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How to Look More Approachable

more approachable

Are you sad because you don’t have many friends? Do you want to become likeable and interact with different people? Do you want to know how to be more approachable? If yes then read the article till the end to know ways of how to become more approachable.

It’s human nature we all like to be appreciated, adored and liked by others but that is only possible if we are approachable, if we are always there for others, if we have openness. It’s a way to be successful, it’s a way to make people comfortable around you, it makes your life easy and happy. 

So if you want to attract more opportunities in life then practice becoming an approachable person. You can improve your communication skills, body language to become more welcoming and approachable. 

No matter, if it’s your personal life or social life, you want new friends or a partner working on yourself can help you improve all this for sure so here are a few tips that you can try to make yourself approachable and to get settled in all situations. 

“There are people who feel they should be with you, but something is preventing them from coming close. Please can you just lower the frequency of your stern looking face and smile…and they will make you their habit.”

Michael Bassey Johnson

Some tips that can make you understand how to be more approachable so here we have listed them for your convenience.

Make Eye contact and smile

At times eye contact can be awkward or you can be a person who hesitates to make eye contact but believe me it’s worth it. If someone wants to approach you and you look away from them it can be kind of rude so try to look people in the eyes, make eye contact and smile. This can leave a really good impression of yours. If you smile often at others then you will appear more friendly and people will automatically get attracted towards you. 

mirror people

If you meet a new person, smile at them. When you see the other person being nice and smiling at you, then smile back otherwise it will leave a rude impression. If someone is telling you an amusing thing or a joke even if it doesn’t sound funny, still smile. These things will make others more likely to approach you.

Mirror the other person 

This is a great thing in making people like you and is comfortable with you. If you are in a conversation with another person then observe their posture, their body language and try to copy the other person but try not to make it too obvious. Try to make them feel that you are like them and that they can be comfortable around you, they can be genuine around you. Make them feel that you are welcoming and approachable, show this by your body language, by your expression, by non-verbal communication. No doubt it will help you a lot in looking welcoming and approachable. It will be helpful if you are looking for how to be approachable.  

Angle yourself towards people 

If you are in a conversation with someone or a group discussion then angle your body towards them don’t make it appear then you are in a rush or want to leave that situation, show interest in them by your style of sitting, watch your feet your posture make it look that you are engaged in the situation. If you are sitting in a style that makes it obvious that you want to leave that place then people will believe that you are not interested in the conversation or what is going there so show a welcoming and open posture.

Be accessible

If you want to know how to be approachable then be accessible. People don’t want you to stay lost even when you are with them. If you are constantly on your phone or reading a newspaper, writing something, while they are with you then they will feel like they are disturbing you so they will try not to bother you next time therefore it is important to look interested to interact with others, to listen to them, to show interest in them. This will make them feel good so they would like to be with you as a friend, colleague or partner. If they are asking for any favour or help then try your best to help them out, be kind to them and be approachable.


Nod During conversations 

When you are talking to someone, show interest, make them feel that you are there, you are listening. Nod your head, show expressions that make them feel that you are taking interest and you are paying interest in everything that they are saying this will make them approach you and befriend you. Ask questions, leave comments, summarize, all this will leave a great impact on the other person. 

Stay Positive

Lastly, stay positive as it’s the most important thing. Positivity attracts people, saying nice things to them, making them feel good, heard and appreciated will win their hearts. Everyone wants to be with nice people, that are positive and that give off good vibes so become that person this way people will love to approach you.


Is being an approachable person a good thing?

Yes in some way it is, you will never feel abandoned or lonely if you are open and approachable. You will have more friends and more people will like you. So the above ways are helpful as well for you to understand how to be more approachable.

If you are an introvert can people still approach you?

Yes if you give good vibes, though you talk less when you talk you are kind, caring and empathetic people will love to be with you.

Can you approach a girl by mirroring her?

This is a good technique but doesn’t make it too obvious and yes it can be helpful to win the heart of your girl. 

Kindness always comes back in one way or another, is this true?

Yes, it is true your acts of kindness come back in some way or the other, kindness never goes to waste it will always bring fruit to you at the right time. 

Does nodding during the conversation shows that you are interested in the convo?

Yes, it shows that you are taking interest in what the other person is saying and it will create a good impression on the other person.

Final words 

So hopefully now you know the ways of how to be more approachable. Enjoy your life, be kind to others, surround yourself with amazing people that can help you grow mentally and spiritually.

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed

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