How to go from friends to dating: Expert suggestions for girls


Hey, he’s cute, isn’t? Everything is blooming when you’re around him. Right? But there is one problem, just one… What? You’re just a friend. Of course, “there is nothing more”, you’ve said this so many times to your heart. And your heart isn’t ready to accept the lame excuse. You don’t know how to make a move on your friend, or even you’re not sure about your feelings. If this is the situation you’re going through, well, you arrive in the perfect place. Here I’m not going to tell you all the positives, but I’ll also tell you some of the secrets of boys. How to go from friends to dating and more importantly, how to understand him – everything is coming up!

Control your excitement and ask a few questions

You’re friends, and he hasn’t made a move. Deep inside, you know the secret of your heart, that you love him anyway. Before making a move on your friend, it is vital to ask a few questions to yourself. Note: This is extremely important if you’re planning to spend whole life with your dream boy.

The first question that you should ask “whether you know about his goals?” I’m telling you, this will become the real hurdle in the relation. Men speak according to their goals, and if their goal is something big to achieve, they need help from the partner. Figure out are you ready to assist him with his goals, even if it takes the worst from you? E.G his goal is to go to another country, and you expect that he’ll remain with you. Do you let him go despite you don’t want it? If the answer is “yes, then it’s great”. And if the answer is “no, then think the other way”.

Ask the same question to yourself, will he compromise on his goals just to make you happy? Find out the answer, because relations suffer due to the halfhearted and panic decisions. If you find “yes” in response to any single question mentioned above, you’re good to go.

How to go from friends to dating – ask another question

Before making a move on your friend, the second question you should ponder over is “how does he make you feel?” Being angry is alright, but being disrespectful is another thing – joke and sarcasm aren’t excuses. Sensible jokes and touches of sarcasm are fine, and similarly angry words at times (disrespect is not allowed at all).

If you’re unsure about it, plan a trip together and spend 12 to 16 hours together. Figure out your reactions as well as his reactions if you get frustrated, annoyed, and angry. You’ll get the answer!

go from friends to dating: Expert suggestions for girls

Why these questions are important?

When you’ll decide you’ll be going from friends to dating, everything looks amazing and stunning. After some time, these problems start raising their heads – it’s better to crush them in the beginning. This is the reason that we’re the generations with the maximum number of breakups. In this way, due to the only two questions, you see both prospective – a man’s and a woman’s perspective!

What’s so good in these questions?

You may wonder “what is so significant in these questions?” Well, there is psychological reasoning behind it. And yes, common sense as well which is hard to use in love (joking)!

As it is mentioned, by asking the above questions, you see things from both prospective. The first perspective is the ‘man’, and the second is yours. If he’s so willing for his goals, you’ll find that his satisfaction is your priority and you’re ready to compromise. If you can’t compromise, the other way is that he should compromise. And if both aren’t ready to give up their choices, then the relation will trip you off – the logic says, which is unseen in the love!

The second question will let you know how he feels about you. If he disrespects you (sensible jokes and touches of sarcasm aren’t the part of it), that means he’ll hurt you psychologically in the future. Then the option is only to break up because then we realize this thing and say “you’re changed now”. He’s not changed, you notice after the relation when the blindness of love turns into the 6 by 6 vision to spot the faults!

Rap it off

Remember these questions before making a move on your friend: First, do you know his goals? Are you ready to support him for his goals even they’re against you? And if not, will he compromise and let them go for you?

The second set of questions is; does he respect you even in extreme anger? Do you both feel loving after spending a consistent 12 hours together?

If the checkboxes are checked, then you can go and say yes in response to your core question: how to go from friends to dating. 

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