The majority of cat owners see their pets getting engaged in some concealing behavior. Cats love small spaces, but one can’t understand the main reason why they prefer hiding in them. It can be an excellent idea to play hide and seek with your cat because this particular idea offers exercise as well as mental stimulation to both the cat and the cat owner.

Cats love to hide, so you can start seeking them. You must be thinking about how to play hide and seek with your cat; there are a number of typical hiding places for a cat, whereas you can arrange a few for them. These include catch scratchers, tunnels, and even the ball beds. 

Playing hide and seek with your cat

Whether your cat is hiding just for pleasure, or she tries to acclimate to a new environment, it is their favorite hobby to hide in different nooks and crannies. Therefore, you can better provide your cats with some hiding spots that they would love and can be great for their learning.

1. Hide and seek cat tunnel

A hide-and-seek cat tunnel can be the best bang for your buck because it is not just a place for it to hide; it is also a place to play. You will love the entrance and exit, as it can indeed be constructive to keep your cat more secure by knowing that it is not trapped when somebody looks for it in the tunnel while playing hide and seek.


A hide and seek tunnel is a large cardboard bag that has holes on both ends. When you ask yourself, do cats like to play hide and seek with humans, you will know that they love it, and a cat tunnel can be a simple, inexpensive, and convenient way to make the cat happy and playful.

2. A Hexa-scratch cat scratcher

A hexagonal cat cubby can be prepared with six corrugated cardboard sides that can also be scratched by a cat. The best thing about this hiding option is that it can be moved anywhere and any cat loves being up high. You can put two cats together in it, and if you think do cats play hide and seek with each other, you have the option of using a Hexa-scratch for the scratching purpose, and therefore, the smaller cats or kittens would love to enjoy it.


3. Cat ball bed

A cat ball has enough room for the more giant cats. These are padded and can be found in different fabrics as well as styles, and these come with a larger opening on one side, while there is a smaller opening on the other one. It is an excellent option if you think do cats like to play peek a boo. The best thing about a cat ball is that it can last for a much longer time, and your cat may find its cute fabric to be fascinating.

4. Cat cave

A cat cave has an opening on its top, while there is a snuggly cave in the back of the bed. Cats find it to be very cozy as it is made entirely of felted wool with natural dyes. Although when you look for a cat cave in the market, you will find it to be a little expensive, when you buy one, you will indeed find it to be worth it. This will be among the best ways for you to play hide and seek with your cat, as it will prefer hiding in it.

cat cave

5. Cat tree

There was a time when people had carpeted monstrosities in their rooms that served as the cat trees. Nowadays, there are unique cat trees in the market that come with an elevated cubby box so that your beloved cat can use it as a hiding spot. As this box is off the ground, therefore, it can give some height to your cat for a better line of sight when playing hide and seek, and there is also an exit on both of its sides. 

 CAT tree

Final Words

When hiding and isolating itself from the rest of the world, a cat tries to get relaxed. There can be a number of advantages of playing with your cat because it gives both you and your cat mental stimulation and workouts. If you are wondering how to play hide and seek with your cat, you can provide them with their own kitty caves or hide and seek cat tunnels. Keep in mind that playing hide and seek with your cat can be a great way to kill time because, just like humans, cats prefer to hide, so you play with them by seeking them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does a cat run and try to hide when playing?

Hiding is quite a natural cat reaction to anxiety, and by doing this, it actually tries to get away from the threat. This anxiety goes away as the cat starts to relax, and therefore, it will be best for you to take it to a vet.

  • Can a cat have a playdate with another cat?

The majority of cats like to interact with other cats when they are young, but at an older age, they become a little less amenable to socializing, but it may still be possible. You can arrange a playdate of your kitten if you have any friend or family member who owns a cat.

  • Is it OK for you to play hide and seek with your cat?

Cats are capable of playing around just like dogs, but numerous people don’t realize this. Hide and seek as well as tag are some of their favorite games, whereas they also like to chase their human owners.

  • Does a cat like to play peek-a-boo?

As cats are ultimate predators, therefore, they are sensitive to search for this particular behavior. When they happen to play peek-a-boo, this behavior gets imitated, and they play it in an exaggerated manner by trying to catch the victim.

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