terms that are good, it is absolutely reasonable to question if it is feasible to be buddies with your ex. All things considered, this particular individual is someone who is likely that you truly love and enjoy spending time with, in addition to someone with whom you possibly have shared experiences, values, ideas, and passions.

To quit almost all of which simply since you discovered a romantic connection will not work between you may perfectly feel like throwing the baby away together with the bathwater.

Sometimes, the relationship might be the sole method to help keep you hooked up to someone you still care for. This may be a complex process, but with mutual consent and respect, creating an innovative relationship type with your ex is soft. Let’s figure out how to be friends with your ex you still love.

Is it okay to be friends with your Ex?

It is perfectly easy to be friends with your ex. Whether it is a great idea is going to depend on the people and the situation involved. Some individuals are competent to get healthy, good relationships with their exes with no complications or difficulty, whereas others discover that attempting to remain friends winds up being unnecessarily messy or perhaps even hurt.

Becoming a friend with an ex will often allow it to be more difficult to effectively move on from the connection if there are nevertheless lingering romantic feelings for one another or if stress arises if you both start dating other folks.

Is it normal to be friends with your ex?

Indeed, it is perfectly normal to be buddies with your ex. Whether it is a great idea is going to depend on the people and the situation involved. 

 friends with your Ex you still Love

Some individuals are competent to get healthy, good relationships with their exes with no complications or difficulty, whereas others discover that attempting to remain friends winds up being unnecessarily messy or perhaps even hurt.

Tips for being Friends with your Ex:

1. Be Sincere In The Friendship:

If each of you’s decided indirectly or directly being friends, then you’ve to be a sincere friend. Don’t pretend to be friendly just since you want to get info about his/her brand new partner or maybe you’re hoping there’s a second chance for the relationship. Try keeping your friendship pure and malice free.

2. Establishing boundaries with your Ex:

It is essential to create boundaries with your ex if you plan to remain friends. Those boundaries can include physical, time, emotional, or maybe lively boundaries. It is as much as all of you to determine what boundaries you require available to have the ability to remain friends without it getting messy, painful, or perhaps sliding back into romantic territory.

 3. Make sure you are really over each other:

The key to making a relationship having an ex-work is ensuring you are both really over one another. Give consideration to how you think when you are around your ex, maybe the energy-charged or even tense? 

Can there be a certain attraction or pull between you? Have you been feeling a dash of butterflies or maybe a wash of unhappiness whenever you see their name show up in your texts? Does the thought of them date someone new fill you with fear? They’re all indicators that there may remain thoughts there.

Pros and Cons for Friendship with your Exes:

 The age-old question remains: should you be friends with your ex or perhaps leave them alone for good?

friend with ex


1. Figuring Out Why It Ended:

Becoming a friend with your ex allows you the opportunity to talk about why you broke up. When you are in the midst of a relationship it may be very difficult to chat about your thoughts with no feeling guarded. When the connection is taken out of the situation you’re at no cost to talk about precisely what went wrong.

2. They know you better than anyone:

That’s the ideal component for a great friendship. Nevertheless, which does not mean the other individual is evil or perhaps intentionally attempting to harm the other. If both components can keep this in mind, there is no reason why a friendship would not be possible.

3. Shows your maturity:

The ability to have a proper friendship with the former partner of yours requires a certain level of maturity. People sometimes simply grow apart or maybe the timing may simply have been wrong. It’s mature to have the ability to admit that the 2 of you were not intended to be together.


1. Exes Are Exes for a Reason. 

What happened in the past must remain in the past.

2. Intimacy.

Let us face it in case you are likely to be friends with your ex you are possibly extremely comfortable with them. Then when you are together you 2 might be tempted to act in a “more than friendly-way”…like the saying goes, “Old habits die hard.”

3. Jealousy. 

Jealousy can be available in any type and from anyone. Whether you or maybe your ex gets jealous when a new beau comes into the photo or even the new beau gets skeptical and jealous of the friendship. It may be much better to simply leave your ex alone to stay away from anyone having nasty feelings towards each other.


Should you genuinely believe that you are able to keep the emotions in the showcase and check your good evolution to the ex, becoming friends with him, or maybe she might be a considerable stepping stone towards getting back together earlier than you thought?

If it is too hard at this time and you are aware it is going to harm you a lot, then my advice of mine to you will be waiting. Focus on healing much more, after which you are able to produce a relationship with your ex in the long term.

Folks usually need a little distance after a breakup, but sometimes it is not needed. In other instances distance could be followed by friendship. Just be sure you are staying true to yourself and you are looking after your own personal well-being.


Q1. Should you Stay Friends with your Ex on Social Media?

Not merely is there the issue of you being friends on social media, though you are going to have many friends in common who’ll be posting about get-togethers with various friends and your ex. Social media have transformed the world of ex relationships, as well as have made it extremely tough to create a clean break, to grieve as well as to move on.

Q2. If your Ex Girlfriend wants to be Friends what does that mean?

If it is anything like my ex that needed to be friends she probably remembers you listening to her or maybe she needs a side guy to be there for all the talks and thoughts and “venting” that for whatever reason she cannot speak to the present boyfriend of her about.

Word of advice, do not do it. It gets you nowhere and gets you nothing and she drops you in a heartbeat when she no longer has use for you.

Q3. What does it mean if you’re still friends with your Ex?

You don’t have romantic feelings for each other or even wish to have a romantic connection. The relationship to each other no longer feels emotionally charged; it feels akin energetically to your other relationships.


“Why are old lovers able to become friends? Two reasons. They never truly loved each other, or they love each other still.”

― Whitney Otto

“When you enter your next relationship, you become the person you split up with.”

― Gina Barreca

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