How to Say “No” to your Teenager?


The word “no” is just a single syllable, two letters and one word but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest thing to say to some things. Especially so when you have to say it to your own child. Feelings of guilt or fear of coming across as mean can be extremely overpowering and can make it difficult for you to refuse your teenager. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t positive ways to say no to a child. In this read, you’ll be able to learn 5 ways on how to say no to your teenager.

Define your boundaries.

Parent’s who can’t say no to their teenage children, often have a problem with defining boundaries. If you face lots of family problems or issues, it’s better to have a neat set of rules for everyone to follow. Make them as clear as you possibly can and then let all your kids know you’ll never compromise on them no matter what happens.

Letting them Manage

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Teenage responsibility contracts are a great way to let your teens start managing themselves. They’ll let you improve communication with them and help in their journey to become a responsible adult. If you can, let it all be written, negotiate all your concerns with your children, the classic give and take, and then incorporate your own wishes into the document. Make sure to reward your teenager in case of compliance and let them face consequences if they don’t. Insert a non-negotiable part as well to prevent anything from happening that you’ll have to say no to afterward.

how to say no to my teenager

Show flexibility

Your kids will inevitably do things to convince you like treat you with a cup of coffee or throw a tantrum, anything, after you say no to them. However, you’ll have to show some flexibility towards them and use language that diplomatically diffuses the situation at hand. 

Learn to filter the drama out

Teens and the dramas they throw go hand-in-hand so it’s important to sift from what’s right and what’s fake and not cave in for their tantrums.

Never cease communication

The best way to stay put with your own teenagers is to keep talking about the issues you and your family to face. You’ll be able to get a first-hand look at your teenager’s friend circle and their activities. In addition to this, no home can survive without talking to each other. You can use such moments to connect, draw boundaries, and telling them about things you’ll always say no to.

Always be respectful

Sometimes, it’s just wise to listen and let your teen rant about things. You shouldn’t always have a condescending tone towards your children. Sit down somewhere and let them vent about what they want. Correcting them, again and again, can further aggravate the situation. It’s sensible on your part as an adult to leave a worsening situation and come back when things get a bit normal. Your teen, making tit easier for you to say no to them will reciprocate the respect and kindness you exhibit.

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