How to Stop Being Addicted to K dramas


Being a fan of K Dramas is completely alright but if you are spending too much time watching K dramas and because of which your daily routine is being affected then this is the right time to learn how to stop being addicted to K dramas. 

Why am I addicted to K Dramas?

No doubt K dramas are very interesting and entertaining but spending all your precious time is alarming and it’s not good for you. When you feel like your studies, relationships, and daily activities are declining by giving too much time to the K series, then you need to understand that it’s bad for you.

The unique storylines, the beautiful and fashionable cast members, the charming sense of humor and the interesting plot, all can make you addicted to Korean dramas. Watching them in your free time or on weekends is normal but if you spend too much time watching them then it’s not fine and you should get rid of this habit. 

6 Ways to Stop watching Korean Dramas

An extreme of everything is bad, so if you are reading this article you may be feeling engulfed with your routine of watching K dramas most of the time. Now is the right time to stop this habit because you no longer can afford to disturb your studies, your daily life, or your work. And for your convenience, we have listed 8 ways that can help you to stop being addicted to K dramas. 

1. Find Other Hobbies

If you are giving too much time to K dramas and you want to know how to stop being addicted to K dramas then it means that you don’t have other interesting hobbies that you are willing to replace with watching K dramas. And if this is the case then now is the right time to look for things that can catch your interest. Hobbies that are productive for you, that can help you increase your knowledge, your skills, your potential. Because spending your time on something that can bring growth in you is great.  


You can start meditating, play your favorite games, read self-help books, watch informative documentaries, spend time with your family or go out for some fresh air. All this is very beneficial for your mind and body. And that’s all you need, a good routine, some good activities to spend your day on. So find things that are good for you, good for your body and good for your personal development. 

2. Focus on your work/ Studies 

Neglecting your work, your studies are not right, so try to focus on your work because that is what is beneficial for your growth. Try to focus more on your work, find interesting ways of doing it so you won’t get bored of it, take short breaks, give yourself relaxation time but then get back to your direction, your work because that’s how you can become nearer to your goals and to a lifestyle that you want to achieve in life. 


3. Make Good Friends/ Partners 

Kdrama addiction is not so cool, you may be spending a lot of time on K dramas because you don’t have friends to socialize with when you are free from work. To find such people, with whom you can spend your time, with whom you feel really happy and fun to talk. Talking to people, sharing what’s going on in your mind, what’s going in your heart is better than spending a lot of time on K dramas. So do what’s good for you. Surround yourself with positive people, with nice people that can help you overcome this addiction.

4. Get Some Job  

If you have nothing to do and you think that watching K dramas can kill your boredom then you may be mistaken because along with boredom spending too much time watching K dramas can kill your productivity as well. So find some job that can pay you well, find your dream job that can help you to utilize your time in a better way. Doing work is always better than wasting your time on dramas so if you are learning how to stop being addicted to K dramas then find work, do something interesting. 

5. Recall yourself Your goals 

Remind yourself about your goals, about the person you want to be. Because if you know your direction, if you know your goals then you won’t have time to waste, then you will not waste your hours on watching K dramas so keep reminding yourself of your goals. And live your life accordingly, plan your days in the same way, do things that can bring you nearer to your dream life.

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6. Watch Informative Videos  

If you have a lot of free time and you want to use it productively then watch informative videos that can add up to your knowledge. Watch videos about the universe, science, languages, humans. Instead of watching unrealistic K dramas, watch stuff that can improve you as a person. This is an efficient way how to stop being addicted to K dramas. 


Are the ways given above on how to stop being addicted to K dramas effective?

The ways given above are tested and proven and are found to be very effective so you can try them out and see how you can get rid of K dramas over time. 

What are the bad effects of watching K dramas?

Addiction to K dramas can ruin your social life, your productivity and your personal growth. Watching K dramas is fine but getting addicted to them is never fine. 

Can watching K dramas all the time make you lazy?

Yes if you don’t have any other physical activities and you spend most of your time watching K dramas then definitely it will make you lazy and unproductive. 

Final Words

Your time is the most precious thing that you own so don’t waste it and learn how to stop being addicted to K dramas. Use your time wisely and continue growing.

Stay Happy, Stay Active! 

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