Falling for your best friend is not something which you would have something to say. Sometimes, your best friend may tick every box and get connected with all your values to the extent that you will consider them to be perfect to go after a long-term relationship. There are times when it happens that your best friend is right under your nose, and the realization might be dawning on you slowly. Then the main question for you will be how to make your friend fall in love with you.

When you are in love with your closest friend, it can indeed be torturous to adhere to the friendship boundaries in spite of having deeper feelings. The main thing for you is to understand how to handle it, as you could walk away with what you like, or you could ruin your relationship along with any romantic entanglement chances. The following are the proven ways of how to make your friend like you more.

Showing your intent


The primary reason for being in a friend zone is that you might be too afraid to show what your feelings are when you first meet your best friend. It can be a little daunting for you, but you need to take the primary steps outside the category you have put yourself in. Although you have a choice of not taking action, therefore, you have to start showing your intent in a number of ways that can make you intriguing.

It can be rather unfair of you to keep up the friendship façade when other things are in your mind. Although a level of friendship needs to be involved in a strong relationship, it is worth noting that the parameters of friendship may not be leaving any room for romantic relationships. Therefore, if you want to know how to make your best friend realize he loves you, then you need to change the parameters.

Never make yourself so available

When in love with your best friend, there are chances that you might be spending a lot of time with them, as you want to get noticed regarding how you feel, without going into any conversations that can be making things a little awkward. As you have made your best friend your world, it is now time for you to dive into much more significant matters.


You need to put your real-life issues and your values at the forefront. Therefore, you must show that you are busy, driven, ambitious, and not available. Keep in mind that these are attractive qualities that can be helpful for you in knowing how to make your best friend fall in love with you over text. This is undoubtedly a scarcity factor that will make your best friend start to reframe you in a completely different way.

Get a little flirting

There are numerous experts who think that the best way of changing the dynamic of a romantic relationship is to flirt. You would want to be playful when it is about flirting. You can make your best friends laugh, smile, and get them to have fun. Try not to take things that much seriously and never look for your friend’s approval or acceptance.

When you joke around and flirt, you will notice that your friend will be making jokes in order to see how well you react. The good news for you is that if your friend is doing it, then your friend is obviously interested in you. Therefore, you need to roll with it if you want to understand how to make your friend fall in love with you.

love with best friend

Keep in mind that time is your friend

You need to remember that making your friend fall in love with you is not a quick conversion, and if you try to make it so, you will certainly be doing yourself more harm than good. As you are on your way to restructure your friend’s feelings for you, so it will take some time, persistence, and space.

It may involve you being unavailable for your friend for long times, repeating the same process, and then telling your friend about the qualities you like in different people. The idea is to make your friend realize that there is a criterion which they have to qualify. As there will be no rush, so your friend will know that you have a relatively unlimited timeframe to work with.

Bottom Line

Falling in love with your close friend may sound like a hopeless situation to you, but the positive side is that its prize is considerable. You will undoubtedly have a partner with whom a deep connection and rapport have already been shaped. Therefore, if you are in love with your best friend, you need to keep in mind that it will be a long process, and the proper steps can be constructive for you to reach your goal of how to make your friend fall in love with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to make your best friend fall in love with you?

Mostly it happens when the shared moments and ideas become the core of blossoming a relationship. Although it is not necessary that a friendship may lead to a romantic relationship, it is still quite likely that one may fall for the best friend.

  • How to prove to your best friend that you love them?

There are a number of ways that can be adapted to show your best friend that they actually matter to you. A heartfelt letter, going on an adventure, hosting a dinner, celebrating them, and letting them know that they are always on your mind are some of the best ways to prove to your best friend that you love them.

  • Is it wrong to fall in love with your best friend?

Many experts find it completely fine to question your feelings for a best friend. The main question for you is to ask yourself whether or not you want a relationship. You also have to be willing to potentially lose your friendship if things don’t work out well.

  • When do you come to know that your best friend loves you more than just a friend?

If there is a larger friends circle of you and your best friend, then you need to pay attention to how often your friend gravitates towards you in different group situations. Even if you are having a conversation with other people or you do any separate things, their physical closeness will be evidence that you are more than just a friend for them.

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