It happens to many people that a long-distance relationship isn’t working the way they want it to be, and therefore, they might be thinking of a breakup. There are chances that you may have doubts about what to do, whether to make it work or try to move on. If you have any confusion, it is always better to take a few minutes in order to reflect on your situation.

You might be thinking about how to end a long distance relationship, as you don’t want to make things hard for yourself and your partner. The best way is to go for an easy and healthy solution because it is always better to resolve the dilemma today than wait for the last moment so that things may not get worse. The following are the best ways to end a long-distance relationship.

It will help if you acknowledge your feelings

It can be hard to keep a long-distance relationship because it requires physical contact, and if things are not going this way, then it can make you stressed and frustrated. A time comes when your feelings for your partner start to fade, or you start to develop feelings for somebody else.

It is not good to observe yourself losing feelings for the one you are with, but this is the nature of the feelings. One of the most significant long distance relationship break up signs is that you recognize this change in yourself, acknowledge the new feelings, and then make a proper plan regarding how to act on them.

Share these feelings with your partner

Sometimes we try to express ourselves without being clear about what we actually want, which can result in a mix-up of blames and judgments. It is pretty standard for couples to blame each other when they disagree on something, and it can be challenging to reach an agreement until both take responsibility.

Try to share your reasons for breaking up with your partner. Before doing this, you can consult your family or close friends for long distance break up advice. Keep in mind that sharing your feelings can be difficult as this can leave you feeling vulnerable. Therefore, it is essential, to be honest with yourself as well as your partner.

Discuss with your partner how they feel about the relationship?

When you share your true feelings with your partner, you open the door to authenticity and honesty. The next important step is to acknowledge your partner and how they feel. This way, you will involve your partner in the process and highlight their significance.

Once your partner sees that you give weightage to their feelings, they will be less defensive and will feel included in decision making. This way, you will be able to see the relationship from their perspective. It is all about making the moment for your partner.

Share all your concerns

You have done the most challenging part of sharing your actual feelings with your partner and hearing their point of view. The next step is to work things out, as you need to understand what your partner thinks, worries about, and their concerns.

After hearing your partner’s perspective, you need to openly share all of your concerns and worries in your relationship. It is better to have a list of everything that is bothering you regarding the relationship. Ask your partner to say all this back to you so that you know they have heard you clearly.

Find a way forward that can work for both of you

The final step is all about communication between you and your partner, as most relationships fail because of poor communication. You must have done an excellent job by keeping in touch with your partner, involving them in the decision-making process, and facing this situation together.

Both you and your partner have seen all of the long distance relationship break up signs, and therefore, you will have no unnecessary struggles or doubts. It is better to avoid compromising what is better for you and not to let your partner compromise on what is essential for them. This way, it will become easy for you to go back to square one.

Bottom Line

It can indeed be quite a challenging experience for anyone thinking about how to end a long distance relationship. If you are too emotional, then there are chances that you will make a decision that you might regret later. If you adopt a positive approach, then you can handle the situation with more awareness, and the chances are that you may resolve all your issues together. It is worth noting that when a relationship begins, both are responsible for whatever happens, and this includes the ending of a relationship, which means that you should make the decisions together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should one be ending a long-distance relationship?

When you start feeling that a long-distance relationship is not making your life wonderful at all, then you should end it. It is better to be wise enough not to make a rash decision in anger or when you are upset. If such a feeling becomes a norm, then this will be the right time to end it.

If you feel that the relationship is not working for you the right way, you must end it. But it is essential to understand that it was made by both you and your partner, and if you like to end it, it should be both of you together. A unilateral decision is never a good choice, so a bit of understanding will be helpful for you to move on.

Doubts are a part of our life, and if there is a lack of feelings in a long-distance relationship, then it becomes difficult to know how the relationship is moving. Such type of uncertainty can give rise to doubts. Therefore, the best way is to address these with your partner in a straightforward manner.

  • Why do most long-distance relationships fail?

When you touch each other physically, it gives you an assurance that the relationship is going well, and you can be informed when there is a problem. If there is a lack of contact, then it can be pretty hard to navigate the long-distance relationship. So, there are chances that a long-distance relationship might fail.

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