True love never really dies: 6 ways to Make A Relationship Work Even After A Breakup


Things happen in life that make you feel like a breakup is the best thing to do at that time. However, it doesn’t have to last forever. There’s always a way to do things better and closing the door forever isn’t always the solution. Many people figure things out between them and establish successful relationships after break up too.  

However, rekindling old love is easier said than it’s done, especially when there are issues like silent treatment and emotional withholding. With a little time and effort, you can change any relationship for the better. It’s difficult but not entirely impossible. Let’s look 6 ways on how to rekindle a relationship after a breakup

Ensure that both of you are on the same page

Reconnection isn’t possible until both parties are mutually willing to work things out between them. It’s one of the most important things to consider on how to restart a relationship after a breakup. If one of you isn’t willing to go that extra mile and start over again, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with the same problems that brought you there. It’s important for both individuals to invest their effort and time in trying to rebuild the relationship so you’ll first have to communicate and establish common ground for both to work on.

Never compromise on communication

compromise on communication

Putting it all out there and letting your partner know whatever you feel is a very important step in rekindling a damaged relationship. Communication is an extremely important prerequisite for reestablishing a relationship after break up is called and is essential for showing readiness to talk things through without judgment and with honesty. Silence is never the answer to any complication, especially if one of you has a problem with voicing their hurt or anger.

Figuring out the cause

Once the channels for communication are established between you two, it’s time to talk about what caused the rift in the relationship. It’s important to be open about this issue and let each other open up about it. This isn’t about finding something to place the blame, it’s about gaining a better understanding of problem’s origin. 

Patience is key


Remember how long it took for you to establish your relationship during the start. Keeping that in mind, be patient about getting that relationship back because it wasn’t built overnight. Reopening of communication may tempt you to ignore your relationship’s core issues but it’s better to take a step-by-step approach towards rebuilding your connection. Talking again might delude you into believing that things are back on track in a short time but that’s not a sensible way to go about it.

Experiment with something new

Reigniting your relationship may require a lot of changes in your behavior and habits towards each other as a couple. Making a few changes after a breakup, sharing a new experience together and shaking things up will help you spend some quality time with each other, which is very important for you to put the prospects of a second breakup with same person out of the equation completely.

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