The Best Places to Move to in Maryland’s Suburbs

The Best Places to Move to in Maryland's Suburbs

Suburban Maryland sits just above Washington, DC. You’ll find a bit of everything here, from city neighborhoods to cozy suburbs, wide-open country spots, and lovely homes by the water.  There are also plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks for everyone to enjoy. In addition, families love living in these cozy suburbs because the public schools are really good. Now, let’s explore the best places to move to in Maryland’s suburbs.

Discover Annapolis: Maryland’s historic capital on the Chesapeake Bay

Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, sits along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Its historic district showcases 18th-century brick homes and the iconic Maryland State House with its distinctive dome. Annapolis offers outdoor activities like sailing and a reputation for serving some of the finest food, like Miss Shirley’s Cafe. Annapolis is a culinary haven featuring various dining options to suit every palate. The city also offers many green spaces, which can positively affect your mental and physical health by providing ample opportunities for leisure and relaxation. In addition, public schools in Annapolis are above average.

Bethesda, Maryland: A prestigious enclave near the nation’s capital

When you search for a home to move to in Maryland’s suburbs, Bethesda stands out as one of the nation’s most upscale and pricey neighborhoods. With median home prices averaging approximately $855,000, this place is renowned for its highly educated population. Specifically, many residents are employed in technology, finance, or government sectors. North Bethesda has many restaurants and coffee shops, like Java Nation, with its best coffee, and parks like Veirs Mill Local Park, where you can enjoy nature with your family.

Ellicott City: The top choice to move to in Maryland’s suburbs

Ellicott City, a Maryland suburb founded in 1772, offers a blend of Historic Ellicott and Greater Ellicott areas. Historic Ellicott City has antique shops and crafts that draw residents and tourists. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore parks like Centennial Park or Patapsco Valley State Park. These are calm places where you can stroll or just relax anytime. Housing options in Ellicott City range from historic mill homes to modern apartments and planned communities. The area provides access to quality healthcare facilities and services, ensuring residents’ well-being. Families benefit from top-rated public and private schools, fostering a supportive learning environment for children of all ages.

Plus, when moving to Ellicott City, you don’t have to stress about packing, transportation, or anything else. You can just leave it to skilled locals. Hiring movers means they will handle all the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on settling into your new home and enjoying some of the nicest coffee shops like Old Mill Cafe or Little Market Café. 

Discover Crofton: A serene suburban haven in Anne Arundel County

Located in Anne Arundel County, Crofton, a suburb of Baltimore, has a population of approximately 29,358 residents. Renowned as one of Maryland’s prime residential areas, Crofton offers its inhabitants a serene suburban ambiance, with the majority being homeowners. Dining options and green spaces characterize the community. A prime example here is Fairwood Park, a nice new park in Bowie providing ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Crofton attracts many families and young professionals drawn to its highly acclaimed public school system.

Exploring South Kensington: A tranquil suburban retreat in Montgomery County

South Kensington, a suburb of Washington, D.C., has a population of 8,371 residents, making it a sought-after locale in Maryland. The community offers a serene suburban atmosphere that fosters a sense of stability and belonging. With an array of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, South Kensington provides plenty of opportunities for leisure and recreation. That caters to diverse interests and preferences. Families are drawn to the area for its family-friendly environment, contributing to a harmonious community ethos. Additionally, South Kensington has highly rated public schools, ensuring quality education for its residents. Experience the charm and tranquility of South Kensington – a hidden gem amidst the bustling D.C. metropolitan area.

Chevy Chase: An urban, suburban oasis

Nestled as a suburb of Maryland with a population of 9,789, Chevy Chase is the epitome of an urban, suburban mix feel. Known as one of the premier places to reside, Chevy Chase offers diverse amenities. Furthermore, there is an abundance of coffee shops, like Corella Café & Lounge, where you can take a break with your friends, and parks, like Chevy Chase Local Park, where you can spend quality time with your kids. This place provides ample opportunities for good time and relaxation. Additionally, the highly rated public schools underscore the commitment to excellence in education within the community.

Lively event scene: From movie nights to music festivals

People living in Maryland’s suburbs like attending local events. In the warmer months, many events happen every week and month. These include free outdoor movies for families or big events like music festivals. For instance, in Ellicott City, you can attend the Main Street Music Festival in September. It has over 80 bands playing! 

Community spirit: Building connections

One of the things that makes Maryland’s suburbs truly special is its strong sense of community. From neighborhood events to volunteer opportunities where you can present yourself as an approachable person, there are countless ways to get involved and make meaningful connections with your fellow residents. If you’re new to the area, you’ll find that everyone is welcomed with open arms here.

Choosing Maryland’s suburbs for your next move

In conclusion, there are many great places to move to in Maryland’s suburbs. Whether you prefer history, peace, or a vibrant atmosphere, these suburbs have something for everyone. So, consider all the options and be sure that locals will welcome you.