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How To Make Yourself Do Something You Don’t Want To

Make Yourself Do Something

Thinking of life as a bed of roses is living in a fool’s paradise. Challenges are a part of one’s life. Not doing all the things gives us the same pleasure. But we had to do everything that we were supposed to do. No matter how much we run from those things. Or how lazy we’re

The hard part is to figure out how to make yourself do something? If that’s something on your mind too, then this article is for you. After reading this out you’ll get multiple ways to do something you don’t want to do.

With that being said, let’s dive in.

Facing Your Fears

Most of the time it’s our fear, self-doubt that’s not allowing us to do something. Once you get over those fears things seem easier to be done. And to get over you need to get into that thing. It’s not possible to overcome fear without experiencing that thing. Getting over these fears helps you grow personally and professionally.

How to make yourself do something? One way is to overcome your fears. And begin doing it. You’ll no longer be putting it off.

Don’t Focus On Results

What if I start doing it? Would I get the desired results? What if I didn’t get it done in the right way? These questions or similar ones might be popping in some of your minds. If so, it indicates that you’re thinking about the results. Rather than the task itself.

When you’re too focused on results it becomes difficult for you to get started. You may feel you aren’t ready to start. Or sometimes even think it’s impossible. As perfectionism can lead you to feel belittled and weak. So, don’t be worried about results, only start doing and you’ll make it better while doing. Focusing on results will only shatter your confidence.

Break Into Milestones

How to make yourself do something? Break down the task. For quite a several times we are delaying the task because it appears too huge. By breaking it down into smaller parts it seems doable. It will give you a boost to at least start it. Instead of getting overwhelmed by it.

Not only this but breaking tasks into milestones but also better outcomes. So, divide the task into small achievable milestones. By completing one milestone you get ready to start the next. Hence the task is completed eventually. Hurrah.

Set Priorities

Having a lot of things to do on the bucket list makes it difficult to handle. The best way is to prioritize them all. The prioritizing can be done based on their importance. Some tasks are highly important while others are least. Arrange them by placing the most important on the top of the list.

Doing the most important and difficult task gives you a sense of achievement. Motivating you to do the rest of the tasks. So, start off with something you don’t want to do. Rest will fall in place.

Schedule Your Activities

What could be better than making a schedule? Indeed, it will make you more organized, disciplined, and an achiever. Sometimes there’s a lot on your to-do list and you don’t know where to begin. Scheduling the activities will help in achieving them by planning proactively. Even the ones you thought about how to make yourself do.

As you have scheduled the activity at a specific time and day. You’ll be obliged to do it to meet your schedule. To make the process smooth you can also use to-do lists or digital calendars. And tada you’re done with the task. Now you can safely mark it off your list.


Reward Yourself

Imagine getting your favorite food right after completing a very tough assignment. How would you feel? Isn’t that enough to lift your mood? Or at least to give you pleasure? Certainly, it will.

So, why not do the same when you don’t feel like doing something? Yes, we’re talking about rewarding yourself when thinking about how to make yourself do something. Treating a certain reward when the task is finished will make you start the work. This could be anything like a movie, a phone call to a friend, a shower, or some food. Anything that gives you pleasure can be set as a reward. Achieving this reward will motivate you to do the task. In the end, the task is accomplished in a happy mood(of course to get the reward).

Do It For 5 minutes

How to make yourself do something you don’t want to? Simply, do it for 5 minutes. It might seem senseless. But it will give results if you try it out. Take it as a 5-minute hack. Implement and see if it works out. But the key here’s to be focused on these 5 minutes.

There’s nothing out of the world in this technique. It’s just to get into the task which we otherwise will be put back again and again. Once you dive into it, you’ll be in the flow. And hopefully, you won’t stop even after 5 minutes.

Think In Bigger Frame

Living in your comfort zone is not uncommon. In fact, we all would love to live in it for our whole lives. But that’s where we got stuck in life and can’t get ahead. So, it’s essential to get out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed in life.

How to make yourself do something? Think in the bigger frame. How will it affect you down the line in the future? What are the benefits of completing this task? Can you bear the long-term loss? These thoughts can get you started doing something you don’t want to. The reason is that you’re looking at things from a wider perspective. How not doing a single task can take you away from achieving your goals.

Take Break

If you’re tired or overburdened in life, then it’s time to take a rest. Take out some time for yourself. Or else you’ll be exhausted. Taking a break will help you recharge and get back with more energy. Rather than working in the same condition and resulting in burnout. Maintaining a balance in life is integral.

Wondering how to make yourself do something? Take a break. Because sometimes you’re just so fed up with a routine that you end up doing nothing. Research has proved that taking a break helps a person in reducing stress, clearing the mind, and reenergizing.

Accept it

Before even starting it’s important to acknowledge it first. If it’s something you don’t want to do, most probably it may be a challenging task. So, acknowledging and accepting the reality that you have to do it is essential. After all, what other option do you have?

Perspective is to embrace these difficulties. As these challenges pave the way for further growth and development. Along with making your journey interesting. Otherwise, it will be boring.


You’ve learned different ways to make yourself do something you don’t want to. Let me share a bonus tip here. That’s to change your perspective. Don’t look at these as difficulties rather as an opportunity to grow and develop. It will make the task less demanding. And you’ll accomplish it trouble-free.

If you’ve any other tip that works best for you do share it in the comment section.

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