Birthday surprise for best friend: Ten fun birthday ideas


The best friend’s birthday? It’s time to get crazy. You need to come up with fun birthday ideas and deliver some solid goosebumps to your naughty friend. Make the birthday unforgettable with incredible ideas. From cake to party, activities to emotions – a best friend’s birthday deserves everything in one go.

Alright, if you’re worried and haven’t hit creative birthday ideas, we’re here to help. Let’s get rolling with the best fun birthday ideas.

1. Bonfire 

In winter, no one thinks to celebrate late at night or go outside on the birthday. You don’t have to make the same mistake. The first thing is that you need to plan a bonfire gathering. Select the best place in the city and make a schedule accordingly. A birthday with soothing music and cold wind – and a bonfire. This is a fantastic recipe for madness and excitement!

Cake cutting, fun conversation, singing, and much more will be the part of bonfire gathering, and this all makes the party memorable for a long time! 

2. Pool party 

The pool party is a rising trend, and a bunch of friends can really rock the party with this thrilling trend. Swimming to pool games, you’ll have tons of options to enjoy at the fullest. Plus, winter or summer, pool parties are becoming new normal for every season. And you just need to include it on the top of the list of your birthday fun ideas!

The pool party will give you a feeling of freshness, and celebrating a birthday at the pool will be like celebrating it in heaven with the feel of water! 

3. Surprise gift box 

 Gifting traditionally is becoming old. Now your gift should create some suspense. For this purpose, you should give a surprise box containing many things such as a birthday cake, candles and balloons, a note/letter, a funny birthday card, and other things. A surprise gift box will make your best friend inquisitive.

The surprise gift box you gift to your best friend is the reflection of your passion. Receiving gifts from others makes the person feel blissful and joyous. And having a unique gift makes the person feel special and felicitous.

4. Decoration 

Beauty attracts humans. So, decorating the birthday place will provide a sense of freshness, enthusiasm, and happiness. You can decorate the birthday place with balloons, flowers, and other ways. And if you’re celebrating outdoor, don’t ignore decorating the spot. You can bring standees, balloons, flowers and so on. Birthday banners to snow fog, party poppers to birthday caps – have it all for the best celebration. The day will turn up among the most joyful days. And this is how you’re going to execute the fun birthday idea! 

5. Order the best birthday cake 

The cake is the center of interest for everyone, especially for the birthday boy and birthday girl. Choose a beautiful cake for the birthday person. Delicious birthday cake will spice up the party and conversation. And the average cake will have an adverse effect, spoiling the taste buds. So be assured the birthday cake you’re ordering is of the top quality. And don’t forget a surprise gift box, as it would make your planning perfected. Plus, don’t compromise on the cake quantity, because no one wants to be left without the cake. 

6. Gift a large board full of pictures and cards 

Giving someone a giant board full of best wishes card for next year and placing pictures on it is also the right idea to surprise someone. Collecting all photos from past years and attaching to a beautiful board full of decoration and cards can make a birthday person full of excitement. 

And wishes on the cards will send the best friend over the moon!

7. Gifting a box full of candies and chocolates 

Watching a box full of your favorite candies and chocolate makes you feel thrilled. The thing is no different for the birthday person. Chocolates are almost everyone’s favorite thing to eat; it’s an excellent snack to eat when you are craving and having them on your birthday is wonderful. Teenage is the time where we all loved chocolates, and nothing gets changed in our middle age. So this could be the best gift for the birthday person. 

8. Hide friends in the house and surprise a birthday person 

Surprising the birthday boy or girl is the best part of the whole birthday. He/she gets more excited because of your surprise. After a full hectic day of his/her schedule, when the birthday person comes home and gets a surprise by you, these would be the best feelings. 

9. Send a bouquet 

Send a beautiful bouquet. You should include the flowers of the birthday person’s favorite color. Prepare it elegantly and put birthday cards on it full of best wishes! 

10. Go live on Facebook 

When the group of friends goes live on Facebook, fun, and joy are guaranteed. Sit together and continue streaming for two to three hours. You just need to have a normal conversation, and the fun factor will automatically be sneaked-in. This way, everybody will enjoy your live streaming, and the birthday person, being a central figure of whole streaming, will get energetic and thrilled!  

Final thoughts 

These, as mentioned earlier, are the best birthday surprise ideas for your best friend. Cake selection to surprise gift box, group activities to a fun conversation – you’ll unleash the real joy of the birthday celebration. So, plan today, get connected with all the friends, and shake the birthday friend with these crazy ideas! 

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