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If you are in a long-distance relationship, the chances are that you must be quite a bit involved in your partner, but if your partner pushes you to make commitments and promises that you may not be comfortable with, then perhaps your relationship is moving too fast. You must be wondering how to take things slow in a long distance relationship because you feel about good things and reach the milestones much quicker and wonder what’s up with that.

The chances are that your friends and family might be concerned that you are rushing towards something and that you are not sure how to slow down. This is quite common in a long-distance relationship because you might be under pressure to make the best out of your visits, you might be investing a lot of time, or both you and your partner come from entirely different cultures. The following signs can clearly show that your long-distance relationship is running too fast.

Your long-distance relationship is eating up your time and money

A long-distance relationship is undoubtedly an investment of time, energy, money as well as emotional resilience. This particular relationship may not be made for you if you are not able to go that extra mile. Therefore, you need to make a healthy balance. It would be helpful if you learned how to be mature in a long distance relationship, as every relationship needs expense, but it should fit easily in your life and not compromise on your goals.

If you find your bank balance dwindling and other commitments suffering, you certainly need a talk. It is better for you to have an open conversation regarding money. Try to sort out your visits and budget for travel and dating, and then try to stick to it so that you can have a healthy long-distance relationship.

Not Let Things Bother You

You are uncomfortable talking about the future

You must be considering the person you are dating to be exceptional if you are in a long-distance relationship. This may be just a casual relationship if you don’t feel this way, and you don’t need to invest your time and effort into it if this is the case. It will be best to call it quits if both you and your partner are on entirely different pages regarding your long-term plans.

If you are not too serious about the person and not open about your long-term plans, then try to stick to your boundaries and never be pressured to make any promises that you don’t think are genuine. This is the best way regarding how to take things slow in a long distance relationship.

You arrange all your life around them

arranging the work

A significant setback in any relationship is when your partner wants you to drop any of your critical long-term plans for them. If you are sure that this is the right person you would love to spend your life with, it may be worth the sacrifice. On the other hand, it is never fair for any person to expect things from you that may not be much serious.

This can also work great in reverse. If your partner is not prepared to spend their entire life with you after dating you only for a month or two, then you should always be clear about letting them know that this is not what you want in such a relationship.

You constantly argue about it

It will be quite a bad sign for your long-distance relationship if you argue about the commitment issues. If you want to know how to be mature in a long distance relationship, you need to talk things out in a proper manner. You need to come up with a different way if you have arguments when you try to deal with any conflict.

Keep in mind that if this is something you cannot compromise on or get past, then it may be the best time for you to think about ending this relationship and finding somebody else. You may probably be able to find someone who could be more aligned with all your expectations.


One of you might be on the rebound

It is essential to take things slow if one of you has recently got out of a previous relationship. Keep in mind that things could be a little confusing in a new relationship if you had a bad experience in an old one; therefore, moving too quickly may not be the right way of going on with a new relationship.

There is no such length of time that has to pass between the old and the new long-distance relationship. But it can indeed be helpful to be completely aware that one of you had a breakup with somebody, and there might be a tendency to rush into things. Therefore, it is always better to address things directly.

Final Thoughts

You would never want to break things off with your long-distance partner, but you suddenly start thinking that things are moving too fast. If you are concerned about how to take things slow in a long distance relationship, you have to talk about it. Make sure that you send your message in a caring, tactful, and reassuring way because there are chances that your partner will be OK with this and accept it. If your partner still pushes for more commitment, then you should seriously think about whether or not to continue with this relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best way to slow down a long-distance relationship?

There are a few things that can be helpful for a successful long-distance relationship. The best way for you is to speak up for your needs, as this can set the tone for your relationship. Other than that, you shouldn’t try to forget your friends and family and spend some time alone.

  • What should you never be doing in a long-distance relationship?

There are a few things you must never do under any circumstances in a long-distance relationship. These include the one-word text, an open relationship suggestion, and showing too much jealousy that things start getting out of hand.

  • What can be the red flags in a long-distance relationship?

An unhealthy relationship where your partner sends you a lot of texts on a continuous basis and asks where you are or don’t leave you alone for a minute can be the red flags in a long-distance relationship. Words like ‘I’m just checking in on you should never be tolerated.

  • How to know if a long-distance relationship isn’t working?

A number of signs show that your long-distance relationship may not be working. When your partner makes excuses not to communicate, you are not sure where they live, and when you don’t talk to each other on a regular basis, are clear signals that things are not working well in a long-distance relationship.

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