It can be a beautiful journey to fall in love and have the other person feel the same about you. However, it is quite unfortunate that not all relationships can last forever, and many of them may result in breakups. Breakups and heartbreaks can be devastating because you may have several thoughts after a breakup, and one of them may be whether a guy is already moved or regrets hurting you.

Chances that your mind would also be racing with many thoughts, and you may be looking for signs he is hurting after the breakup. Perhaps, you would like to know this for your peace of mind or know whether it is possible to rekindle the relationship or not. But it is worth noting that most of the time, no matter how much you want it to happen, guys can move along easily after a breakup without regrets.

He will be much quieter than normal

A big change that you will start to notice is that he will be more quiet than normal. This may be one of the big signs he feels guilty for hurting you, and it is quite understandable that the conversation between both of you will reduce after a breakup. You will also begin to notice that he converses a lot less with your mutual friends.


It is worth noting that his social life will not be coming to a half, but he will try to act that he is having a good time. Normally guys are much better than girls in suppressing their feelings and can put a show in public. But by having a close look at them, you will tell from their smiles that they are not genuine, and the laughs are also not real.

He will try to show he is very happy

Your ex will try to make a big show to the people around him that he enjoys being single again. He will also share some posts on social media about the perks of the new single life he is living. But it depends on how long does it take for a man to miss a woman after a breakup. If you happen to see him and meet him, he will smile at you and talk in a normal way as if nothing happened.

His act of happiness will become so extreme that you will see through it quite easily and also realize its fakeness. If people ask him about the breakup, he may talk about it just for a few seconds and immediately change the topic to something happier because he has not yet accepted the guilt and regret he feels.


He will keep showing up

Whether it is a small get-together or a party thrown by a common friend, he will keep looking for a way to be there. You will also notice that he is suddenly taking an interest in your friends and try to insert himself in any kinds of plans that may involve you, and for you, this may be one of the signs he knows he hurt you.

When your relationship ends, it is quite obvious that you will have many mutual friends. If you happen to find, him showing up at different events that he would not be present under the normal circumstances, then demonstrates the signs he knows he messed up. On some occasions, you will even find him at the spots that you love, like your favourite restaurant or a supermarket.

He will look for ways to be in contact with you

You will begin to notice that your ex is extremely guilt-ridden and regrets losing you. This is typical male psychology after a breakup because despite being away from you, he can still control his feelings and starts to call you or text you a lot. It will be quite surprising that he may end up sending you emojis also.

He must have started to realize that it can make you feel better when he talks to you, and in return, it will also make him feel good. You will also see him being active on his phone and start to have long conversations with you. He will be replying to your messages immediately, which you will find quite strange for a guy who has broken up with you.


It can be quite a normal feeling for people to feel regret about who initiated the breakup. Feelings for each other may not vanish with a breakup, and normally the person who initiates it feels that they owe to the other to fix the things. He regrets breaking up with you because he may still care about you and doubts his decision to end this relationship. Therefore, you should be smart about distinguishing between what your ex may have to get you back in his life.


Is it possible for someone to regret hurting you?

It always takes some time for a guy to realize what he has done after a breakup. He would start realizing that he messed up big time and might be suffering from dumpers remorse. When he realizes what he has lost, it would be quite certain that he would regret hurting you.

How long can it take for a man to regret losing someone?

The only way to make a man regret losing you is to be successful in having no contact at all. You have to stay away from him, not message or give him a call. You will notice that soon, reality will hit him, and he would be in regret. This can happen in a few weeks or a few months after a breakup.

Does a guy realize what he has lost?

Normally, guys realize what they have done because when their girlfriend is around them, they may call her clingy and say they need space to get back to their old lives. But when the girlfriend is not there, they will realize what they have lost.

Who gets hurt the most after a breakup?

It is a fact that women tend to get more negatively affected by breakups as compared to men. They will have both emotional and physical levels of pain. When we look at the men, they tend to hide their feelings much better and quite rarely burst them out.

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