Dogs can be loyal, cute, and loving animals, and that is why it is no surprise that people would like to have one. It is worth noting that not all parents love to have a dog because they are hard work and can be expensive. So, you must be wondering how to convince your parents to get a dog, as you love to have one of these adorable pets, and you need to make your parents believe that they made the right decision.

It will help if you put yourself in your parent’s shoes because the chances are that they will be worried about the disrupted schedules, destruction of household goods and furniture, and a lot of extra work. Keep in mind that you can’t talk all the time; therefore, the following ways can convince your folks that you are capable of keeping a dog.


Start by planning out a daily routine

Whether it is an adult dog or a new puppy, you have to keep in mind that it needs food, exercise, grooming, walks, and training. When you make a list of your daily tasks, you are clearly able to show your parents that you completely understand how much time and effort is required to raise a well-adjusted, happy and healthy pet. If you are disciplined and have a good daily routine, you can even find ways regarding how to convince your parents to get another dog.

Show your parents how you will implement the routine

The majority of times, families happen to get a dog for their kids, but we see that it’s the mother and the father who end up doing all of the work. In order to implement the routine, you are required to get up early in order to feed and walk your canine. This way, as a child, you will be able to say ‘why my parents should get me a dog.’

dog routine

You will be required to give up some of the school activities so that you come home on time and take care of your dog. It is also important to contribute to the expense and even clean up after him. In the end, you have to prove that you are eager to take on quite a bit of responsibility.

Do complete research

When we look at the size, appearance, exercise needs, and temperament, every dog breed is different. You may like one breed of a dog, but it is not necessary that your family consider it the right one. Because of this, the chances are that your parents will not be convinced to bring a dog, and therefore, you will not be able to find ways regarding how to convince your parents to get a pet after they said no.

A large dog breed may take a lot of space, especially if you live in an apartment, or a particular breed may not be suitable for your needs if your family would like to take a dog on their summer hikes. You can only explain the main reason why you prefer a specific breed and try to prove your point.

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Find out a way that will help with the expenses that may come with owning a dog

If you are not too young, you have to think about having a part-time job or offering to do any of the jobs available in the neighborhood. Another good option for you will be to save up your birthday money, but if you really want to prove to your parents that you are capable of taking care of a dog, you can offer to pet sit the canine companions of the neighbors.

It is better to draft a family contract

Your parents would like to know which of the specific tasks you are personally ready to take on. If you are feeling lonely in your home or apartment during the pandemic, you should know how to convince your parents to get a dog during quarantine. When you specify the tasks, you mean that you will clean up any of the dog’s accidents in the house and walk it twice a day. Keep in mind that this will be the moment to talk openly and honestly with your parents, and you can draft a family contract to show how committed you are.


Owning a pup might be one of the greatest joys of your life, but it indeed comes with some responsibility from your side. If you are worried about how to convince your parents to get a dog, you need to show them that you can take responsibility and be willing. This way, it will be possible for you to secure a canine for yourself with your parents’ permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to convince your parents to say yes to you, first of all, you need to do something for them. You can also compare your request to something that might be even bigger and then remind them of the little time that they have with you.

  • Why should parents get their children a dog?

When a child receives a dog, the main thing is that they tend to feel less lonely and start to consider the pet as a sibling. The child is also able to learn how to share their own space and the parents, and they become respectful to other living things.

  • Why don’t parents let their children get a dog?

Some parents are reluctant to get a pet for their children. There could be a number of reasons for that, which include the involvement of too much money, and there might be quite a bit of work to do in order to keep the dog happy and healthy.

  • What can be the best age to get a dog?

People have different opinions regarding the ideal age to get a pup, as there can be many factors that might influence. However, the majority of breeders and vets consider the age of between 8 to 10 weeks to be an optimum one to bring home a puppy.

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