No matter what the reason is, it can be a bummer to be stuck at home for both you and your dog. Even though you may be confined inside, there are some meaningful activities that you can engage your dog in as these can be very helpful to stimulate them physically and mentally.

When a dog doesn’t get enough exercise, it starts finding different ways to entertain itself, and some of these ways can be quite irritating for you. Although physical and mental exercise is essential when you are not able to go outside, there are still a number of games to play with your dog inside.

You can play a game of fetch inside

You have the option of playing fetch with your dog indoors if you have a long hallway or a basement. This particular game is as easy as grabbing a favorite toy or a tennis ball, and you can have a lot of fun with it. The best way for you is to make it a go-to rainy day activity when you find it rainy or too cold to go outside for walks to the park.

Although this is among the games to play with your dog outside, it can still become an indoor game, and your dog will be very excited to play it. The dogs love a rubber ball, and it can be pretty easy to grab, and it also bounces; therefore, it can be fun to chase. Fetch is also a successful way to offer physical exercise to your dog indoors.

Try to work on some basic obedience with the dog

Training can surely be one of the best games to play with your dog inside, especially on rainy days or winters. It is pretty simple to train a dog indoors, and you will require a few treats and your dog. Whether your dog is still learning or is an ace on the basic commands, it can be mentally challenging for the dog for even five minutes of practicing.

If you have heard of the saying ‘use it or lose it, then you will understand how to train your dog for some basic obedience. You can make it enjoyable by using some of the toys and treats. Try to add some playtime within the commands because you have to keep your dog engaged and have fun.

Obedience dog

Play the cup game

To play this game, you will require three or more cups, containers, or any boxes that can hide any treat under. Start by setting the cups upside down, and then place the treat under one of these cups. If your dog has never played this game, then you can start by showing it the treats and then cover them up. Once your dog is able to get the hang of the game, try making it a little more difficult by not allowing it to see under which cup is the treat.

Tug of war

A perfect indoor activity for both you and your dog is to play tug of war. There is no doubt that tug is a great bonding experience and can be mentally and physically challenging. The main idea is to have fun, and it is among the top brain games to play with your dog.

If you want to buy a great tug toy for your furry friend, you can find a number of these out there in the market or online. You have to make sure that each of the sessions is short and fun for your dog, and it will be great before your dog gets bored or excited.

Make an indoor dog obstacle course

You will find this one to be easy because you are able to take advantage of some of the everyday household items and go for the course that might be simple or difficult according to your wishes. You have the option of placing chairs down, use the broken-down boxes for the dog to crawl through, and even stack some books so that the dog can jump over. 

Dog jump made from household items can be one of the most accessible games to play with your dog indoors. Another excellent way for you is to use a set of poles and cones so that you can create your own obstacle and training course.

Final Verdict

Just like different outdoor activities, there are various games to play with your dog inside that can be beneficial, but anything that may last too long or is aggressive may lead to overstimulation. It is better to end the play sessions while you and your pup are still having a good time. This will leave your dog excited to play the same game rather than being discouraged or getting exhausted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people entertain their dogs indoors?

There are a number of ways through which people can entertain their companion dogs while staying indoors. These include the shell game, dog puzzle, downloading a training app for the dog, and playing hide and seek.

Can we play with the dog inside?

Whether we are in quarantine or on a rainy day, it is still possible to engage our pets when we are confined inside. This could stimulate them physically and mentally; therefore, it is better not to spoil your fun whenever you find yourself bound at home.

How can one play with a dog that doesn’t play?

For most dogs, finding a treat can be the best game, and it can indeed be a great place, to begin with, a canine that may not enjoy or understand how to play. The idea is for your pet to find the treats that you hide in different areas of the house.

Is it bad if you don’t play with your pup?

If you don’t play with your dog, it can cause a lot of behavioral issues it. These include aggression, anxiety, whining, and even not coming when you call them. Dogs are species of mammals that can continue playing well into adulthood.

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