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How to overcome laziness: 12 simple strategies

overcome laziness

You wake up at 9 but get out of bed at 10. You want to have a coffee, but you think for an hour and then brew it. Or you always complete your assignments right on deadlines.

Laziness is just increasing gradually, and you wonder what’s going on? It happens to many of us. We can’t resist the addiction to relaxation and get lazier every day.

This article discusses various proven strategies that will reduce your lazy days and put you on the list of go-getters.

1. Have an action-centric approach

The first step in learning how to overcome laziness is to take action daily. Instead of thinking about how you can do this, go out and do it. Whether writing an essay, going for a walk, or doing your daily work, you have to take action. It is difficult to be productive if you allow laziness to control your life. You have to take steps every day.

2. Create a Plan of action

When things are too cluttered, we feel there is much to do. For instance, a big assignment is pending, and the deadline is close. The following two things can happen: Either you get hyperactive and complete it before the deadline, or you get lazy and leave it as it is. Latter is a sign of laziness.

Apart from it, if you don’t have a schedule for a whole day, your focus can’t be on getting things done. So you spend most of the time thinking and leaving things as they are.

Tasks Plan Goal

You must create a plan of action, follow your schedule, and reward/punish yourself upon success/failure.

3. Break up big projects

Break up big projects into smaller ones. A big project can be overwhelming, and you may become lazier than you expected. Instead, break down the project into manageable steps. Start with the simplest item first, then move on to the next task. By breaking up large tasks into small steps, you’ll find that you’re more likely to remain motivated, which will also help you stay on course.

4. Set time limits

Set time limits. When you’re lazy, try putting a deadline. This will give you a sense of urgency, which can help you get more work done in less time. Make sure you set aside enough time each day to accomplish a particular task. This will help you avoid procrastination and encourage you to work hard. Moreover, it will also provide you with a sense of reward.

5. Be more disciplined

Be more disciplined. Successful people have routines, such as morning meditation, a side gig, or a daily routine. These are the kinds of people who overcome laziness by being consistent and taking action relentlessly. To do this, keep your plans simple, but do your best to follow them. Using time to do the things you love is also a great way to avoid becoming lazy. However, don’t forget to reward yourself when you’ve done something consistently.

Lazy Son

6. Set goals

Set realistic goals in your daily life. Even start from a small target just like to make your bed in the morning as soon as you wake up. This will give you a sense of responsibility and motivates you towards your next target.

By setting goals, you’ll help yourself focus on what matters most to you. By focusing on what you want to achieve, you’ll feel more motivated to take action. And when you make your goals specific and concrete, you’ll be able to overcome laziness and be more productive.

Once you’ve identified your reasons for being lazy, you can use your reward system to help you stay motivated and focused. For example, give a treat to yourself if you achieve the goal successfully. Similarly, deprive yourself of something you love if you fail to meet the set targets.

7. Stop binge-watching TV and using cellphone excessively

You always want to binge-watch Netflix and always are on your phone. You don’t do these activities in your spare time only. It’s always the case. Every time on your mind is to see something new. And when you begin, you can’t think anything else, and you are too lazy to do things except for this. What’s the solution? Goal setting!

When you set goals and break them into small parts for the day, you don’t get much time for these activities. The sense of responsibility increases, and your brain wants to complete the small tasks as soon as possible.

lazy day with tv

8. Wake up early in the morning and exercise

every one of us just loves to sleep in the morning. However, it’s the most productive time of the day. Your brain senses freshness and can conceive exceptional thoughts. Make the most out of it by waking up early and exercising.

The best way to start your morning is with exercise or walking. While exercising, your body produces a chemical that helps freshen up your mind and mood. This makes your day more active than usual and boosts energy. That also makes you feel more fresh, vibrant, and less lazy.

9. Eat healthy food

A snack or drink full of antioxidants can give you the boost you need to get through the day. A handful of blueberries or dark chocolate every morning can provide you with energy. You can also switch to green tea and avoid coffee if you have diabetes. Your health will thank you for it! And if you have a specific health condition, consult a nutritionist to create a meal plan that is right for you.

Healthy eating can also improve your skin, sleep, and energy levels. It can improve your mental health. In addition to being more alert, a good diet can make you feel more positive. It can also help you overcome laziness. You can also lose weight and improve your overall well-being. So, it’s worth a try!

10. Make tedious tasks fun

Chores like washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen or bathroom will never be loads of fun, but you can make them more enjoyable. Consider listening to music, digital recording, or a health tracker while performing these tasks. You can always wear a fitness tracker and analyze the calories you’ve burned. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve accomplished by simply wearing a wellness tracker!

tasks to do

By combining fun activities with home chores and practicing mindfulness, you can reduce your chances of falling into laziness. This way, you can enjoy your tasks and avoid being a couch potato.

11. Start with the easiest part

the best way to overcome laziness is to find the simplest portion of a task and make it your priority. For example, if you’re working on an enormous project, find an element that can take you five minutes. After completing the five-minute portion, you can move on to the next step, which is the 45-minute task. If you’re not able to stay motivated for the entire time, you can write down the objective of the smallest part in a note and place it in a place where you can see it frequently. This will give you constant reminders.

Once you’ve identified the smallest part of the task, you can start tackling it immediately. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to stay on top of things and manage your time effectively. But if you’re unable to get started or aren’t confident enough to do it, you can find someone else to hold you accountable.

12. Assign accountability partner for yourself

Keeping an accountability partner is extremely useful in helping you overcome laziness. An accountability partner will motivate you to do the little tasks and stick to your goals. They’ll hold you responsible for the things you don’t complete and appreciate you for those tasks you complete successfully.

A partner who can hold you to account can be anyone, including friends, family members, or colleagues. It is not necessary that your accountability partner be the same age as you. However, it will help if you find a person with more experience in the same area. You can also find an accountability buddy online or through a meetup group in your locality. An accountability partner can be anyone, but it would be best if they’re your life partner or close friend.

make someone accountable

And if your accountability partner has a proven track record of accomplishing goals, in that case, they’ll know how to pull you out of laziness.

By having an accountability partner, you’ll be able to break the cycle of laziness and achieve your goals.


Overcoming laziness is possible if you decide to turn your lazy habits into productive ones. Taking on multiple tasks at once is a common trap. Instead, try to take on one job at a time and accomplish it first.

Overcoming laziness can help you be more productive and efficient. It can also spark your creativity and encourage you to delegate tasks correctly. It will also help you prevent feeling down and out as you’ll become more confident.

When you have too many activities on your plate at once, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to complete them. By dividing the tasks into small chunks, you’ll be able to focus on them and get them done faster. By overcoming laziness, you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards of your efforts. And you’ll be more successful than you’d ever imagined!

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