How to handle your crush on a girl: steal the show


Whoa, you have a crush on a girl. Well, we all have in our lives, there is nothing to hide. Now, you don’t know what to do next. You shake your head, reminding yourself that you’re a strong guy. Hmm. But you have melted! Don’t worry, every guy has feelings and you’re no different.

Rather you keep reminding yourself that you don’t have a crush and losing every time, it’s better to do some good stuff around your crush. And for that, experience hands are here to help!

1. Copy and repeat

If you’re in high school, this is the time to do some naughty things around your crush to catch her attention. Try to talk like her, yell as she does, and eat what she eats. Note: don’t copy everything, and the things you copy, easily do them. If you fail at it, your game might end before getting started.

2. Breathe smoothly

If you get tensed, shaky, confused around your crush, it’s important to recover yourself ASAP. Otherwise, you do all the naughty stuff and become the laughing stock for your friends. Why? Because when you feel nervous around your crush, you might speak so much, crack an indecent joke or laugh unnecessary, and doing all the veered things with your dress and hears. Although you do this out of confusion, I tell you that your crush will not pick these signs, but your friends will do. So it’s important to remain composed.

3. Observe and implement

Study your crush, her liking and disliking, preference, and mood swings. You can do certain things which make her

Feel cool about you. It’s okay, and nothing is over in it as few people would say to you. E.G if she likes guys with a t-shirt, wear the t-shirt.

4. Manage your feelings

When you have a crush on a girl, at times, you might get carried away by your feelings. Your feelings guide you to text her message when you’re not ready and do inappropriate things like sending her the message through the third person. You might hurt her unintentionally by cracking jokes on her or getting close with her friends. Remember you like her because of your characteristics, polish those characteristics in yourself which she likes. By doing all the veered stuff.

How to handle your crush on a girl: Manage your feelings

stuff, you only put her away from you. Therefore, keep an eye on your feelings, and don’t let them drive your actions.

5. Involve your bestie

You can share your feelings with your best buddy but wait: only if you’re comfortable and sure that he/she would keep the secret. Take ideas from your bestie, and ask for a favor when you will require. Once again, be wise when you’re sharing your secret.

6. Time to get a response

Give yourself time, and keep engage your crush with yourself for some time. When you feel she gets comfortable with you, talk with her directly. At this point, sharing your true feelings isn’t a good idea. Start with the normal conversation, go over the cup of coffee or tea, and become a friend. Know your crush closely, and let her know about your habits, preferences, and life.

7. Evaluate one last time

After having the crush, what’s the next stage? Yea, LOVE! See whether your feelings are the same or their intensity has increased. Ask important questions to yourself about the future, and check your heartbeat when you imagine a life with her. If the answer is ‘yes’, plan to express your love to her!

Bottom line

Sometimes, things aren’t complicated, but we’re afraid to take action. Like everyone else, you will feel that your case is different, in actual, all the cases are the same. All you need to remain to compose and convey your feelings in the best possible way. Make her feel special, and you’ll go a long way with your crush!

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