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How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone You Can’t Have- 11 Pro-Tips

Stop Obsessing

Are you badly obsessed with someone? If so, then you must be wondering how to stop being obsessed with someone. But how to do that? We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ve shared some amazing tips to get rid of your obsession. Keep reading to discover.

There’s no need to suffer in silence. Or waste a lot of time obsessing about someone. It won’t do any good except you getting hurt at the end of the process.

Without any ado, let’s begin, Guys.

Signs Of Being Obsessed With Someone

Before getting into how to stop being obsessed with someone. Let’s have a look at the signs of being obsessed. So, there’s no room for confusion whether you’re obsessed or not.

While there are many signs of being obsessed with someone. Major among them are;

  • Can’t get them out of your head
  • fantasizing about being with them
  • Idealizing that person
  • Being Possessive about them
  • Get jealous when they’re with someone else.
  • Always defending them
  • Care a lot about their opinion
  • Stalking them

Dealing with obsession can be challenging but not impossible. The tips given below can further ease the process.

stop obsession

Get Some Distance From Source

Are you always looking for the person you’re obsessed with? Then you need to stop immediately.

How to stop being obsessed with someone? Getting some distance from the source might be the hardest yet most effective tip to overcome obsession. As long as you remain close to the source it is impossible to stop obsessing over them.

Once you maintain physical distance, it’s easier to gain mental distance. Stop stalking and cut yourself from the obsession source. And you’ll learn how to stop obsessing over a crush.

Be In The Present Moment

Do you waste hours thinking about someone or daydreaming? Then, It’s time to learn how to stop being obsessed with someone.

When you’re being obsessed with someone, most of the time your thoughts revolve around that person. You’re missing out on the present by digging in the past or future. Truly feel the moment you’re in, without getting anxious about the past or future.

Mindfulness will need practice and over time it will become easier for you. It will help overcome obsession and other mental problems.

living the moment

Strengthen Your Relationships

Having healthy relationships play an important role in your life. These relationships impact your overall well-being. But when you’re obsessed with someone you tend to ignore the other relationships. As everything other than your obsession goes in the background.

Give time to your relationships and build a healthy bond. This will not only help get over your obsession but also take your relations to the next level.

Learn Something New

What can be better than engaging yourself in learning something? Your worries of how to stop obsessing over someone you can’t have will reach an end. Your attention is diverted somewhere else.

Start learning a new skill or develop your existing skills. It will shift your mind’s perspective and keep you away from thinking about your obsession.

Make Changes In Daily Routine

You might have developed some habits that support your obsession. These habits will eventually grow your obsession. So, to overcome your obsession, you need to abandon those habits. Take time to reflect on your habits and identify the one associated with the obsession. Make an effort to replace these habits with others.

Even small changes in your daily routine can help out. Like taking a different route to park, or listening to different music, etc. It will be hard at first, but once you do so you’ll notice a difference in your obsession.

Stop Idealizing

Stop Idealizing

How to stop obsessing over a crush? Simply by stop idealizing them. The person we’re obsessed with seems perfect to us. This isn’t the person himself but the glasses we’ve put on while looking at him.

Keep in mind, nobody is perfect. Every person has flaws. Being human it’s impossible to be flawless. You need to take your glasses off to see the reality. Look at their pros and cons. This will help you to take them off your head, as your concept of idealism is abolished. The person no longer appears to you the PERFECT in the world.

Sense Of Self-Worth

Once you realize your self-worth, you’ll stop chasing your obsession. Or asking yourself how to stop being obsessed with someone who doesn’t like you. So, focus on developing a sense of self-worth.

Positive self-talk will help in developing self-worth. Don’t go after someone who doesn’t want you. Value yourself and don’t let someone disrespect you. Here self-acceptance can play a significant role. Hence you are no more worried about others’ opinions of you.

Talk To A Friend

It’s no surprise to reach your friend with a question like how to stop obsessing over someone you can’t have? Or telling them the story of your obsession.

talk to friend

When you’re obsessed with someone you’re nearly blinded and not looking at the whole picture. A true friend here will assist you to see the reality. Present your problem along with facts. Your friend will give you sincere advice or you two together could reach a solution. Also, you will feel relief after sharing and taking it out.

Not Let Them Took Advantage

Would you like yourself to be utilized by someone for their benefit? Most probably you won’t. So, why allow your crush to do so?

If you don’t know how to stop being obsessed with someone who doesn’t like you. Then, following this tip will work for you. When you’re too obsessed with someone, you give them an edge over others.

With that being said, that person might take advantage of this situation. He will use you for their own sake. You won’t even realize that as they might give you attention for some time to keep you hooked. Don’t be fooled by this attention, it’s a trap. Never allow someone to exploit you.


How to stop obsessing over someone you can’t have? Self-love is the answer. Why waste time on someone who doesn’t even care. Instead, spend time on self-love. We’re always short of time to spend on ourselves. So, utilize this opportunity and treat yourselves. Great idea, right?

Researches have proved the significance of self-love. It can be anything you want to do. You can choose any activity depending upon your choice or desire. Whether it’s watching a movie, listening to music, or reading a book. You can also do any physical activity like running, jogging, cycling, etc.


Engage In Something Productive

How to stop being obsessed with someone? Is this thought disturbing you? If yes, let us help you out.

Engaging yourself in some productive activity is the best solution. Instead of spending time thinking and obsessing over someone. Utilize it in your best interest. Start working on your goal or pursue your passion or creativity. This will divert your energies towards productivity and positivity.

Wrapping Up

Follow the tips shared about how to stop being obsessed with someone. Certainly, it will control your obsession and help you to gradually reduce its extent. The condition here is to sincerely practice them.

In case, following the above tips is not making a difference, consult a professional or therapist. Maybe your obsession is at a stage where you can’t overcome it by yourself.

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