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Cats can undoubtedly be exciting animals and tend to be independent, but they still seek regular attention from humans. They happen to sleep on a frequent basis, and when awake, they can be pretty playful. Sometimes they can be loud and annoying, whereas, other times, you will find them to be cuddly and cute. The majority of cats settle down at night time, just like the human household members.

When you settle down at night, it means that you are going to bed, so that you may be wondering, why does my cat sleep next to me in bed? You must be thinking about whether their own bed is not comfortable enough. But, in reality, cats sleep next to their human family members for many other reasons than just comfort. The following are some of the reasons that explain why your cat might be sleeping with you at night.

They protect their territory

Protecting their territory is one of the big reasons why cats prefer to sleep with their owners. They consider the entire house to be their territory, but they happen to take pride in making themselves part of the family pack. When a cat’s family is sleeping, it likes to protect them as part of its territory.

Human beings can be the most prized possessions of the cats, so if you are thinking, why does my cat have to touch me when sleeping? You should know that they want to be near you all night. This is the sign of their love for you, as they try to do the same during the day.

warmth in cat

They look for warmth

Another main reason why your cat would love to sleep with you during the nighttime is to stay warm. A cat can surely get cozy in its bed, but it doesn’t have a heater in the bed. Humans emit warmth when they sleep, and it is just like a heated blanket. Therefore, if you wonder why does my cat sleep in my spot on the bed, the idea is to get the extra warmth that the cat can get for comfort. This can especially be great for them on the cold nights during the months of winter.

They want to feel secure

When it is dark at night, some cats tend to feel insecure, as they are alone and everybody else in the home is sleeping. In order to achieve security, they may enter your room and sleep right next to you. When a cat looks for security, it happens to meow at the bedroom’s closed-door at night if it cannot get in the room to sleep next to a human. This might make it challenging for the family members to sleep until one offers the bed to the cat.

companion cat

They want companionship

You may be busy during the daytime, and if you are not able to spend a lot of time at home in the day because of work or any other reason, then there are chances that your cat will come to you and sleep with you for companionship. So, if you ask the question, why does my cat sleep on the corner of my bed? The answer is that the cat wants to be with you all the time.

If your cat doesn’t get a chance to stay with you all the time, then it will try to take any opportunity that it can get. Therefore, you should never be surprised if your cat stays with you and doesn’t leave you for a minute all night long. They know that when the morning arrives, you will be leaving for the entire day.

They prefer familiarity

Familiarity is also another reason that your cat would love to sleep with its human companions. When you go to bed every night, it is pretty familiar to them, and if you allow your cat to sleep with you even occasionally, then the cat will try to make it a habit that may not be easy to break. The chances are that sometimes, you wouldn’t want them to sleep with you at night, but they will still insist and try their best.


The majority of people don’t mind when their cats sleep with them, but it is not necessary for every cat owner to feel the same. If you still think, ‘why does my cat sleep next to me in bed,’ you should keep in mind that there could be a number of reasons why your cat insists on sleeping with you and what can you do if you don’t like it. In some instances, it can be great to keep your cat in bed, but if your cat spends most time outdoors or you have any allergies, then you should be careful letting it sleep with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my cat love me if it is sleeping with me?

Cats can show their love to their owners by sleeping with them, and they also share their affection and warmth by sleeping and cuddling with other cats. Therefore, if it is doing the same with you, then it is a sign that it thinks of you as somebody important.

  • Can a cat be protective of its owner?

Many people consider cats to be aloof and standoffish, even to the ones who like them. In reality, cats can be as protective of their owners as dogs. It can be instinctual for any cat to defend you and their territory.

  • Is it good if your cat lays on you?

Cats feel safe when they know that they are around their human owners. Sleep can indeed be a vulnerable time, and if your cat lays on you, this means that it trusts you and feels confident because you may be the next best thing to them after their mother.

  • Why do some people suggest not to let your cat sleep in your bed?

When a bed is shared with a cat, the chances are that one can share a number of parasites that the cat is harboring. Some of these parasites can be miserable and are responsible for causing illness in people that can be transmitted when exposed to the cat’s fecal matter.

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