How to plan a surprise birthday party for friend: Throw a surprise treat


Everyone needs appreciation and wishes in life. Friends and family, and even colleagues usually play their part to appreciate a person. Birthday is the best occasion where you can make the person feel delighted and valued. And if the birthday is celebrated as a surprise treat, the fun and joy go sky high! 

The question is how to plan a surprise birthday party that delivers a jolt of enjoyment? We’ve got you covered and mentioned different ideas to give a surprise birthday party

Raid at house 

On the birthday night, make a group of friends and raid the birthday boy/girl’s house with a bang. You must bring a fresh birthday cake with the best taste. Apart from the cake, you can light the firecrackers during the raid. But make sure it’s appropriate, and everyone will be OK and would have no issue with firecrackers.

Birthday dinner at the restaurant 

Now, here you need to play smart. Get connected with the birthday boy/girl, and ask to come with you for a personal reason. You’ll tell him any fake issue for which you’ll require a birthday boy/girl’s help on the specific time of his/her birthday. Make sure your reason looks genuine and polish your acting skills. Don’t smile or give a hint about what’s going on. And also, act as if you don’t know it’s his/her birthday. 

On the other hand, prepare a list of friends and guests. You can disclose the surprise birthday plan to them if they’re trustworthy and will keep the secret. 

And then, you take the birthday person to the restaurant where everyone hides. Boom, all the friends come at once with singing “happy birthday!” That’s how you plan the birthday surprise! 

Deliver a surprise gift box 

A birthday celebration is part of a surprise birthday party. But it’s equally important what you’ll give a gift. And more importantly, the gift’s presentation will create a difference. So don’t compromise over the gift and its presentation. 

You should gift a surprise box, containing different things. For instance, birthday cake, magic candles, balloons, pictures placed on the banners inside the surprise gift box, and anything else such as a wristwatch, perfume, ETC. 

Plan a surprise trip 

Again, you need to take other friends into confidence. Plan a trip to Goa or anywhere where you commute comfortably, considering all the group members. On the birthday, you just need to give a short notice to the birthday boy/girl, and that’s it. A surprise trip is planned!

Plan an adventurous trip 

If the birthday person is an adventurous guy, plan something banana. Visit the theme part, experience roller-coasters, or look for skydiving, Bungy jumping, Paragliding, Rock climbing, Skiing, and hiking. Indeed, it’ll be a thrilling experience with lots of chills. 

Camping and Bonfire 

Knowing how to plan a surprise birthday party or event doesn’t mean you don’t take the person’s personality into count. For example, if the birthday person isn’t an adventurous guy, you shouldn’t take him/her on an adventurous trip. Instead, camping and bonfire are more suitable, and the birthday person will love it. Remember, cake is the beauty of a birthday. So if online delivery is available, you should order midnight cake delivery. And if not, then you’ll have to carry it with yourself to cut at midnight.

It would be best if you also make the proper arrangements of music and snacks. And plan all the activities for traveling, camping, and bonfire. This would be one of the best trips ever for a birthday person!

Pool party 

A pool party is one of the best birthday surprises that includes various activities. Swimming to pool gaming, water provides a soothing environment to celebrate birthday uniquely. Plus, if the pool is situated in a beautiful place, breath-taking views will spice up the surprises. You can spend the whole day at the pool party and arrange a birthday cake there. Also, the Barbecue will excite everyone, including the birthday guy!  

Dreamed birthday wish 

If a birthday girl/boy has a crush, and he/she is hesitant to speak with the crush, you can do wonders for him/her. Request the crush to wish your friend a birthday! This wish would be a bombshell for your friend, and you’ll provide him/her immense happiness.  

You can also request a celebrity on social media to wish your friend a happy birthday. If you’re in good luck, who knows, a star will do it for you!

Other than that, if a birthday person fought with someone, you can request that person to wish him/her a birthday. This way, the fight will over, and things get back to normal.  

Final thoughts 

These are the surprise ideas for the birthday, which can create excitement. A birthday person will feel absolutely delighted if you execute any of these ideas. Your efforts and wishes matter. So, keep in mind a birthday person will remember what you’re doing for him/her.  

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