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German Shepherd is a dog breed that requires a lot of attention, and therefore, it is essential to let it play and exercise in order to keep it happy and healthy. There are a number of people who may underestimate how much activity is required by this dog breed, but one can notice that it gets anxious and destructive if the dog’s parents don’t arrange some fun activities and games for it.

If you like to get your dog out of trouble and entertained, you need to have some fun games to add to its routine. When you play games with your German Shepherd, it will be a lot of fun for both you and your dog. There are a number of games to play with your German Shepherd, as all of these can bring it one step closer to training success and will not be breaking your bank account.

Using a flirt pole

A flirt pole can be an excellent way of keeping your dog physically and mentally active. This game is for high-energy dogs, and as a German Shepherd is a high-energy dog, one quick session can be pretty tiring. A flirt pole or a flirt stick is a pole that has a rope attached to the end. There is a lure on the end to entice the dog to chase.

A flirt pole is no doubt a great exercise and can be mentally stimulating for the German Shepherd. This makes it one of the best mind games for German Shepherds, as it can let your dog constructively use a natural prey drive. A flirt pole is also good in controlling the primary impulse control as the letting goes on command.

Playing tug of war

The tug is the favorite game of any dog, and it can be fun, engaging, and a great physical exercise. Tug of war can also be helpful for the dog to practice manners, and when you have a lot of time training your dog, then you will find the tug toy to be the best of the motivating toys.

If you are trying to find ways regarding how to play with your German Shepherd puppy, tug of war is the best option for you. It is worth noting that tug of war will not make the dog aggressive, and even if you let him win, it will not let him dominate. When you let your dog win sometimes, it makes the dog engaging and shows that you are fun to be around it.


Play frisbee

Another fun game that you can play with a German Shepherd is a frisbee. This is an advanced game of fetch as it promotes your dog to chase anything over long distances. A game of frisbee is one of the best activities for German Shepherds and can be fun because dogs have a natural drive to chase something.

You can begin by using a soft disc if your dog is not aware of how to catch a frisbee. It is worth noting that a traditional plastic frisbee can be challenging, so if the dog gets hit on the face, this can discourage them. Practice by making your dog excited about the frisbee and toss it in a short distance or roll it on the ground.


Create an agility course

If you are wondering how to keep a German Shepherd entertained, you can create an agility course for it. This can indeed be a great way to teach some new tricks to your dog and a source of mental stimulation for it. This can also give them mental as well as physical exercise.

You have the option of buying the obstacle course items at the pet supply stores or make your own. If you prefer going a step up a notch, then it is best to make some of the agility equipment yourself. This way, you will find some new talents in your dog, and it will be excited to play all the new games that you prepare for it.

Play find the treats

Find the treats is an absolute favorite when it is about playing games with your German Shepherd. It is among the top indoor games for German Shepherds and is very easy to play. The best thing about this game is that your dog may never get sick of playing it. Even if you lack any creativity, this game will not bother your dog at all.

play with dog

This nose work game can be mentally stimulating for your dog and allows them to hone in on their natural sniffing abilities. Once the dog is able to understand the meaning of ‘find the treats,’ you can then start to increase its difficulty of where you hide them.

Final Thoughts

There are a few games for the German Shepherd that use more mind than the body, while others are capable of making your dogs excited. The best games can get your dog healthy and happy. Keep in mind that may not be the type of dog breed that you can leave with some toys and then expect to entertain themselves. Therefore, out of the many games to play with your German Shepherd, you need to keep the interactions fun and upbeat, and this way, your dog will love all the games and also your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What games are considered best for the German Shepherds?

There are numerous games that you can try for your German Shepherd and see which of these activities your dog loves. These games include ‘seek and find,’ dog puzzles, brain training for dogs, and Tupperware surprise.

  • How much should I be playing with my German Shepherd?

Usually, the puppies require around 5 minutes of formal exercise. It is worth noting that you are required to make these walks an opportunity for them to explore the environment, learn good behavior and socialize.

  • What is the best way of mentally stimulating a German Shepherd?

It is possible to stimulate your German Shepherd’s desire by hiding different treats around the home and then encouraging it to find these treats. If you own more than a single German Shepherd, then it will be much better because German Shepherds are very competitive.

  • Do German Shepherds get bored?

German Shepherds are indeed a tending breed, and this particular behavior is displayed when they are anxious, but when bored, they may also pace. Therefore, if you don’t see any signs of stress in your German Shepherd, it means that he is probably bored.

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