Many people will notice that men and women have entirely different ways of handling heartache after their breakups. It can indeed be a little hard to imagine whether or not their ex is also suffering or not, or he is trying to cope with the emotions in a completely different manner.

Some people have the talent of hiding their emotions, while others tend to put their feelings on full blast. Most of the time, one’s ex may not be entirely clear about the feelings immediately after a breakup. One might be wondering what might be going on in his head or if there is a chance of him coming back. Although anything is possible, there are signs he is hurting after the breakup, and this way, one can get closer to the idea of getting him back.

Your ex unfriends you on social media

A time will surely come when you will not be able to see the public posts of your ex, as he will unfriend you on social media. He will also stop sharing his location and may leave the mutual chat groups or delete them. This is one of the big signs he feels guilty for hurting you. It would help if you kept in mind that men are likely to avoid, and this surely fits the theme.

Although you may not know what exactly might be going on in his head, whether he is doing this to make you angry or hurt you because it could be possible with some men, keep in mind that it usually is a lot less about you and a lot more about himself.

hold on to your stuff

He holds on to your stuff

If your ex is adamant about returning the things or gifts you gave him, this is one of the big signs he knows he hurt you. It is pretty likely that this man is still in love with you and might be quite miserable. Anybody who doesn’t want to get with you will try his best to avoid any of the things that can initiate the contact.

If it is the choice of your ex to hold your personal stuff, then there is quite a possibility that he doesn’t want you to block him. As you were in a relationship with this man, so he may know quite well what all of those things mean to you.

He tries to maintain contact with your family and friends

It can be challenging to tell how long does it take for a man to miss a woman after a breakup, but people sure do start to develop a rapport with family or friends when they are in a serious relationship. If this is true in your case, he must be maintaining contact with your folks, which could show a lot of things to you.

He might be trying to form a bond with your people as he may not be able to let go after the breakup, or he does all of this to stay on your face without maintaining direct communication with you. There is quite a possibility that he might be trying to make your family and friends see how much of a gem he may be.

He tries to maintain contact with your family and friends

He tries his best to show you he is doing good

Some of the human behaviors might be pretty similar. We might be different in a number of ways, yet we are still the same. If you would like anyone to see you in a positive way, the chances are that you will try to present yourself in a manner that would be appealing to them. One can think of the same for the ex, as he may start doing everything right after the breakup.

If he is working hard to be a much better person and would like to have your attention one way or the other, then it is among the signs he knows he messed up. There are chances that he might be trying to show you the things that you will be enjoying after coming back to him, as he can be miserable without you.

He purposefully shows up to the places that you visit frequently

Men have a segment that will start to confront their feelings regarding the breakup after failing to avoid or distract. This is the time when they will switch their gears and begin to obsess about the breakup and about you. This is typical male psychology after a breakup because they will start to put themselves in a place where you go.

This is quite a positive sign that shows that if he is not pushing you away and not avoiding you, he may be trying to create friendly interactions with you. If you are not contacting him at all and getting on with your life, he will start to wonder what you are up to and appear in those places you visit on a frequent basis.

Final Words

It is worth noting that there may not be a way that your ex, who wants you to come back, would not be exhibiting any signs he is hurting after the breakup. If you are looking for the ex to come back, then there are different ways through which you will determine the possibilities. It all depends on what you will be doing with the information, but things should work out fine with time and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you know if your ex still has feelings for you after a breakup?

His complete disappearance could be a big sign that he may still love you. He will not be found on social media, being seen with friends, or may not answer any of your phone calls. This behavior clearly shows that he may not be able to handle the emotions of breakup in a positive way.

Men do hurt when their feelings of happiness are suddenly snatched from them after a breakup. The grieving process already starts even when one expects a breakup. It is worth noting that sometimes men suffer more long-lasting pain from the breakups as compared to women.

  • How long can it take for the guys to regret breaking up?

It is usually different for everyone, but most men may start to experience regret even around one month or six weeks after the breakup. One needs to keep in mind that everyone has a breaking point, and one can’t keep the feelings hidden all the time.

  • Is it possible for one to make a man realize what he has lost?

There are a few hints that can be very helpful. First of all, one should never go for his help or advice. Try to avoid his texts and calls, don’t make him feel special, and go for those plans that may not include him.

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