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How to be proud of yourself (8 easy tips)

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In this fast-paced world, we’re in the race. Your friend travels across the countries, your colleague gets a promotion, or your fellow tops the exams. Your social media is full of people’s success, and you’re seeing others thriving in their lives. The impact is that you involve yourself in comparison and feel worthless and behind in your own eyes. You’re not proud of yourself, and people around you don’t appreciate you for your successes either.

The reality check is important. You’ve done a lot, but the problem lies that you always think that it’s not enough. That happens to everyone at some point of time in life.

It fills your mind with negativity when you don’t thank yourself and feel that you’re falling behind in this social race. Therefore it’s vital to have a sense of pride and unbiased skills of self-analysis. Your circumstances are different, qualities are unique, and challenges are entirely different than others, too. So take a holistic view and don’t compare. Instead of that, just be proud of those things that you’ve won over in your life. For that, I’ve shared incredibly easy tips on how to be proud of yourself. Let’s get down to them.

1. Develop self-belief

When you have a positive self-image, you will not need to seek approval from others to feel good about yourself.

You should learn to encourage yourself and find a unique way to show it off. A great way to show yourself that you are a worthy person is by being proud of your achievements. Write your successes and compare them over time. By documenting your wins, you will see your progress and how far you have come. By doing so, you’ll be able to see that you’ve improved significantly over time.

Self Love and belief

One of the best ways to show yourself how proud you are of your accomplishments is by sharing them with other people. This will increase your self-esteem. It’s also greatly beneficial to have a keen sense of self-worth in every area of your life.

2. Learn new skills

Having a skill or talent can be extremely rewarding, especially if it can help you improve your life. It can boost your self-esteem and help you feel proud of your abilities. You can also learn new things and find passion in your work.

Everyone has a unique skill or talent. You’re no different. In order to feel proud of it, it is important to recognize your own unique talents and abilities. Not everyone can author a terrific book, cook delicious food, communicate effectively, run a marathon, or perform gymnastics. Embracing your special talent will help you be proud of yourself, but it’ll also assist you in finding a career or passion that you enjoy.

Learn new skills

Being proud of your skills is an important part of being proud of yourself. It will inspire you to do better and achieve more in life. It will give you confidence and push you to achieve important things in life.

The best part is that you can build new skills just in case you don’t have any. Developing new skills will allow you to be effective in your life and boost your productivity. Your confidence will increase as you develop new talents.

3. Acknowledge your work

First, focus on the positive factors in your life and the challenging work you put in daily. Then recognize your best abilities and appreciate yourself on them. Just remember, whether you fail or succeed, it’s one thing. The effort, seriousness, and dedication that you’ve demonstrated are commendable. Thank yourself for being consistent, trying, and working tirelessly. Thank yourself for being so committed, sincere, and hardworking towards your passion.

Sooner or later, we all achieve our goals. The key is that you should be admiring yourself during the journey. Some days are good, while others are just okay. Be proud of yourself for doing good and in good times and for being patient in not-so-good times.

proud of yourself

4. Think of your achievements

Remember all the achievements that you have made in the past few years. Recall all the habits that you have changed for success. List those skills that you’ve learned during the past months or years. Then make a list of the goals you have accomplished. As a result, you will feel proud of yourself for being enthusiastic, consistent, and hardworking.

It can make you sleep better, feel happier, and build your self-esteem. It also makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, and you don’t have to rely on the praise and affirmations of others. By recognizing your own successes, you can be happy and proud of yourself no matter what others say.

You can also celebrate your own accomplishments by comparing where you were before and where you are now. This can be in your career, lifestyle, relationship, or any other area. Whatever you do, make sure to be grateful and proud of what you’ve done. You can do it!

5. Stay away from negative people

Avoiding negative people is the key to healthy self-esteem. If you are constantly bombarded with bad remarks, it can be difficult to stay positive. To help keep your pride at bay, you should do your best to celebrate your accomplishments and keep yourself away from the critics. Fortunately, there are ways to stay positive while keeping yourself safe from negative people.

When dealing with bullies, be sure to stay away from them. It’s important to remember that these people aren’t your friends. They just don’t have the same standards as you. By avoiding them, you’ll be more confident and able to deal with them and others more easily.

negative people say away

Defining your space and limiting access to negative people is a good strategy. Many times, these people will invade your personal space. By creating boundaries, you’ll be able to limit their influence.

Keeping away from negative people is also a wonderful way to maintain your own mental health. You will be able to enjoy life more and be proud of who you are.

6. Focus on your future goals

If you have an unclouded vision, what you really want to achieve or do will make you concentrate on your specific target. Now, this clarity comes from wisdom, and for having wisdom, you need to train your mind that anything is possible. Acquire knowledge because this creates a sense of confidence, and ultimately you feel proud of yourself. Make sure you are working hard and productively on your goals.

While chasing your goals, be patient. Everything in this world requires time; asking for instant results is not a way to success. Don’t lose hope. Create courage to motivate yourself that you will have incredible results. Your arduous work will not get wasted. Tell yourself you are worthy, you can do anything, and your brain and body are capable of any task.

future goals

7. Improve your self-talk

If you doubt anything you achieve isn’t worth celebrating, then it’s a problem of the belief system. You have trained your mind that you can’t win big things, and when you do, your brain gets full of self-doubts and lacks a solid belief system. Resultantly, you don’t appreciate or even consider your accomplishments at all.

You might be saying the following words to yourself…

“everyone does it, what I have done is no big deal.”

“It’s just normal, nothing is amazing in it. I have done nothing major.”

Or your brain is producing similar words during self-talk, and that ultimately makes you feel pity.

Improve your self-talk. Always discuss things that could have gone worse, but you’re the one who made them better. You’ve worked for it, and every minute you spent was important. Discuss possibilities and shed light on the opportunities. Don’t say it’s impossible or you can’t do it.

As they say… “if you think you can, and if you think you can’t – you’re always right.”

self talks

The bottom line is whatever you tell yourself, you become that. And in order to be proud of yourself, you must feed good things to your mind so that it can reward you with healthy emotions and a strong sense of pride in return.

8. Give compliments

We all often don’t know about our own strengths. That means we lack self-awareness at times. The best thing that you can do is give honest compliments to others. Keep doing it and be genuine in this regard.

After some time, you realize that others will also pass compliments to you. And when you continuously get appreciated for a specific thing, you must be proud of it. For example, many people give you compliments for your smile or your arguments. This way, you identify that your smile is charming or arguments are logical. Through exchanging compliments, you can figure out your strengths and make them even better.

Lastly, you can also recall some of the past compliments you’ve received. There it goes! You’ve identified your traits that you should be proud of!

Closing remarks

Life is a series of ups and downs, but that does not mean that you start creating self-doubts about your abilities when going through low times. You should know that you have put so much effort just to build these abilities and skills. You have worked day and night to achieve not to give up. Make this thing clear in your mind that giving up is not an option, and you are not less than others. You are incredible and unique in your own way. The characteristics you have are not present in others. These are the ways how to be proud of yourself.

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