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Romantic relationships may look easy beyond the first months of a feeling of butterflies and giddy affection. There is no doubt that the majority of relationships look that way, and this is because the couple happens to put a lot of effort behind the scenes. Long distance relationships are never that easy to maintain, and many people try to find out the reasons why do long distance relationships not work.

Although many long distance relationships succeed, they need some careful navigation from the ones who are able to steer through the obstacles that geography brings. With the right mindset and emotional preparation, long distance relationships do work out, but there are a number of potential pitfalls that await to make problems in cross-country love. The following are the main reasons why some long distance relationships don’t work.

Communication issues

One of the drawbacks in long-distance relationships is that the couples need to make up for the lack of facetime. Although there are various alternatives like text messages, phone calls, and other mediums of communication, these still cannot pay off a real fulfilling interaction. It wasn’t challenging to chat in person, but these days, the regular daily interactions are curtailed. One has to make a lot of effort in order to keep in touch and feel connected.

A blurry future

If you and your partner are in a long distance relationship, this means that you might be from completely different areas and even countries. It is quite a possibility that you may have just met each other, but still don’t know enough to live in the same city. Although there is minor chemistry between you, you can still not see quite everything and move to live with your lover.

There are chances that you may have started off together, but your desires, dreams, and circumstances have created a physical distance between both of you. Therefore, you must be thinking about what not to do in a long distance relationship, but if both you and your partner make long-term commitments, and these commitments don’t bring both of you closer, then there are chances that someone may pull the plug.

Lack of trust

A number of relationships have to end because of trust issues, and when it is about long distance relationships, things can be much more dangerous. There is no way for you to know whether your partner is cheating on you, but it is worth noting that even close proximity has no guarantees. Trust in any relationship has a lot to do with the personality, behavior pattern, dating history, and whether you are a jealous individual or not. Your partner will not do not have a wandering eye, but you may still have a fear that your long distance relationship may collapse because of suspicion.


It can be costly to keep in touch

For those involved in romantic relationships who happen to live in different areas of a country, visits to maintain such relationships could cost them a lot of money. This is when do long distance relationships fail. On the other hand, if you try to tighten the financial belt on your regular social outings, then there is quite a possibility that the cost of maintaining a long distance relationship can be pretty high. There can surely be an expense of traveling to one another, which includes a car, train, or airplane. You also have to take your time off work, which means that meeting each other can still be costly in such a relationship after a long time.

Different expectations

The meaning of a long distance relationship can be different for different people. One of the partners may take it seriously, while it may be a year-long vacation for the other one. If both the partners don’t share the exact expectations, then it can become challenging to continue a long distance relationship. Having different expectations can be a real test of the strength of a relationship, but one who would like to talk ten times a day will never appreciate a partner who may prefer to communicate after every few days. Even when the phone connection is scratchy, it may not be taking a long time for anyone to realize that their partner may not share the feelings about separation.

Final Verdict

Many unpredictable factors can occur in a long distance relationship, and a time comes when somebody wakes up feeling like they aren’t in love and starts looking for any new relationship of interest. This can be one of the main reasons why do long distance relationships not work, and it is also worth noting that the world keeps turning; therefore, for those people whose long distance relationship happens to end, life still goes on for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can one have a healthy long distance relationship?

It can be a lot more challenging to maintain a long-distance relationship than a traditional relationship, but these can certainly be healthy. It is the duty of both the partners to secure the relationship and keep in mind that jealousy and trust issues should never be part of the deal.

Experts say that the average length of any romantic relationship is around seven years. When we talk about the long distance relationships, one can estimate these to last only half of the time that may be about three years.

  • What are some of the problems in a long distance relationship?

It cannot be easy to maintain a physical closeness in a long distance relationship. Besides this, things like facial expressions, body language, and eye contact are not part of such relationships; therefore, one may see quite a good chance of miscommunication in such a relationship.

  • How can one know if a long distance relationship isn’t working?

If you feel that your partner is not available to talk to you and doesn’t connect with you in any way, then it usually is a deal-breaker. This can be an obvious sign that such a relationship is not going to last.

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