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How to let go of Hope after a breakup

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A time comes in everyone’s life where they may have an ex that they cannot seem to get out of their minds. A harmful friendship that we try to hold on to, even though it might be exhausting or a toxic family member, but it is a fact that it is never easy to let go of someone even though we are sure that they are not suitable to us.

It is quite a natural human instinct to hold on to something, and it is quite a dangerous way that we may stop ourselves from reaching our life goals. If you don’t know how to let go of hope after a breakup, it can indeed be harmful to you because it tends to prevent you from achieving your true potential. The following can be a few easy ways that are helpful in letting go of hope after you have a breakup.

Try to recognize when it is the right time

The most challenging part of letting go of somebody is learning when it is the right time. There are a number of cases in which it gets necessary for you to let go so that you can unlock the life you truly deserve. Although there is a difference between every relationship, the majority of people are able to know that it is the right time to end things when any relationship starts to become painful.

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There are times when romance cannot be rekindled, and you start asking yourself, ‘why do I still have hope for my ex.’ This is the right time when you can decide on how to let go, as you can know that this time has come, and your happiness in the future depends on an entirely new start.

You need to identify the limiting beliefs

You may have different thoughts as you could never be alone, or you may never be able to find someone who loves you, and these thoughts will continuously start running in your mind. You have to realize that these are not the facts, and they are a few limiting beliefs. Although beliefs are powerful to create a new world for you, you should have the power to transform them.

The best possible way for you is to replace the beliefs with empowering ones, including opening yourself to what the universe has for you, loving yourself, and getting what you deserve. At the start, you will find it a little silly, but when you are able to use these positive incantations in your daily life, the results will be great. 

Make changes in your story

It is your story that you are telling yourself in order to justify your decisions, and it is entirely based on your limiting beliefs. You may even start telling yourself that you can’t have a successful relationship because you grew up this way. The same is the case with how to let go of false hope, as it can be difficult for you to get rid of the belief that relationships are bound to fail.

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The majority of people use their past experiences to justify their current state of life. They need to realize that they can change their story so that their past is able to empower them instead of holding them back. Our past can never be our future unless we keep living there.

Never do the blame game

When you wonder how to let go of hope after a breakup, it never means that you must negate the truth, and don’t try to let it influence your current path. It is the path of people’s nature to point their finger at somebody else or any past incident instead of looking at themselves. This is the reason why people blame their ex when the relationship ends.

Even if you know that the facts that be heartbreaking or terrible, you should never let your bad experiences dictate your future. It is always a good idea to use all your experiences to grow yourself mentally so that you are able to have a healthy relationship with someone else.

Try to master your emotions


It is somewhat a familiar feeling to have anger and resentment when a relationship ends, especially if you aren’t the one who has taken the decision to end it. You may feel righteous about it in the start, as if anger is helpful for you to move forward. However, when time passes, you will feel that it is not suitable for you, and you will not be sure about how to let go of false hope.

Negative feelings have a tendency to take a toll on your physical and mental health, and these can even affect your future relationships. When you recognize that this particular behavior is healthy, it would be the first and the right step of letting go. While learning the process of letting someone go, you will also have a chance to control your emotions.

Bottom Line

You need to keep in mind that if you refuse to let go, it can never bring back somebody that you care about. When you continue to hold, it only hurts your physical as well as emotional state and can keep you from enjoying your life thoroughly. Therefore, you need to know how to let go of hope after a breakup, try to embrace living in a particular moment, and realize that uncertainty can be beautiful if you have a look at it from the proper perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many experts believe that it is possible to say goodbye to any false hope for reconciliation. You keep in mind that you be honest with yourself, try to have no contact with the ex, and have something new in your life to hope for.

  • Why can it be hard to let go of someone after a breakup?

Breakups are undoubtedly tough on the brain as well as the body. Our brain prioritizes the breakup pain, and that is why our mind ruminates on it. The same regions of the brain get activated when your body is in physical pain. 

  • How much time does it take to recover from a breakup?

In reality, there cannot be any time frame to recover from a breakup, but the majority of people need a few months to heal. Although it can be a lengthy process for some people, it all depends on one’s state of mind.

  • Is there always hope after a breakup?

It is a common thing to get together after a breakup. Almost half of the couples reunite with their ex after they break things off. Even though it is done on a frequent basis, it is never too easy to rebuild a relationship after a breakup.

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