Levels of commitment in relationships


When we decided to choose a life partner we all go through different levels of commitments. There are some levels of commitments in relationships based upon agreed to one another involving trust, love, honesty, openness, or some other behaviors.  And also there some stages of commitments included friendship, girlfriend, engagement, and marriage.

In this article, you will know all about relationship commitments.

Different levels of commitments in relationships.

When you are going to start a loving and healthy relationship you should know the right way of your journey. 

1. Romance and Love


This stage is the starting stage of a relationship. It occurs when both couples get to know each other. You don’t know how long this phase goes last but this phase is extremely enjoyable and full of love. Many people, who constantly change their partner, love this phase of their relationship. This phase may be last for few months or it may be for 2 years approximately. Because of this stage relationship can stay forever.

Some tips for this phase include:

2. Level of reality

This phase starts when you start to notice flaws in your partner’s behavior. Your relationship does not have the same fantasy as before.

3. Level of Stability

As a couple, you are now able to understand each other value because you know the history of your partner. Now you have accepted each and every bad and good habit of your partner. And this stage will give you more strength in making your relationship for so long.

How to show commitment in a relationship


Commitment in a relationship is an agreement in which both partners accept their flaws, values, love, care, respect, hobbies and agree with their good or bad habits, and commit to staying with each other in a long-term relationship.

How they can show their commitment in their relationship let’s discuss some points further.

1. Show loyalty and love.

It involves telling your partner that “I love you” with romance and sexual expressions. And your partner should be your first priority in a relationship. 

2. Respect and appreciation

It is the most valuable and important factor in the levels of commitment in relationships. Because when there is no respect and appreciation then your relationship does not last longer happily.

3. Honesty and trust

Share everything with your partner about your past and be truthful for your future because lies break the trust between relationship commitments.


4. Compromise and work as a team

When you committed to a relationship, you both should work as a team that means shift your thinking and work from “me” to “we”. And sometimes you face compromises when you start your journey as a team.

Stages of a relationship dating

There are four stages that couples experience during relationship dating.

1. Attraction or Initial Meeting

Relationship dating may start from somewhere like by internet, social group, church, or through friends. These initial meetings get them to know each other and make them attractive.

2. Infatuation and interest

In this stage, couples try hard to impress each other and choose their partner on the basis of their self-understanding, maturity, and experiences.

3. Becoming a couple

During the third stage, both partners go deeper in their relationship. The trust becoming stronger day by day and they allow acting more relaxed and natural and they choose their spouse.

4. Commitment or engagement

It is a stage when both partners commit the honesty, love, trust, and loyalty for each other and take the step for their future relationship.

Signs of a committed relationship


There are many signs of a committed relationship but here we will discuss some major signs.

1. Spending significant time together

As we know time is very precious for everyone especially in busy routines, but if someone gives his or her personal time to someone it means something going to happen. 

2. Talking about Bodily functions

You never talk about some secrete of your body with unknown. If someone is discussing some personal talks about their body maybe he or she committed with each other.

3. Share your passwords

You never share your passwords or PINS with anybody. But if you see someone who shares their passwords or PINS then they are definitely committed to a relationship.

Stages of relationship development

relationship development

The stages of relationships are not linear they are cyclic. Relationship development is a process which is going through a cycle such as

  • Love and romance,
  • Denial and doubts, 
  • Disillusionment, 
  • Decision, 
  • And wholehearted love

The relationship development is circulating around these situations.

What is a commitment in a relationship?

Commitment is just a word that circulates around trust, faith, and loyalty. It shows each partner’s duty towards the relation and life. If one partner does not do their job properly other one can’t step forward for their relation.

Levels of commitment in relationships not just depend on one side. It is a whole phenomenon of compromises, love, trust, loyalty between two peoples.  

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