How to Play with Your Cat without Toys


Wild cats express their needs through prowling territory and hunting, whereas domestic cats require an outlet for their energy and instincts. As the pet cats don’t have the options like the wild ones; therefore, it is up to the owner to keep them engaged. Play prevents a cat from boredom, offers it experiences and keeps it healthy and active.

When you play with your cat, it doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a small fortune buying toys for it. There can always be different ways to play with your cat that don’t require toys, and you should know how to play with your cat without toys. You can even use the improvised toys that you can put together with various available items from around your house.

Playing with your cat without toys

There are various ways that can keep your feline friend amused without the use of expensive toys. The following are the budget-friendly activities that both you and your cat will find very interesting.

1. Play hide and seek

A cat is like a furry ninja and loves to hide in an undetected place before it strikes. Therefore, when you play a popular game like hide and seek with your beloved pet, it can surely ignite the predatory nature of the feline. 

cat hiding

If your cat is mischievous, you will be able to notice that it tries to conceal itself behind curtains, desks, couch or even bed, and then it will certainly leap out to catch you when you are unaware. Your cat will stock you just like you are its prospective play.

2. Play a pounce game with your cat

This particular game involves moving the targets and stimulating your cat; you need to use your hands and move them around. Therefore, as a cat parent, you need to know how to play with your cat with your hands. Putting your hand under a towel or a blanket allows you to move the hand under different areas inside the objects. Your cat will be chasing and grabbing it.


The pounce game is quite special, as it imitates the experience of pouncing upon any prey, especially the mouse. However, it would help if you were very careful when using your hands like a cat toy because your hands can get hurt by your cat’s claws.

3. Go for an obstacle game

The obstacle game is not only great for a workout, but your feline friend also enjoys it a lot. This is one of the excellent games that demonstrate how do cats play with humans, and therefore, you should try to play it with your pet one time.

obstacle game

A great advantage of this game is that different homemade items like toilet roll tubes can be used, making tunnels from these items. The shape of different obstacles can be arranged according to what you like, but you have to keep in mind not to push your pet into something tricky right from the start. This means that you need to increase the level of difficulty slowly.

4. Catch food game is also a great option

If you find your feline friend to be picky, then the catch food game can be perfect for it. You need to take small pieces of food and move the pieces up and down or around in order to attract your pet. Your kitten will try to hurry and crave it, and you would certainly want your cat to burn the number of calories when chasing food.

You can also develop a rule in which something like play may equal food. Therefore, no play will be equal to no food, as this will certainly stimulate the appetite of your cat. Catch food game is no doubt a great option for you, but you should also know how to get your cat to play by itself.

Bottom Line

Playing is surely a positive way for your furry friend, as it creates more benefits and lets it get rid of aggression and negative energy. You must play with your four-legged friend because it can be vital to bond the relationship between you and your beloved cat. Therefore, you need to understand that you don’t always need to use toys to play with your cat because there are several games that you can play with your feline friend that would not require toys, and your cat will still enjoy these.


1. Does your cat need a toy?

Your cat always wants to play, and as a cat owner, you must provide your beloved pet with an appropriate outlet for play, either by offering it suitable toys or involving it in some interactive games. When you play regularly with your cat, you learn about its personality and strengthen its bond.

2. Is it bad if you don’t play with your cat?

Some experts advise that the owner should never hand play with a cat, as cats are hard-wired to chase and hunt their prey. It is fine to teach your cat that the hands can be a proper object to be hunted, but the outcome can be potentially dangerous and unpleasant if you do this very often.

3. In what ways can you keep your indoor cat entertained?

You can take out some time for a cat chat, play chasing with your cat and use some change-up toys regularly. There are also many games for cats that are available on a tablet. Other than that, you can also create different places for your cat to hide.

4. What should you do when playing with cats?

Have a singing contest with your cat by responding with the same sound when she meows. As a cat owner, you can also teach her a trick and make her work for food. Other fun ways to play with your cat are setting up the treasure hunt or starting a game of tag.

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