Discover top friendship secrets: how to make friends easily


How about if you would have a friendly personality, and everyone will get frank with you comfortably? Parties, networking events, workplace, and waiting rooms – wherever you go, people would start loving you and friendship comes naturally to you. You will make friends easily and connect with the hearts and minds of people.

This is not enough, you have a crush, and you look forward to leaving a friendly impression on your crush. In every case, as long you’re looking to become a friendly person, I’ve got you covered. You’ll become the convenient person to talk, awesome to speak with, and reliable to trust. Let’s discover psychologically proven habits to make friends easily:

1. Listen from your ears, understand from the heart

When you meet someone for the first time, just listen to understand, not to respond. Don’t look to dominate the conversation by bombarding your knowledge, instead, listen to what other person has to say. Compassionate listening is one of the top traits of friendly individuals, and you should develop this as well for friendly behavior.

2. Be inquisitive, not self-obsessed

If you want to become a favorite person of others, be genuinely curious about them. When you sit with someone for the first time, keep your inner talk positive. Ask questions to understand that person better, not to challenge or to impress with your intellectualism. Once you do this, you’ll figure out that suddenly everyone else comes around you and feels friendly. The same goes if you’re putting the impact of your personality on your crush. Every human loves to talk with someone, who understands, listens carefully, and speaks with compassion. Just be that person for others!

3. Start with semi-formal behavior

What most folks do when they like to make friends, they start behaving formally and professionally. This is not wrong though, but you need to sound friendly and accessible when other person communicates or shares his/her thoughts. Bring an original, courteous smile on your face while the conversation, and talk just normal you do in the daily routine. Trust me, you’ll connect to the core of heart!

4. Appreciate folks, refrain from critique

Most of us, when discussing, present our opinions “what could have done a better” or “certain thing or action was more appropriated only if you did it”. That’s incorrect behavior for the friendship. Listen, understand, and then appreciate it. Simple. If you have to criticize or give feedback, just do it in a suggestive voice. E.G I think this could have been better if you didn’t get angry, what do you think?

5. Give compliment

When you pass by, simple “hello, you’re looking awesome” can go a long way. See the good in people, specifically if you’re looking for a relationship, and compliment others for what’s good in them. E.G you look handsome in this blue shirt, or you’re looking stunning in this dress. Complements will drastically catch the attention and make you a lovable personality.

6. Body language

  • Maintain eye contact, but don’t get awkward.
  • Smile while listening and talking, but be serious when it needs.
  • Offer assistance such as pulling the water in the glass on the dinner table.
  • Wear perfume and don’t compromise on personal hygiene.
  • Be confident when you sit among people, or specifically when you sit with your crush.

Closing thoughts

As long as you implement these top tricks, you’ll have tons of friends. You can make any person a friend, and by doing that, you’ll become a friend of yourself as well. This happens because you’ll start feeling and talking good to yourself. Love of people and friends will bring value to your self-esteem, and you’ll enjoy life to its core.

Remember: speak less, listen more. When you listen, be attentive and have a genuine interest in the conversation. These tricks are psychologically proven and highly recommended in the various books. So make a list and just develop these habits. Within a week, you’ll start getting the results!

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