Read This Post if You Think You’re Not Good Enough For Someone


If you think you’re not good enough for someone, often life simply gets to be a bit excessive and it is not hard to get overwhelmed. Whether it be expectations from the boss, colleagues, friends, loved ones, or perhaps any other half or actually the sky-high expectations you’ve of yourself occasionally, everything involves a top and you’re left feeling as you’re not up to scratch. 

In times like these, it could be hard to get the view you so sorely have to yank yourself from that awful slump. Below are things to remember that ought to enable you to get well on your approach to being better.

Occasionally the pressure coming from colleagues, work, family, and society, on the whole, is sufficient to help make us really feel totally broken inside. If we do not have the “right” job, relationship, lifestyle, so forth, by a particular age or maybe timeframe, we believe we are mere “not good enough.

What does It mean to not be Good Enough for Someone:

Regardless of just how profitable our life could look or even feel if there is a thing we’re always likely to have difficulty with it’s the sensation of not being up to scratch. I am not up to scratch for the job”, “I’m not attractive”, “I’m not very much popular” or perhaps “I’m not sufficient for my girlfriend/boyfriend” are merely several of the reasons that this perception is able to manifest and also have a big influence on the way we think, really feel and act.

An attitude of acceptance enables us to stay away from spending time attempting to manage the unrestrained and rather frees us to undertake what we care about despite the unwanted feelings and thoughts.

How to know if you are Good Enough for Someone?

This, sadly, isn’t an uncommon feeling. A lot of people end up in interactions where they are confident that their partner is somehow lowering themselves when it is with them.

How to know if you are Good Enough for Someone?

They might know deep down it is all in the head of theirs, though they still cannot shake the feeling, and also it threatens to get a wedge between them and also the partner of theirs. Of course, what person wants the partner of theirs to think this means? Exactly who would like to be with somebody who places them on a pedestal, and also cannot value their own self-worth?

If your relationship will keep going and flourish, you have to say farewell to the concept that you are somehow inferior. The very first thing you have to accomplish is to determine exactly where these thoughts of inferiority are originating from.

Why you Feel you are not Good Enough for Someone:

1. You are afraid of Rejection.

Convincing yourself you are not up to scratch for someone is often a reason for putting up emotional walls when you are afraid of allowing them into the heart.

In case you have a fear to be rejected by this particular individual, it may be your default response to convince yourself it is doomed due to your inadequacy rather than due to the fears.

2. You have been let down in Love before:

Occasionally, these feelings of inadequacy are definitely the outcome of an adventure in prior relationships.

Maybe you let your guard down before and also made it possible for yourself to think you are deserving of a partner’s love, and then have everything thrown back in the face.


In case you suspect that the past relationships did not exercise due to something which was somehow missed on the part that may well be playing a part in the thoughts you are having today.

3. You do not feel Safe in the Relationship:

Sometimes, worrying about not being good enough for someone is an outcome of feeling, or perhaps being made to feel insecure within a relationship.

This is able to be because of a lack of trust and self-confidence, though it can also be since your partner is not doing the part, theirs to make you feel healthy.

What to do when you’re not Good Enough for Someone:

Stop Comparing and Competing Everyone is wired differently. Though the issue with nearly all people is that, in the pursuit to be as everybody else, we drop our originality of ours.

The never-ending comparison with men and women is able to evoke a feeling of worthlessness, particularly now when social networking feeds are filled with photos that are amazing to examine our life to. Nevertheless, these tidbits do not represent the complexities of living.

1. Recall Your Past Achievements

When you are able to think you’re not up to scratch, trust me, you’re able enough to feel really happy with yourself. Any positive emotion from the memory book is able to uplift the mind and rejuvenate you.

Be it the littlest point, any sense of past accomplishments helps negate the sensation of uselessness.

love and Start Appreciating life

2. Stop Criticizing Life and Start Appreciating 

Are you endowed with the simple essentials of life required to qualify for happiness – food, clothes, and protection? If perhaps you’re this fortunate, you’re ahead of most of the people. Each time you believe you’re not up to scratch, simply stop and value the life for each one of the blessings it bestows on you.

A proper sense of gratitude allows you to look at the larger picture, and you adjust to demanding situations better.

3. Focus on the Process Over the Results:

It’s a typical syndrome with numerous individuals in this fast-paced, materialistic world. We consider luxury, fame, and the name connected to success much that when we come to reality, it results in impatience and frustration. We just get off track which negatively affects the execution of the meditation process.

Why? Your mind will not endure since it’s tasted success in imagination. Next, insecurity seeps into anger the notion that you’re not up to scratch.


If you are not good for someone then search over the bright side! You’re one brave individual that has the guts to admit that something is not very right. Not only that, but you’re also prepared to correct it.

When you’re not feeling up to scratch, meaning your feeling quotient is working fine. And that is fantastic! The sole problem is definitely the uncontrollable negative feelings that drive you from positivity. What you have to accomplish is slow down the attitude and slowly revive your good self.

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