It can be hard for a woman to be in a relationship, but even harder when it is a long distance relationship. It requires a lot of commitment, good communication and a strong foundation of trust. A long distance relationship can be interfering between two people, and therefore, it can either make or break someone. 

You may start to value each other because of the space between you and your partner, or it may eventually pull you and make you drift apart. Trust is the main issue in such a relationship regarding how to know if a guy loves you in a long distance relationship will be depending on a number of signs, and these signs can be helpful to make things easy for you.

He is always there for you

When a guy says that he is there for you, it doesn’t mean being present physically when you are having a bad time or something unexpected is happening to you. It means that your partner is always virtually present for you. He does this by supporting your goals and adventures and putting a smile on your face when you are feeling down.

If a guy happens to express a genuine concern when you are ill or sad, then you can count it as is one of the biggest signs of true love in a long distance relationship. He will try to work very hard to make an understanding with you to build this long distance relationship and keep it moving.

He is open and unafraid

When a guy is not afraid to share the password of his social media account, emails or messages with you, then you should know that he is faithful in this relationship. He can share his contacts and is open with you because he doesn’t think that he needs to hide anything from you.

When a big is sincere with you, he will be completely aware that if this is making her girlfriend happy and secure, he surely will happily oblige. As he has nothing to lose, therefore, as a woman, you know how to tell if a guy likes you long distance. 

He updates you on important matters

It is not necessary for a guy in a long distance relationship to message you every time regarding what he is going to do, but as a boyfriend, he will never forget to share with you the important matters of his life. Whether it is some girl who tried to hit on him in a bus, or he has to go with his co-workers on a business trip, he will never lie to you or hide such things from you.

He is always there to talk to you and loves to tell you about how his day was. He thinks that you would certainly not be feeling far away from each other when he does this. Another sign of true love is that he will act and sound interested in learning the everyday detail of what happened when you went shopping and be present with you physically.


He doesn’t fail to make you feel loved

The best way on how to test a guy to see if he really loves you is that he would never be failing to make you feel loved. He may not be required to send you roses every weekend, make a call to you every hour of the day or shower you with so many gifts. 

As a woman, all you would be looking for is the simplest of the good morning texts, saying take care in a thoughtful way, a very sweet I love you and a longing good night. This will automatically start to make you feel like you are one of the most special and beloved girls in the world. 


The majority of couples don’t work out a long distance relationship because they either grow apart or realize that their relationship was not that strong to withstand a distance. Several signs can assure that a guy loves you, and if things don’t work very well, it may be lacking those signs. If a guy in long distance relationship is sincere with you, then nothing else can make your mind more peaceful, as you start to feel that not even distance is able to tear two hearts who fight in a passionate way to be one.


When the geographic distance gets temporary, and you make an effort to spend more time in his location, this gives you an idea that the long distance relationship is real. Such a relationship hits all the milestones, and in the next step, you meet each other’s friends and family members.

You need to start writing the time whenever you think of your love, go to watch a movie together whenever you meet, and if you can access email, send him an email with all your thoughts to express your true feelings.

  • What can be the red flags of a long distance relationship?

If your boyfriend is always busy and unavailable, secretive and not willing to commit to a relationship, then this clearly shows that he is not serious about it. Preferring to be alone and flirty with others is also the top long distance relationship red flags you need to be wary about.

  • How do you know if he is taking the long distance relationship seriously?

If he is willing to spend more time with you, he starts sharing the future long-term plans regarding your relationship and appears to have the same goals. These are clear signs that he is taking this long distancer relationship very seriously.

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