Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED or erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence in men. It refers to a sexual disability when a man is unable to experience a penis erection. More than 30 million men have been affected globally. 

Though a lot of men experience erection difficulties while indulging in intercourse, Erectile Dysfunction is something serious. Common reasons why ED may happen is because of stress, limited blood flow, or a history of illness. While we always recommend you see a doctor, there are some measures that you can take at home. 

In this comprehensive guide, you are going to discover some essential home remedies for erectile dysfunction. So, if you or someone you know is experiencing this, save this article for your benefit.

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Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

A lot of health problems can contribute to this sexual deficiency. But if we have to name some of the common ones, they are:

  • Having high diabetes or blood sugar level
  • Excessive blood pressure
  • Crossing the age of 50
  • Smoking or consuming too much alcohol
  • People having high cholesterol 
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise or physical activities 

ED can also take place when there is not ample blood flow into the penis. A lot of health issues like heart disease or hardened arteries can hinder blood flow. Erection can also hamper when the blood is not staying in that area. However, this condition can take place at any age. Furthermore, diabetes is a reason why small nerve or vessel diseases damage the penis. 

As a matter of fact, cancer patients are also prone to develop the condition of Erectile dysfunction. You might undergo this issue if you have surgery or radiation around your pelvis or lower abdomen area. In the case of a cancer survivor, a doctor’s visit is compulsory. Even drugs can have side effects and may cause ED in you. Now that you know the causes, let’s move on to the remedies. 

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Natural Remedies That Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

1. Improve Your Diet

Yes, you heard that right. A balanced diet can actually help in maintaining sexual functions. Further, it also mitigates the risk of erectile dysfunction. So, what should you include in the diet? Try some fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and fish. Such foods are very significant for your health. And it’s a win-win situation if they also enhance your sexual performance. 

2. Physical Activities

Physical activities, mostly exercise can protect you against ED and other lifestyle disorders. We are not saying it, research state that. Aerobic exercises, moderate to intense can actually help you overcome ED. But you will have to give a minimum of 40 minutes every day. Begin slowly with walking, then running, bicycling and even swimming. 

It is in your hands to enhance your blood vessel health. So, make sure you are making an effort in combating all problems related to erectile dysfunction. 

3. Stress Less, Sleep Well 

It is significant for your overall wellness to get adequate sleep every night. Additionally, it also improves the symptoms of ED. A 2017 research finds out that males who work night shifts report the maximum cases of erectile dysfunction. So, you need to take a lower stress amount. Moreover, sleeping well is the key to everything. People with less sleep also develop disorders such as high blood pressure or diabetes. 

4. Acquiring Psychotherapy

No matter how much we ignore it, mental illness is real. It hampers the human body to a point of erectile dysfunction as well. Psychological issues such as fear of failure, sexual trauma, etc can cause ED. Therefore, the best option for you here is to receive psychotherapy. 4 continuous weeks of psychotherapy can improve the condition of erectile dysfunction. More studies can help in determining the most efficient psychotherapy lessons for ED. 

5. Reduction In Alcohol

This is a huge step you need to take from your side. Consuming moderate amounts of alcohol can actually help in lowering ED risks. It would be best if you can stop the habit totally. Certain studies have found that men having high alcohol consumption experience this sexual disability. If you are a chain smoker, then you might have to take a second thought. Certain damages smoking is reversible and ED is definitely one.  

6. Weight Loss

Another factor contributing to ED is weight. People who are obese or overweight have erectile dysfunction in comparison to other men. We again go to remedy number 1 where you must intake a balanced diet in order to shed some weight. 

Make sure to follow these tips if you truly want to combat erectile dysfunction. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was our take on Erectile Dysfunction. We hope that this article came to the use of enlightening you about the topic. Comment below and tell us what you wish to know more about. Erectile dysfunction is serious and you can save someone from this disorder!

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