Handling your teenager is among a few parenting challenges that can be terrifying. Although at the time, raising a baby may seem like an endless battle, when we compare it to parenting a teen, it seems like a piece of cake. Different stories of teenage rebellion, moodiness and a questionable taste in friends may leave some parents unprepared for any unavoidable drama on the horizon.

As a parent, you can successfully tackle this particular phase by relaxing, taking a deep breath and remembering that teens are not monsters. They are your kids who go through emotional, physical and social changes in their lives. There are a number of activities to do with your teenager that can create a lasting bond, and therefore, it will get easy for you to navigate their teen years.

Give respect to your child

Being a teen’s parent may not be that easy, and therefore, you have to put aside your pride and keep in mind that respect is two-way traffic. Therefore, you have to respect your child to maintain a healthy family because nothing can be more offensive for you than having a child who doesn’t respect you.


It doesn’t require rocket science because just a few simple things can be helpful to build respect between you and your teenage child. Different actions like giving them space for privacy, respecting their choices, and treating them like young adults can make a huge difference and matter a lot for them.

Allow them a bigger role in the family

When you make someone part of a household, it is a lot more than looking after the house and doing the chores. You can find it very helpful to create a sense of ownership and responsibility in your child, and it is among the important activities to do with your teenager.

You can include them in the family discussions and even treat them as young adults to have their good opinions. You can help your teenager set their own rules and make sure that they can stick to the rules.

Get to know their friends


It would be very helpful for your child if you took some time out of your busy schedule to know more about the friends of your beloved child. When you are active in their social life, you will find it very helpful in leading to healthier relationships both between you and your teenager.

When you take an interest in your child’s social life, it helps the teen communicate with you about it freely. Other than that, you will also be able to know whether your child is mixing with the right group of people, and in the end, it will be offering you a great ease of mind, especially when your teen is out.

Have fun with them

When it is about spending time with your teenager, you have to keep in mind that quality trumps quantity, as there are many fun things to do with your teenager. It is unnecessary to spend every evening with your child, but you have to make sure that you put aside some time for their favourite activity, a day out or even a special dinner.

You have the option to trying new things with your teenager, which may include hunting down the gastronomic delights, fishing or even challenging them in a video game. It doesn’t matter what your child’s age is, they will surely appreciate when you spend time with them & will be looking forward to such events in the future.

Bottom Line

The teen years can no doubt be a rollercoaster but should never be a monstrous nightmare for you as a parent. By having fantastic listening skills, regular conversation and understanding, you can develop an unbreakable bond with your beloved child. This bond can further be strengthened when you spend quality time together and show your interest in their personal lives, friends and hobbies. In the end, being open-minded and patient parents can be very helpful to raise your teen and make these years very enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should a parent make a teenager feel loved?

As a parent, you can have a lot of influence on your child’s life. You can take notice of your child’s accomplishments and look for some opportunities to foster a strong relationship with your beloved child.

  • In what ways can one build a strong relationship with a teenager?

First of all, you have to use your own experiences, understand their angst and stay calm. This way, you will be able to read your child’s psychology and try to develop a relationship that will be based on trust.

  • What do the young teens do for fun?

Your teen has a lot of energy to get out, and therefore, you need to get out and be active with them. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, going to an amusement park and taking a road trip are among a few fun things to do with your teenager.

  • What can cause low esteem in a teenager?

Having unsupportive parents, carers, or those who tend to play an influential role in the teenager’s life can be among the most common causes of low self-esteem. Other than that, friends, stressful life experiences and moving houses can also cause low esteem in a teenager.

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