Extreme temperatures, rainy days, snowstorms and staying at home during quarantine can get in your way when you go outside with your beloved dog and run in the park, play fetch a ball or a frisbee or spend some time together. Therefore, you don’t have to let bad weather spoil your plans with your dog. When there is nothing to do for your dog, it can become bored or restless and start to act out to get your attention.

Fortunately, there are many indoor activities and fun things to do with your dog at home, which can further strengthen the bond between you and your pet. You can stimulate the mind of your dog and occasionally offer it some light exercise. It may require some effort, but in the end, it will be worth your time, and with all these indoor activities, you will have a very good time with your dog.

You can set up a treat hunt

Treat hunt can be the game that helps your dog to sniff and eat. In order to set up the treat hunt, you need to ensure that your pup is out of sight, either in its crate or in a separate room. You can then gather a few smelling treats that your dog loves most. In the next step, you need to hide the treats strategically around the house in such places where your dog can find them.

You have to make sure that these places are safe for your beloved pet to get access to and may not become damage for them. You can try putting the treats under the pillows, next to the furniture, behind the doors or in the room corners. Out of the fun things to do with your dog at home during quarantine, this activity can be one of the most entertaining.

Have a training session


Although any time can be great for training your dog, it can become a perfect opportunity for you to know how to entertain a dog home alone when you are stuck at home. Even if your dog is fully aware of the commands, a training session can still be exciting and fun. 

On the other hand, you can work on teaching your pet a few fun tricks to step it up a little bit, like rolling over or balancing a treat on its nose etc. You can even make your dog learn the names of a few toys and then send them to get these to you. There are endless possibilities, and therefore, you need a bit of creativity.

Start playing Tug-of-War

In order to play Tug-of-War with your dog indoors, you will need a little open space in your home. This is such an activity that offers exercise to both you and your pup, out of the fun things to do with your dog at home outside. Before starting the game, try to make sure that there are no breakable or dangerous items around.

You need to vacate several feet of open space around the area where you will be playing Tug-of-War with your dog. You should also try to make sure that you have fully trained your pet to understand the release command. When everything is ready, you can enjoy a fun game of tug with your pup and have a great time together.

Use toys and interactive games

Another excellent way of sharpening your dog’s mind is the use of interactive toys while also giving it rewards. Although it may require some skill for the dog to get to the food, it will use its mind to figure out how the toy works to get to the goodies. By using interactive games, you will forget how to keep dog from being bored when home alone.

Trust with your Dog

Different products like treat balls and Kong toys can be stuffed with soft food or treats. Your dog will be required to chew, lick and even throw the toy to get the food out of it. Several puzzle games contain compartments of food, and it is up to your dog to explore the toy and find the treats.

Final Thoughts

You are surely in good company if spending quality time with your dog happens to be your favourite activity. While you are at home with your pup, there are many fun activities that you can do with it, but you also shouldn’t forget about including some alone time for them. All of these activities and games to play with your dog inside will be helpful for you to spend your time with your pet in the best way and don’t get bored at all.


  • How can we have fun with our dog?

You can teach your pup to clean up its toys, play a game to find its treats and make it food the food. Other than that, your dog can also be taught to help with chores and also play the shell game.

  • What to do if your dog is bored at home?

Different activities can help you bond with your beloved dog and let you play together, including playing hide & seek where the dog has to find you. Scent games where different toys or treats are hidden around the house are also fun boredom busters.

  • What can be the different ways to keep your dog busy?

Treats, toys and several training games are among the most useful of the ways to keep your pup entertained and busy at home. Sports like agility and scent work can also be great exercising options for the dog indoors.

You can keep your dog entertained by offering it a comfortable dog bed, watch some movies and do some of the basic grooming works. All of these activities are worth a try to entertain your dog during the daytime.

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