Teen love might be all-encompassing, sweet and intense, and is also likely to be temporary. Though there may be a little chance that the first love of your teenage daughter could be her forever love, it is worth noting that everyone goes through a breakup at some point in life. It can be more difficult for you if your daughter happens to go through a breakup as a parent.

Although you might feel helpless to make your daughter feel better, this is the main reason your child first tells you about her committed relationship. You have to immediately think about what it feels like an inevitable breakup and then how to help teenage daughter with breakup.

Try not to minimize

People say that first love is different from the other one and can be hard to forget. As it is the first time, your teenage daughter experiences the ending of a relationship, so it is worth remembering for you that there are no boundaries or inhibitions. One cannot correlate the pain of a breakup with that of the length of a relationship.

The pain can be real for your teenage daughter and can be quite strong because they have never experienced it before and can go to teenage breakups depression. As they don’t know how to deal with such a situation, it is better to let her grieve for a while.

Give them support and space


As a parent, you should never be intrusive and try not to ask a bunch of questions from your daughter; rather, you can make a point for your beloved child to be available to listen in an attentive way if they want to talk to you. This way, you can better understand how to help your teenage daughter with a broken heart.

It would help if you showed her that you are a safe haven to express her feelings easily. Most of the time, the teen shuts them down when a parent tries to discuss. It is always better to let your child know that you are always there for her with whatever she wants to talk about.

Don’t talk bad about the ex

If you talk negatively about her ex, it will not be helpful to ease the pain. Your stance should always be neutral, and tell her that she will find someone better may not be the best way to go. Sometimes breakups teach important lessons, and lack of maturity may be one of the most common reasons for teenage breakups.

The main idea about taking a neutral stance is to give a better feeling to your child, but if you talk negatively about her ex, it can end up as if you are criticizing her choice of boyfriend. Your focus should be to find ways on how to help your daughter through a breakup. Therefore, you should try to say nice things to her and be friendly by sharing your experiences with her.

Never let your feelings dominate


If you knew your child’s ex better and were happy to see him with your daughter, then you may also be disappointed that her relationship is over. You may have had her wedding planned in your mind, but you should be wise and keep such feelings to yourself. 

You should never try to distress your child, and it is better to talk about such feelings with your trusted friend. It is worth noting that it may end up tougher on you as compared to your daughter. When you share it with somebody you trust, you can tell them, ‘Why am I sad over my daughter’s breakup’? This could be the first time you may have watched your child go through this pain as an adult, 

Bottom Line

It can take time for your teenage daughter to get over a breakup, although that time is different for everyone. As a parent, you need to give teenage breakup advice to your daughter, but if it has been many weeks and they are still not getting over such feelings, or have a persistent disengagement with life and have a low mood, then this could be alarming for you. In the end, you may talk to your family doctor or encourage your child to understand how to get over a breakup for teenage girl to have a few sessions with a counsellor.


How to comfort your broken-hearted girl?

You can help your girl by talking to her to go through it and not around it. Make her realize that she should count on her strengths and try to work them out in a positive manner. You can even allow her some fantasizing so that she gets through it.

How to fix your relationship with your teenage daughter?

Keep in mind that you are a parent; therefore, you need to be calm in these winds of change that your daughter is going through. It is better to talk less, listen to her more and try to respect her boundaries. Try to be real with her and make your expectations clear.

Can breakups be traumatic for teenage girls?

It can be quite traumatic for your girl to go through a breakup. You need to remember that breakups surely can cause long-lasting and overwhelming grief and may give a feeling of just like a death of a loved one.

How long should your teenage daughter mourn a breakup?

Most people, especially teenage girls, start to adjust to their life without an ex after around six weeks. It could surely be a lot quicker, but in some cases, it can go much longer. As a parent, you should give your daughter six weeks before thinking that she is not coping well.

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