How to make your boyfriend happy: A few simple things


Whether you just start a relationship, or you’re together for years, there are times when your boyfriend will feel uncomfortable and annoyed from everything. He spends time with you, but his brain is not there. You wonder what to do, how to make your boyfriend happy? Well, the worst thing you can do is to get suspicious of him. Asking investigative questions will only bitter the relation, therefore you should remember the times when you were upset and he made you feel happy and special. This is the time to return a favor!

Arrange a family dinner or group gathering

Depending on your personality, you can arrange a small surprise party. When he spends time in the group, and particularly in your arranged party, the mood swings get in control. Plus, invite such people, who are the favorite of your both. This way, you’ll have so many topics to discuss collectively. This is the best technique to release the pressure as well as to making happy someone.

Surprise him with something unexpected to him

Surprise your boyfriend

Well, I’m not saying that you should do something out of the box, and can harm it. Rather, you can do what he has been asking for quite a long, but you were refusing it. Or something, that he asked for, and now he has forgotten. That’s how you make happy your boyfriend, it makes him feel valuable. So time to surprise him!

Don’t react with anger

In our lives, we get upset, frustrated, and angry. To release our frustration, we show anger to our loved ones. Rather than responding in the same way, you can opt for the silence. Trust me that silence of 5 minutes will go a long way, and my boyfriend will be happier in the future just because you bear him at his worst. So learn to handle him at his worst, he’ll take out the best for you. Plus, in case, he’s not willing to share the details, don’t bombard him with tons of questions. This ultimately leads to the arguments and then a hard talk on your way to bitter the time.

Listen to him, and touch him gently

Conquer Love That You Deserve

When he feels upset or down, you need to listen to him what he has to say. According to psychology, humans want to express themselves when they feel demotivated. Your careful listening will get him back on the track, and he’ll start feeling motivated and enthusiastic. Plus, a gentle touch or a kiss, makes a positive impact, and again, this makes him feel valuable and respected. Feel free to express your love, because this time is your turn!


You should know that no one knows better about him. So do something which makes surprise – in a positive way. All men need at times is care and love. So be sure to provide care and love to your boyfriend, and behave patiently if something goes wrong. These small things go long in the relationships, and attitude and behavior make him one another happy in the relationship. 

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