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How To Not Let Things Bother You(10 Things To Do)


Are you struggling with getting over your thoughts? Do these thoughts keep you anxious? If that’s something you can relate to, then welcome to the club.

Sometimes things are bothering you to a great extent. Despite trying hard you’re not able to overcome those thoughts. These thoughts seem stuck in your head. Getting rid of these disturbing thoughts is not an easy job. But you don’t have to be upset. We’ve come up with ten things you can do to not let things bother you.

Although, this requires some time and effort. But it’s worth investing. You’ll get peace of mind.

So, are you ready to discover them? Let’s get straight into it.

1. Practice Gratitude

The simplest way of, how to not let things bother you, is by practicing gratitude. By practicing gratitude you’re basically acknowledging and appreciating the things you already have in life. This will lead towards life satisfaction.

If you’re always complaining about problems and bad things in life, you won’t be able to see any positive things. Even the smallest problem will appear huge to you. Gratitude will help you get over the thoughts in your head by broadening your worldview.

Not Let Things Bother You

2. Engage In Physical Activity

Wondering how to not let things bother you at work? If yes, then it’s high time to get involved in something that distracts your mind for a while. And what better could be done than some physical activity?

Engaging yourself in some physical activity is certainly helpful in relaxing your mind. No matter if it’s exercise, walking, or some physical sports. It’s good for both your body and mind.

3. Write Down

write down

Want to find out why do little things bother me so much? If so, writing a journal can be beneficial for you. How? Let me explain.

Whenever you can’t stop thinking about something, all your thoughts are messed up and irrational. Now to write down those thoughts on a paper, diary, or journal you have to process them. In this way, your thoughts become more organized. You can easily reflect upon what you’re feeling and why you have that feeling. It gives you a direction to sort out the problem and get rid of those irritating thoughts.

4. Meditation

How to not let things get to your head? If that’s the question surrounding your head. Then, meditation is the way out. It can alone provide you relief from the annoying thoughts.

In mediation, the person has to focus on the present. While being in the present moment you forget the past and future worries. This reduces your anxiety level and produces a relaxation response even if tried for the first time. Meditation is about acknowledging your feelings and finding the reason for their existence. So, you know why something is bothering you. This makes it easier to let them go.

5. Reach Out To Others

No doubt when we’re in trouble or tough situations, family and friends are our go-to place. We know that they’re the ones we can rely on. Similarly, if you can’t figure out how to not let things bother you? Reaching out to someone trustworthy is the solution to your problem.

reach out to others

When something is truly bothering you, just reach out to your close person and just say it out whatever is disturbing you. Sometimes all you need is a good listener. So, you can talk to him and take out your frustration. It will make you feel as if you got something off your chest.

6. Can’t Control Everything

We as humans try to take control of everything happening around us. But this isn’t possible as we have a very limited sphere of control. A lot of things happen to us and we can do nothing. No matter how much effort we put to change the situation. The only thing in your hand is how you react to it.

If you’re worried how to not let things from the past bother you? Then, acknowledging that you can’t control what happened in the past could give you relief. Accepting this fact is also necessary for your mental peace.

7. Stop Overthinking

When we say how to not let things bother you, basically it’s our thought that’s causing the trouble. Overthinking is the root cause of this problem and the majority of people do it. Sometimes the problem itself is not that big as we made it through over-thinking. So, you need to stop it immediately.

stop overthinking

Thinking about it, again and again, wouldn’t make the situation any better. Contrary, it could worsen the problem. The reason is when we over-think, all our thoughts are based on assumptions, things that even didn’t happen. We keep thinking about the worst possible scenarios and can’t get overthinking them. This holds us back from moving on and increases the risk of anxiety.

8. Change Your Lens

How to not let things bother you? If that’s something you’re looking for, then it’s time to change your lens. Now, what does changing the lens mean? It’s about viewing things from a wider perspective.

Whenever something is bothering you a lot and you’re unable to get it off your mind, just think for a few moments whether this thing will matter in the next 5 or 10 years? If the answer is No, then why bother? You see how insignificant that matter was. Likewise, you can ignore all the small problems that have no significant impact on your life. All this can happen if you view things in a bigger frame.

9. Take A Break

Oftentimes we’re too busy to take out time for ourselves. It’s no surprise that you might get stuck. And don’t know how to not let things bother you. It’s time to get a break from everything else in life.

Spend this time to treat yourself. Do something you love to do. Whether it’s watching a movie, reading a book, or playing with your pet. Spending time in nature can be refreshing. The time you invest in these activities will calm your mind, and boost your mental energy.


10. Have Confidence in Yourself

How to not be bothered by others? Confidence is the key. When you’re confident about yourself, you don’t care about what others say about you. To develop this confidence you need to accept who you are instead of trying to become someone else. Have faith in your abilities and skills.

If you lose your confidence you can easily be disturbed by people’s opinions. Remember others’ opinions don’t define you. Sometimes they say something purposefully or out of jealousy. So, don’t be bothered by them. Also, don’t let others pour negativity into your life. This is possible only through having enduring self-confidence.

Bottom Lines

Hopefully, by now you’re aware of how to not let things bother you. All the things mentioned above will help you get over anything bothering you. But the condition is to practice these in your everyday life. If applying all of them is difficult for you then you can begin with any two or three of them and then gradually add more. Eventually, you’ll become a master at controlling your disturbing thoughts.

What strategies do you use to cope with the things bothering you? Let us know by commenting down below.

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