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How to get over a Scary Movie ( 6 Tips to Get Over a Scary Movie) 

get over a Scary Movie

Do you like to watch horror movies? Do you want to get rid of the dreadful thoughts after you watch a horror movie? If yes then thank your lucky star because today I am going to share how to get over a Scary Movie. So read the article till the end to know everything about it. 

Why am I scared of horror movies?

People get scared of horror movies because of the scary images, loud noises, and other intrusive scenes in the movies. Some people may be more sensitive than others, so scary movies can trigger their anxiety, and later on, they can have scary thoughts, or nightmares. 

6 Tips on How to Get over a Scary Movie 

Scary Movie

Many people get scary thoughts after they watch a horror movie so if you believe that “I feel sick after watching a horror movie” or you want to know how to get rid of horror thoughts then the tips that we are going to discuss below will be of huge help for you all. 

Look Behind the scenes to get over a Scary Movie

If you are disturbed after watching a scary movie then the best thing you can do is to watch behind the scenes just to let yourself know that the spooky scenes were no reality. The behind the scenes shooting will make your scary thoughts and anxiety go away and that’s how to sleep after watching a scary movie conjuring or any other movie.


When you are consumed with spooky thoughts after watching a horror movie and now you want to get rid of them then the best way could be meditation. That’s how you can relax your mind and get it free from all the scary thoughts. It will also help you to feel better afterwards. If you don’t know the perfect techniques for meditation you can also search it online. You can find many youtube videos where the professionals will tell you the amazing ways of meditation. So this is one of the most effective tips on how to get over a scary movie.   

Get busy

After you have watched a scary movie and now you are feeling frightened the best thing to do is to make yourself busy. If you are doing nothing just thinking about the same movie, the same spooky scene then it will get over your nerves and it will become hard for you to overcome those feelings. So make yourself busy, do any activity that you like, go out for some fresh air, draw paint or do anything that you like. 


You don’t need to be a good singer to sing, isn’t it so? You can sing to have fun, to enjoy your own company, or to refrain from overthinking about the scary movie you have just seen. You have to do something to get rid of your anxiety, of the spooky thoughts that you are having and the best thing in this regard could be singing. No matter how bad you sing, it will release your stress and negative energy and you may even forget about that spooky movie. So try this tip on how to get over a scary movie and you will see its amazing results. 

Scary Movie

Watch Funny Videos 

If you are so overwhelmed by the spooky movie you have just seen then to change your mood and feel better you can watch funny videos. This is the best way to not be scared at night after a scary movie. You will feel so good and refreshed and all your spooky thoughts will go away. Watch funny videos of kids, animals or any random videos, these are mood boosters and will make you laugh your heart out. 

Go to Gym 

Another effective tip on how to get rid of a scary movie is going to the gym. If you feel so consumed by the scary thoughts and you are not feeling well after watching a horror movie then to distract yourself from it you can go to the gym. Physical activity, the change of environment will automatically make your mood so much better than before. You will feel the transformed energy in you and all the anxiety will go away real soon and that’s how to get over a scary movie. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Scary Movie? 

If it is different for everyone, for some people it may take a few minutes and for others they may get nightmares after watching the scary movie and it may be hard for them to get over it. So to prevent nightmares the person could meditate, watch funny videos, go for a watch, do some fun stuff after he has watched the scary movie. So these are some tips that can be helpful on how to get over a scary movie. 

How do scary movies affect the brain?

Horror movies can release many emotions such as stress, fear, shock in your body. Cortisol, adrenaline and other hormones can also be generated. These horror movies can affect your brain in a way that you may become less sensitive to this spooky stuff if you repeatedly watch this genre. And you may become aware of fight or flight responses, problem-solving, evaluation and others. 


What is the scariest movie ever?

The Exorcist is considered the scariest movie ever made. 

Can I watch a scary movie while pregnant?

Watching scary movies can exert stress on pregnant women but if you are a woman who likes to watch scary movies and don’t get scared of them at all then in pregnancy as well you can watch a horror movie without getting affected.

Is there a limit to how scary a movie can be?

No, there is no limit. Something that is freaking scary for you may not be that scary for someone else. So it depends on each individual so you should better learn how to get over a scary movie. 

Does watching a scary movie burn calories?

Watching a scary movie can burn about 150 calories, the same as jogging.

Has anyone died from watching a scary movie?

9-year-old Utah boy Stewart Cohan died while watching “The Creeping Unknown and The Black Sheep”. So later on many questions were raised on this movie. 

Final Words

If you like to watch scary movies but at the same time you get really scared of watching them then you need to learn how to get over a scary movie and in this regard, this article will be really helpful for you. 

Stay Happy, Stay Adventurous! 

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