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How to Clear your Mind of Unwanted Thoughts?

Unwanted Thoughts

Are you struggling with unwanted thoughts? Do you want to know how to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts? Do you feel engulfed with intrusive emotions and feelings? If yes then hopefully after reading this article you will find the solutions. 

Firstly you don’t have to panic because it happens with most of us. At times we feel loaded by the unwanted thoughts that mess with our heads. 

You may be excited to go to bed but as soon as you lay down your mind starts to put on so many thoughts that might disturb your mental peace or in between a nice conversation with someone you might get hit by some hurting or negative thoughts. 

Importance of Clearing Your Mind

It is very necessary to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts for your well being, mental peace and happiness. If you are struggling with sleep due to unwanted thoughts then clearing your mind can be of a huge benefit to your sleep quality. With a clear mind, you can sleep peacefully and well. So you should know how to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.

Moreover, you can think and work better thus it can be helpful for your social and professional life. With a fresh mind, you will feel more relaxed, light and happier. Your anxiety and stress can reduce up to a great extent. You can become more creative, smart and active. Your problem-solving skills will flourish and lastly, your relationships with others can improve a lot. 

10 Things to do to clear your Mind of the Unwanted thoughts 

So here are some of the great tips that you can implement to clear your mind of unwanted and negative thoughts and can help you feel better.

1. Forgive Yourself and Others

There are times when we are sad or angry with someone. At times like that, we place many negative thoughts in our head related to that person not realising that it’s not good for our mental health so instead of hurting yourself like that try to forgive others and believe me it can bring wonders to life.

Also forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made, bad choices you have taken and people you have hurt. Releasing your past regrets will help you feel better and clear your toxic thoughts. So forgive yourself and others, it’s worth it. 

2. Meditation 

Meditation has proven to be the best technique to clear your mind and relax. It will help you to remove the negative and unwanted thoughts thus giving you a sense of relief. It can help you to feel better in minutes. You just need a silent place to meditate. It can be the corner of your house or some calming area. Even 10 minutes of meditation can help you to feel fresh and relaxed. If you are not familiar with the techniques of meditation you can always check them online. Here you can get some of them.

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3. Exercise

Exercising is a very good thing for our mind and body. It changes your mood, your attitude and your behaviour. It can distract you from the negative thoughts and emotions and can help you to feel better immediately. Moreover, it is also great for your physical health. It can shape your body into a good form. Doctors also recommend exercise for your mental and physical health. It can clear your mind from toxicity and unwanted thoughts so you should give it a try. Daily morning exercise can give your day a great start. So if you are looking for how to control your mind from unwanted thoughts then do practice exercise.

4. Mindfulness Techniques 

Mindfulness is being in the present moment, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. It’s all about being in the present. It is a beneficial method for being productive and focused. So if you are looking for how to clear your mind instantly then mindfulness can help you do so. Your negativity and overthinking will be gone by practising this effective method. You will feel more present, grounded and focused so your unwanted thoughts will be eliminated.

5. Let Go of Past 

Letting go of your past will help you to clear your mind from negative thoughts and worries. If you stick to your past then nothing can improve in your life. So get rid of your past regrets, heartbreaks and traumas. Don’t hold onto it forever. It will only hurt you and make you overthink. So focus on your present moment, work on yourself and eliminate the bad memories from your past. Focus on becoming better with each passing day. Clear your mind from the worries and live the present moments. 

6. Watch a funny film

It has been scientifically proven that when you watch funny videos or films your mind will release positive energy and your mood will become better. This way you can get away from the unwanted thoughts for the time being. When you laugh your brain will release chemicals that will make you feel good. It is an escape from reality. So when you are feeling down or when you feel negative and intrusive thoughts then you can watch a funny video or film to make your mood better.

7. Practice Self Love

Self-love is the foundation of self-development. Try to love yourself. Be happy with what you are and everything you have. Sometimes we overthink about not being pretty or intelligent or smart or to fit in society’s standard. This way we are doing destruction to our mental health therefore it is important to practice self-love and be happy with yourself. Take good care of your mind and body and clear your mind from negativity.

8. Positive self-affirmation

Our mind proceeds with the things that we say to it. Most of us say bad things about ourselves so we lose confidence and in our mind, we develop a very poor self-image this way we develop so much negativity and toxicity. Get sad and overthink about not being good enough. Therefore it is important to practice self-affirmations. Self-affirmations are the positive saying that we say to ourselves. To motivate and feel good. Tel;l yourself that you are beautiful, you are smart, you deserve the good you can do anything.

9. Stop Comparing

Sometimes we overthink about not being like them. you compare yourself with others of looks, grades and financial status. This can disturb our mental peace and we can feel engulfed with so many negative and toxic thoughts. Therefore it is important to be satisfied and happy with all we have and who we are. It is important not to compare ourselves with others. When you are satisfied with yourself you will not compare yourself with others and not overthink so it is necessary and beneficial.


What to do instantly if we feel like overthinking or negative thoughts crossing our minds?

You can watch some funny videos, do meditation, exercise, go for a walk or talk to a friend. This can help you feel better immediately and it will clear your mind of the negative thoughts. 

Can discussing with a friend help you get rid of unwanted thoughts?

It is very important to vent out your emotions and thoughts so discussing with a friend is a good idea. This can help you to clear your mind up to a great extent.

Can mindfulness techniques help to clear the mind?

Yes it is scientifically proven that mindfulness can help you to clear your mind by focusing on the present and not letting you overthink about the past or worry about the future

Does positive affirmation help with clearing the mind from toxic thoughts?

Yes, Positive affirmation helps, most of the unwanted thoughts exist in our mind because of low self-image. We criticize ourselves in our minds so saying positive things can help you to remove toxicity from your minds and all the overthinking. 

Do unwanted thoughts disturb mental peace?

Yes, unwanted thoughts can disturb your mental peace and happiness. If you are seeking ways of getting something off your mind permanently, understand that it takes time but it is possible. So do try it. 

Final Words 

I hope this article will be helpful for you and now you know the ways of how to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Do share it with your friends and family whoever you think is struggling with unwanted thoughts. 

Stay Happy, Spread Positivity! 


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