What you should do when your best friend gets engaged


Getting engaged is undoubtedly one of the best moments of life for anyone, and it can make you more exciting to find out that your best friend has been engaged and is getting married. Whether you are single, waiting for an engagement, or are married for a few years, it is surely a great feeling to know that your best friend is ready to embark on this particular journey.

Although there are no stories about people getting in fights with their besties or growing apart during the engagement periods, if you like to know what to do when your best friend gets engaged, there are a number of factors that you need to include controlling your jealousy, behavior and bringing any issues that have never been confronted for a friendship that has run the course. The following are some of the top ways through which you can navigate this particular time.

Try to hold yourself off on posting this news

It can indeed be a good feeling to see your best friend getting engaged, and you must be dying to shout the big news from the roof of your house, but you need to take a step back. You might get a little confused about how to feel when your best friend gets engaged, but you should allow your friend to announce the engagement whenever they choose.

when your best friend gets engaged

It is good to avoid posting anything public about your best friend’s engagement until you are sure that the news has been shared by your friend already. You need to respect the wishes of your best friend if they prefer to keep this news off social media.

It would be best to buy your best friend a gift

You can start saving up, and one of the best ways to know what to do when your best friend gets engaged is the purchase several gifts for your friend right until the big day. The first one will be the engagement. Although it may not be a huge and expensive one, it can indeed be a grand gesture to purchase a meaningful gift for your best friend to celebrate the particular time.

You have plenty of options to choose from, and this may include ring dishes, champagne flutes, a visit to a favorite restaurant, or gift certificates. Keep in mind that there are plenty of affordable as well as easy options available through which you can show your love to your best friend.

Never try to assume that you are at a wedding party

When you happen to stay close to your best friend for some time, you may begin to think that you are at a wedding party. Although this may very well be right, it is essential for you to get hold of yourself regarding a bachelor party planning or dress browsing until you have been asked officially by your friend.

There are chances that your best friend may keep the wedding party only to the family members or decide not to have a wedding party at all. You might get somewhat puzzled on how to feel when your best friend gets engaged, but it is better to wait for the arrival of the handwritten card at your doorstep before you go ahead with all of your plans.

Help wherever you can

Once you can have a sense of the wedding basics of your best friend, which may include the date and the venue, you can offer your assistance to your friend. Whether helping your friend scout different venues or joining them for dress shopping, you need to follow your friend’s lead on whatever he/she may need. It will always be good if you volunteer accordingly, but keep in mind that you can have various other essential commitments in your own life. Therefore, it is wise not to overextend yourself.

Try to recognize your own feelings

There are chances that you may be thrilled to know that your best friend is about to get married at the start. But this particular event can also bring up some of the negative emotions. You may feel a bit jealous if you are single, but it is normal to have such a feeling. 

The main thing for you is to be aware of all your feelings, and if you are not able to control them, it will be best to express them in an appropriate manner to another friend or a therapist. Your relationship with your best friend could be changing, but this never means that they aren’t an essential part of your life.

Final Verdict

It can be a great experience for you to know that your best friend has got engaged and indeed calls for a lot of champagne. If you are wondering about what to do when your best friend gets engaged, it’s simple; you should have a lot of fun and celebrate that your best friend has found the love of life. You should be there with your friend in the wedding planning crisis moments and when he/she would like to celebrate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is feeling sad normal when your best friend gets engaged?

People never want to feel jealous intentionally, but feeling sad is something that one cannot control, especially when it is about matters of the heart. By keeping in mind that it is a natural reaction, and you will go through it after some time can be a great way to overcome these.

What can be the best way to celebrate your friend getting engaged?

There are numerous ways to celebrate the engagement of your friend. This includes having a trip together, enjoying a nice dinner with your best friend, and sharing your own story with the bestie.

What can be the best way to deal with your friend’s engagement?

The first thing is to keep in mind that it is not bad if you are not happy being single. You need to know your triggers and try to avoid them. Try to change your perspective, and it will always be a good idea to avoid social media for a few days.

Is it a good idea to give an engagement gift to your best friend?

Although engagement gifts are not necessary, it can indeed be an excellent gesture to bring a gift to your best friend’s engagement. You can also bring something sweet when the engagement of your friend gets announced.

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